What Have You Done For Steemit Lately?........3 Ways To Make The Price Of Steem Go UP!!!.........The Steemit Road Show.

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Who Would Love To See Steemit Grow?

Who Want's To See The Price Of Steem Go UP?

Who Is Willing To Do Something About It?

I'm guessing everyone here would say yes to the first 2 questions, but how is it possible for the average steemian to help steemit grow and influence the price of steem?

I think if we all followed these three steps then we would start to see immediate results :

Believe in steemit.

Invest in steem.

Get others to Join and invest in steem.

I would like to say at this point that I do not work for steemit, I work as a truck driver in the summers and then I go travelling with my family in our tinyhouse during the winters, I don't work here but I do BELIEVE IN STEEMIT, I have already put my money where my mouth is and INVESTED $6.000 in steempower and now I want to GET OTHERS TO JOIN AND INVEST too.

Introducing The Steemit Road Show.

The Steemit Road Show will start in the north of Sweden and will stop at every big town and city on our route to the south of Portugal where we will end up at steemfest2. The road show will start in 2 weeks when we leave our home town of Skellefteå in our tinyhouse on wheels.

This route will take us through 8 Countries, 21 City's, and countless big towns and that's without any detours. If we get enough requests then detours can and will be made :)

Skellefteå, North Sweden.

The way I see it, if you want to get peoples attention, then just shoving a flyer in their face is not going to work, if they do accept it then you know is going straight in the bin or even worse on the floor.

I think it's better to start off by offering them something they love, and in Sweden people love Fika. Fika is a Swedish word for coffee and cake and if you really want to catch the attention of a Swede then all you have to do is say the words FREE FIKA!!!!!

Once you have given them something they love then they usually turn their attention to the giver of Fika, this is where I gently and slowly tell them about the wonders of steemit.

In Sweden I will give out Fika, In France, croissant and so on.

The way I see it, people join steemit for various reasons, some just come to have fun and to interact with this amazing community, others come on the promise to make big bucks.

Instead of telling people that you can join steemit and be rich in an instant, which lets be honest unless you are super charming or have a very unusual story then this is not going to happen straight away, instead I tell them that to be successful on steemit you need to build it like you would a business as I feel for steemit to grow to its fullest potential then we need people who are willing to invest both time and money into the platform.

This was just a trial run with a small budget in a small town but I have bigger plans for the Steemit Road Show.

This is more the look I am going for with the European Road Show, this all packs down in to a carry bag and is super lightweight, It will look a lot more professional and stand out a bit more, this pic was edited on my phone so you can imagine the real thing will look even better, I am even thinking to ditch the beard to give it all a cleaner look :)

English is my first language and even though I am fluent in Swedish I did the whole thing in English and seemed to have no problem getting my message across, people took it all in and I was actually surprised how many people in this small town had even heard of cryptocurrencies.

I believe this is a great way to get people interested in steemit and although this alone will not make the price of steem go up, hopefully it will inspire others on steemit to take action and get out there to spread the word and if you don't fancy standing there on center stage then just invest in a little steempower, if we all did our bit then I guarantee you the adoption of steem will skyrocket which will in turn push the price up :)

If you liked this and you want to see this happen in every town and city from the north of Sweden to the South of Portugal then get behind it, support it with your upvotes and resteems and I'll do the rest :)

I will leave you with some more foto's of my first ever steemit road show.

Peace and love to the World












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Oh wauw, Mark! Not only respect for your Steemit initiative, but hey, you're passing my area by a few kilometers! I live in Limburg, Southern Netherlands, in a town called Sittard! You're crossing very close by! If you are to have an event there, let me know! Love to meet you! And of course, if you need a hot shower, you're welcome to come over, family included!


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Thank you @ericwoelk, we will be in the Netherlands for a few days :) we plan on doing Rotterdam too :) I was actually thinking if fellow steemians know of any good spots and want to tag along?
Would be great to meet up my friend.


