My Father has been died on 28 April, 2018

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I had been lost my sweet and caring father in past week. He was under medical treatment for a severe heart attack about few days ago.

I am very disappointed and also loose my temperaments about life. It is very difficult to live a happy life. The scar will remain on my heart every time which didn't leave me live a life.

I will be back after a day or two with a brief story about how my father leave me and decided to live with God. He separate his home from us.

Plz pray for my father soul rest in peace. Thanks


Hugs Maryam. Your dad still lives within you, even though he is irreplacable, and that hole would always be there. Stay strong

Hi @maryam5. .. it is very difficult time for you and your family to bear such a great lose in shape of the death of your father. And may the soul of your father bless and rest in peace.

If you required any help please feel free to contact.
I upvote your post and also reateem it as a support from my side. I hope all steemians will do the same.

May his soul rest in peace :(
i lost my father on 25 june 2017 and mother on 30 april 2003 :( :( :(
life is nothing without them..

Yes dear you are right... life with out parents is very difficult in our society.
May Allah Almighty bless their soul's in rest and peace. Ameen