The Steemit Roadshow is Attracting Some Attention in Copenhagen!!!! Freetown Christiania!!!! Steemfest Here We Come!!!!

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I am honoured to announce the start of the Steemit Roadshow, and there is no better place to kick it all off than Freetown, Christiania.

For those of you that don't know, Christiania is a perfect example of what can happen when people stop listening to their government and decide to do their own thing. Back in the 70's a group of hippies decided to start up their own Freetown bang smack in the middle Copenhagen in an old disused army barracks, the government have been trying to get this land back for 40yrs but every time they fail due to the resilient folk of Christiania banding together and fighting off any attack from the Danish Government.

For me this is exactly what cryptos and steemit are all about, it's a giant middle finger to the corporate governments that have enslaved us for so long, it's a way of saying "No Mr Politician, You Work For Me Now." This is why I symbolically chose Christiania as the starting point for the Steemit Roadshow.

I'm not sure what it is but I seem to have no problem with getting people to stop in their tracks, and start listening to me going on about steemit and how amazing it is, at first I thought it was because I offer them free coffee & cookies but 80% of the people I pull in are not interested in the free stuff, they seem mesmerised when I tell them you can "Get Paid For Being Social" (that's my new motto for steemit which I will print on my new flyers).

You CAN lead a horse to water AND make it drink.

I really got the impression that people were very very interested in what I was saying, I also promised the ones that wanted to give it a go that I would resteem them, upvote them and gently guide them along in the early stages.


My laminated print outs really help me when explaining steemit, and how it all works, understanding the password system was what nearly put me off steemit when I first joined.

I am very happy with the results and I really look forward to continuing this road show which will be stopping at all major cities between here and steemfest in Portugal. Although I made it look easy I can assure you this has not been a walk in the park, I had planned on having a much better table and a back drop but as a lot of you know

SOMETHING CAME UP, and then getting here was also NOT EASY.

Once I had made it to Christiania I then had to convince the top dog that it was a good idea to let me start the road show here, it was touch and go for a while, but I managed to win him over $$$ and my vision became a reality as always :)

A vision was born.

I need all your support so I can continue this roadshow, believe it or not this has cost me a lot of money and time, the logistics of it all were much more than I had anticipated so please resteem and upvote this project.

Peace and love to the World.


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Mark you keep pushing forward and doing what you do best. I always love your spirit and determination. You are like no other. You are so driven with positive energy and hope that I can't help but smile. I look forward to all of your adventures. I will resteem your wonderful posts to help spread your energy and message. Keep up the great work!!!!! :D


Wow, such lovely kind words :) reading comments like this give us such a boost and make us want to share more.
Thanks for your support :)


As long as I'm around I will be Upvoting and Resteeming your posts. I support you and your family's efforts and I back up your goals with the Steemit Roadshow. Keep up the great work!


If there is one thing I am certain about it's that you will always be there to support our families decisions. Thank you for being you and sorry I have not been over to your blog in a while it's been full on.



You are absolutely right about that!!! Thank you for being You!!!!! No apologies ever. I'm not going anywhere so you can visit my blog whenever you wish, no pressure this way. I appreciate when you do visit and I'm thankful to have met your family on here! 😊

Big respect to you man, you are doing a great job promoting this amazing platform on your own, i wish my vote worth a lot more to help you a little more.
Good luck man and wish you lots of success ahead!


Thanks Chef! any vote backed up by a great comment is enough support in my eye's :)

Power on Mark :) Love from Norway

Hi Mark, I'd not heard about Freetown, Christiania but it does sound like the sort of place where steemit would be popular.

Maybe do about post about Freetown, Christiania if you have time.

Otherwise good luck on taking your roadshow down to Portugal.

I'm a bit far away in the UK otherwise I'd come and give you a hand. If you need anything translated into Spanish for the Spain part of the roadshow just let me know.


Thank you @pennsif, my next post will be all about Christiania :) with lots of pics. :)


That's great, will look out for that.

So good to see you are able to get back on track with your roadshow project. Are you still planning the driving trip through Europe?


Thank you @steempowerpics
Oh yes, nothing can stop me now :)


Excellent! I look forward to your updates.

looks like you started a revolutionary act.. hope you achieve all the success. Good luck!!! voted!!!

Every time friend you make me feel great, as you are my friend. You are so awesome, so generous and industrios that I get much inspiration from you. Keep it up friend,your future will be very bright. God help those who help themselves, stay blessed.


Thank you @maya7 I'm so glad that I can inspire you, I will most definatly keep it up, the more I do it the more I enjoy every minute. :)

Safe journey's my friend. I think it is cool that you are going on the road to promote Steemit on the way to Steemfest


Thank you @tecnosgirl glad you are liking the roadshow :)

I think you misunderstood something there about steemit.
It´s about having an excuse for sitting at your computer all day long at home not about going out and meeting people in the real world and talking to them 😀.


Haha @likedeeler a healthy balance I believe is possible, like 99% steemit 1% real world :)


Yeah, that sounds about right. But I also enjoy days like today with 100% steemit, never left the house, never saw another soul, postet two articles in one day which is a first for me, great day.

This is really good Mark, really glad that you are doing this. Good luck mate.


Thank you for your compliment @ejemai


Good ..i like it ....@ markwhittam

Amazing to hear about this! I have friends who live in Denmark and they've always raved about this place because of the fact that you can buy weed openly there!

I've upvoted and resteemed! All the best to you :)


Thank you @redrica, yes this place has it all :)
Thanks for stopping by and the resteem.

I love your logo, and it looks like you've made a good start. 100% upvote and resteem gladly given!


Thank you very much @elaine54

Great Job Marc. I'm glad to see you were able to get this roadshow going. Full steem ahead!


Thank you @doctorcrypto it feels good to get the ball rolling :) and I had great fun doing it too :)

Hi Mark, just came across this today. Excellent job! I think Steemit needs to quickly see this, and they should give you a special referral link so to track how many more people join the platform with your road show. Btw, if you ever planning on doing the Malta edition of your roadshow, hit me up here or on twitter (same handle), will gladly help!

Hi mark and family, your guys are just doing a great job, you are the real "freedom fighters" and that's what the world needs right now. Keep it going, you have all my support :-)


Thank you @mackjez-santos it feels good to have your support :)

Awesome post, I really enjoyed it. I hope you appreciate the vote!


That's great thanks.


It's amazing the roadshow event performance, and whether the roadshow will be at the steemit created in the place of other countries.

Love what you're doing! I actually came across you while ambling around Steemit, via ur homeless to riches post. I'll admit I was expecting the typical 'how I made money getting in people's faces' story, but you very pleasantly surprised me. Also confirmed for me once again that many people lose their way precisely because of the way society is set up. They know something is not right, but don't know what it is or why. Sometimes simplifying your life is the best thing.

You are awesome! You truly have a passion for your work and it shows. Thank you for being an inspiration. 😊

I love what you do to promote steemit! Great job, keep it up! Tomas

Upvoted - best of luck with the roadshow :) Keep up the great work!

Great!! with your effort more people will join and even 3 o 4 might be posting $ 50,000.00 posts!!!

nice post