Sounds excellent! If possible, my girlfriend and I would really love to see your tinyhouse, as we both want one for ourselves in some years. As for tips, my girlfriend has her own vegan-based restaurant. Though it's really small. Anything in particular you're looking for in NL? I might know some tips based on your preferences!


Hello buddy, yeah I was thinking some Good spots to do the road show, we will most likely stop at a campsite somewhere near you and then we would love to show you the Steem Machine :)


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if we all did our bit then I guarantee you the price adoption of steem will skyrocket :)

FTFY. Price comes second imo.


Hi @fulltimegeek, thanks for your encouragement and support with the steemit road show. It all started yesterday, see what you think :) https://steemit.com/steemfest/@markwhittam/the-steemit-roadshow-is-attracting-some-attention-in-copenhagen-freetown-christiania


Yeah, you know what? I'm going to change that, even tho for a lot of people it matters most, but actually for me it's not about the money and never has been.


nice attitude.. nevertheless i hope you make a whole lot of money too.. so that you can spread your message far and wide!


Hi Mark! I haven't welcomed you yet. What you are doing is quite amazing. EcoTrain is behind you!
Love your attitude. Jealous of your travels 😄.


Big thanks for all the support you have given the Roadshow, I am super happy with the response I have received especially now my last Roadshow in Paris just got resteemed by ned :) BIG respect to you for being one of the first to support my promotional work.
Thank you @fulltimegeek


I would like to thank you again for all the support with my Roadshow, I took it one step further this time and did a mini conference.

Your support has helped push me to go that extra mile.

Thanks @fulltimegeek

Long live the Steemit Roadshow! Amazing initiative! This is in my opinion the very best way to get the word out in a giving, fun and engaging way.. giving out food and croissants.. i mean what can i say.. it doesnt get any better than that!

THanks for setting a top notch example for us to follow.. and cannot wait to see what you also get up to in Portugal.. I think you have a few eyes on your work there!..


Thank you for the compliment @eco-alex, I had real fun with this and I can't wait to get out there :)


So give them Indians some samosas 😇

It is heartwarming to see how all steemians are innovating !!!
Promote, educate!!!
Keep on steemit !!


Cheers @pouchon I feel it's my duty as a proud steemian :) the people have a right to know about steemit and crypto's in general.

Thanks for the feedback.

Wow. Nice. Looks like you've been busy. I like it. Great job. 🤗


Hahaha, yes @coolbowser this explains my absence this last week :)

Woah!! Can't believe you can do good by Steemit WHILE having fun!

And to think about the finale you will have as you're surrounded by loads of Steemians when you've reached your final spot that is Lisbon Portugal!

I admire what you are doing! Keep us posted because i wanna how this turns out amazingly.


Yes @awesomianist!!! It was great fun and I really look forward to reaching the final destination STEEMFEST2

I will be doing regular updates of the progress so you won't miss a thing :)

Thanks for the feedback

Excellent work my friend! Really great initiative and I look forward to seeing how you get on. I'm not as outgoing as you so don't think I'll be setting up a stall any time soon but definitely spreading the right message about steemit is what we need right now. :)

Have fun mate! :)


Yes @tonyr!!!
We can all help in our own special way :)
You don't have to get the whole of Scotland on steemit but bit by bit we can all make a difference :)
Thanks for checking in brother.

This is an EPIC idea Mark. You're right, just giving flyers as people walk by would have less effect, but stopping them in a fun way to engage them in conversation about it is perfect.

Does your handout materials have your username on them so the people can find and connect with you after they join? I didn't see it on the items in the pictures above.

Back on my second week on Steemit I had created promo/business cards that anyone could download an print for free. You just add in your username. They could be used to bring people on and keep them in touch with you. ( Link )

Maybe something like this could be added in to the mix, as a way to create a international network of all the people who join due to your efforts. You could announce them in update posts to welcome them and introduce them to all of your followers.

Curious, are there any people who get excited enough to take the step to sign up in the moment? Like if you had your phone or a tablet to help sign them up on the spot.

I am looking forward to updates along the way.


Thank you @steempowerpics, I did write my username on the back for the people who were really interested, I will be doing new flyers before we start off too.
Business cards looked good too :)

I was thinking to give people who signed up through me a SP delegation loan for a week or so.

This is a small town in the north of Sweden but I still got a lot of interest, nobody signed up on the spot but I wasn't really pushing for that.


That is so cool though - great outreach program. The SP delegation is a great incentive once they understand the value of it. You are a great Steemian my friend.

@markwhittam you are a ball of energy with a wonderful idea about pushing Steemit. I wish I had your innovative drive and energy. You really are a remarkable man with life and determination. You will be such an asset to the eco-Train. I look forward to your future endeavors on the road. I really do like your spirit and drive. Best of luck and keep pushing the spirit of positive energy and flow! ..... Cabbagepatch :D


Wow thank you so much @cabbagepatch
what a great uplifting comment, such fantastic compliments get me very motivated to continue on this path.
I look forward to sharing our adventures with you and the rest of this wonderful community.


Up-voted and RE-STEEMED!!! NICE WORK MARK! You are a Steemit visionary, keep up the great work man!!


Thank you @intothewild my friend, you are always there to support me and really appreciate it.


Ambassadors such as yourself deserve the praises! Keep doing you man!

Wow! Good for you getting out there and doing this!
That is awesome.


Thank you Linda, I am really looking forward to this trip for many reasons, this is just going to make it even more fun :)
Thanks again for your support @canadian-coconut

Fantastic! I love the props. I'll be following your trek. I've come to the same conclusion, we have to grow this thing.


Thanks, yeah right, if everyone does a bit then its steemit to the moon :)

You really put effort to this. If @ned don't upvote this, then I don't know... :)

Upvoted and resteemed.


good ideas for advertising


Thank you @evehuman, every little helps :)


Thanks buddy, Yeah you're right I have put a lot of work into this, but I'm doing it for the community :)
Thanks for the vote and resteem @cmoljoe

Love your dedication man! You're like the Steemit Emissary!
I'm curious. Did you have to have a permit to put on this street display?

Great idea good luck on your travels.

Now that's what I call leadership!

If not for cabbagepatch I would not have found your wonderful post. I am to old to travel but will think of some way to promote steemit. I am going to follow you to see how nice it is too talk to people and get their attention. Congratualations on a wonderful idea and post.


Thank you @bigbear for your words of encouragement, they are much appreciated.

Great work, great road show, can only win more steemers by being this pro-active, well done!


Thank you @lizelle
I appreciate the appreciation :)

This is a fantastic idea! I can imagine it will be a success!

Awesome work on connecting with strangers about Steemit!
I fully support this road show.


Thank you @xtetrahedron it's good to know I have your support :)

Woww Amazing guy
Steem on

Great hint. In which ever way we can promote STEEM, let us do it with styles, just as you presented yours... Well done!


Thank you @ikenna yeah, let's do it with style :)

Nice way to promote!! I have a question: when you ask them to invest on Steem, how much do you tell them and besides the increase value of the coin, what else do you offer them? Thank you for your ideas. Upvoted and Re-steemit. I am also following everybody here! Please, do the same.

Great job! Congratulations! You know that just a global project of promotions for steemit is being promoted, and even financing will be giving! I invite you to go through my blog and you can see more about this, if you are interested!


Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it looks great but I am not great at Spanish, is there an English version you could link me?
muchas Gracia @milagros


Of course, but the post has the translation in English, first in Spanish and the same post is in English!


Ok sorry I missed that. Thank you

Go Brother! Love the post,


Thanks buddy :)

That is a very innovative way of promoting steemit. Your stand looks really impressive and the idea of the fika free gift is a smart ice breaker. I do wish you good luck on your road trip. Take lots of pictures to share with us :)


Thank you @practicaleric for your encouragement, I will try to capture as much as possible :)

@markwhittam! this is legendary!! looking forward to seeing more of this! upvoted! will be giving you a mention in our #promo-steem video cast tonight!


Hello @starkerz, sorry it's been full on but I managed to get the road show rolling yesterday, see what you think. Oh and thanks for the shout out mate that was really good of you to big me up like that :) https://steemit.com/steemfest/@markwhittam/the-steemit-roadshow-is-attracting-some-attention-in-copenhagen-freetown-christiania


Great to hear from you @markwhittam! I am sure you are very busy! I would much rather hear you are spending your time and your tallents helping people find out about steemit, than speaking to me ;)) Do you know that @stephenkendal and I are trying to find a way of getting all promotion work on steemit under the #promo-steem and #promo-yourcountry tags? this way we have a place to go to so that we can upvote great quality promotional work like yours! So it would be great to see some of your blogs tagged with this! I will certainly be watching and upvoting from this tag! All the best with your travels, we start in 2 weeks for our university tour accross the UK! will be great! How is it going?

Woah! Roadshow it is! Wish you all the best on this endeavor. It sure looks exciting and promising for steem too.

Steem on!


Thank you @arrliinn :)

Truly inspiring bro, I have just got some Work t-shirt printed with steemit in big on the front. Im going to turn my self into a walking talking steemit promotional machine. your great initiative has given even more motivation. Thank you <3


Hahaha, yes @hassenmzali go for it brother

great and awesome @markwhiittam im steemians from indonesia support you

Why did you miss the UK out? :-( I swear I didn't personally vote to leave the EU. Don't take it out on me!


Hahaha! All my family live in England so it's not been ruled out yet :)


Well that's OK then :D

Wow, this is coolest thing I have seen today you have my support, resteem ur blog... upvoted and followed you!


Thank you @hiroyamagishi
I really appreciate your comment and support. :)

well, I build the website to sell and buy artworks for SteemDollar (Steemarket), and manage the contest related.
I'm thinking for new ideas for the artist community...


This is great for the community @paolobeneforti I am aware of many people doing lots of great things for the good of steemit :) that's what makes this place so fantastic.

What an amazing effort! You look great out there! Following for updates!


Thank you for the compliment @hashclouds. :)

Fantastic! I wish you much luck on your roadshow. Keep up the good work!


Thank you very much for your support @doctorcrypto


amazing initiative ! id love to start doing the same as you to raise awareness about the platform. upvoted your post, deserved !

This is pure awesome sauce. Thanks for all you are doing.

I can't WAIT to see this - brilliant :_

Good work ! Keep it up !

Wow! that's good friend.You are very good job by doing road show. I am also doing little bit same in my area Assam, with the help of you people. Please friend give some time to my post and please see what did I do with your supports. Have a great time, wish you all the best, for your great efforts.,Happy steeming.

As long as the cause grows, the price will follow.

That's quite a trek, my friend. Full steem ahead!

Great idea! :)

This is a really cool way to drive up interest in the platform. Great work! Hope to see many new Steemians here soon.

Fantastic idea! And its good to read a positive attitude. Best of luck

This is SO FREAKING AWESOME! But please don't ditch the beard!

No I don't want steem price go higher actually I want it to come to few cents, less steem price more steem in payouts hehe

This is a really great outreach program! who was your "creepy" photographer, taking the pictures from about as far away as possible? :)

Now all we need to do is employ a similar strategy for keeping the bots from taking over the on-platform content (and deterring real people from joining because, let's face it, people HATE dealing with Spammers). And all most of these bots are doing is Spamming the heck out of the community and draining the rewards pool.

Anyway, great job with your Marketing Idea!


hahaha! yeah that was my other half trying to not to spook any of the future steemians.

Yes, I agree something needs to be done about the spammers, but I believe the community will come together and root it out.

Thanks for the feedback @evolved08gsr


I agree. I think more people are getting onboard with weeding out the spammers. It will be a continuous effort though. At least until someone can build a highly effective anti-spam-bot detector! :)

Good luck with the rest of your trip!