The Steemit Conference!!! Part of The Steemit Roadshow!!!

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The Steemit Roadshow has travelled 4500km.


We have raised the Steemit flag in 5 different countries.


We started at the Arctic Circle and we will finish at steemfest in Portugal.


We have spoken to hundreds and been seen by thousands of potential adopters and investors.


And as if that wasn't enougth, I now bring you THE STEEMIT CONFERENCE!!!!!!!


A man on a mission.

My mission has been to get as many people as possible to join Steemit and invest in Steem, I truly believe in the Steem blockchain and everything on it which is why I want people to know about its wonders and how I believe it will one day change the world we live in.

The Steemit Conference was great fun and the turn out was pretty good, I didn't do a head count but it looked like about 25-30 people came, which is not bad at all.

As with the roadshow I started off by explaining how Bitcoin and the Blockchain works, I believe this is very important for people to understand before they jump headfirst into the wonderfully confusing world of Steemit.

I tried to cover a wide range of topics such as;

  • Bitcoin.

  • The Blockchain.

  • Steem and the Steem Blockchain.

  • Steemit &

  • Smart Media Tokens.

  • Bitsahares, Beyondbits, Blocktrades, EOS.

It's working, people are joining because of me but how do we get them to stay and invest?.

I joined Steemit 5 months ago, but it wasn't until I could see a future for me here that I started to invest in steem. I believe this to be true for most people which is why we need to support the newcomers who in my eye's are all potential investors.


You can't deny my hard work and dedication to this platform, I want steemit to reach its full potential which is why I am doing my bit to help it grow.

I can get people to join but I need help to make them stay, this is why I need a delegation loan or some other way that I can support GOOD content from the people who have joined because of me.

By delegating steem power to @markwhittam it will allow me to get people in the door and keep them here long enough for them to see the true potential in all things Steem, once they see the power of the Steem Blockchain I have no doubt that these people will invest both time and money into this platform.

Here is a timelapse video of The Steemit Conference, I spoke for 2hrs but unfortunately, for some strange reason my phone stopped recording after 1hr which was about 10 minutes into my Steemit presentation.

Please support the Steemit Roadshow, as you can imagine this free conference was not cheap to put together so please resteem & upvote my effort.

The Steemit Roashow Sweden

The Steemit Roadshow Denmark

The Steemit Roadshow Ansterdam

The Steemit Roadshow Paris

The Steemit Roadshow Spain


If 2% of this community goes out and promotes Steemit, then just watch the price of steem go up!.


🌟Epic Steemit Roadshow! So great to follow your progress along the way, all 4500km of it. I just put up a post last night with free promo/biz cards people can use to promote themselves and steemit. Might be helpful with your mission. Keep up the great work!

Thank you @steempowerpics, it's been a magical journey :)

Looking forward to the final destination VERY soon :)

You did the hardest part mate...sharing the words and bringing a lot of new users on the platform. As you said, now we need to make these people stay for the long run and they need to be motivated!
I really hope someone, whales or dolphins come and delegate happily some SP to you. We do have a lot of users having a lot of SP on sleeping mode, better put these into good use!
Same like your roadshow finally got the attention, I am sure the sp delegation will happen soon mate!

Thank you Chef! Even a 5 or $10 vote is enough to support good content. Or maybe a system where I could resteem good content and people could support it that way.

Thanks for the interaction my friend :)

That's awesome! I walked into a shop here a few weeks back and ended up talking to the store owner for more than half an hour about homeschooling, cryptocurrency and steemit. He was very interested and now willing to host an information evening at his shop. :) I also thought the fact that the fact that the Volvo ocean race is going to be in Lisbon during steemfest is a great opportunity....

Cheers @misslasvegas!
I think this approach of having information evenings are a great way to get people on board, steemit can be daunting for people who don't even know what crypto's are.

More power to you @misslasvegas.


Yes wouldn't take more than 2% to get thousands more active users really quick. I get people on steemit almost every day!

Thankfully we are promoting and using it to make up for all those that aren't!

Keep up the great work. Love the road show!

See you in Lisbon SOON!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

Yes @quinneaker, it only ever takes 2% to start a revolution :)

Especially if people like you are in that 2% :))))

See you very soon!!!!

Man, I so hope to meet you one day. Maybe on Steemfest3... At least you have to do a shoutout once when attending Steemfest 2. Do me a favor and look for @ exyle and make a picture of you both for me!

Yes, @s3rg3 steemfest3 it is! I'm paying for your ticket so you have to come :)

I will definitely do that, he seems like a really nice fella!

Have a good weekend buddy :)

Thanx m8 I might hold you on your word of paying a ticket lol. Have a great weekend with your fam.

You are right, Investing in steem is a great move, cause it has lots of promising futures. Thanks for preaching the gospel of Steem!. I just Reteemed and upvoted.

Thank you for supporting the conference and @familyprotection, I appreciate it very much.


Well done Mark...

Will share this post with Linda...

Cheers !!

Super! @sacred-agent!

Thanks for swinging by and showing support. :)

Great job friend, you are awesome. You are doing the greatest job of our community, from which the name and fame of our community spreading every day. East or west you are the best. Thanks, stay blessed friend.

Hehe! East or west you are the best. Thanks a lot @maya7 that really made my day :)

I really mean what I said to you. You are so powerful and energetic person who has reach such an amazing point ,More than that you are my best friend and inspiration and guide, please don't forget me ever, I am here only for your love and supports. You are the best of all. Good luck.

You become full time employee at Steemit. Do @ned know that? :D

Hahaha!!!! Yeah, imagine that :)

See ya in Lisbon!

Oh yeah!!!! See u soon @jeffjagoe :)

Very cool! I'm sure you made many new friends along the way...all great life experience for future blog content. All the best!

Thank you @denisechips it has definitely been a super life experience this trip, every year it just keeps getting better.

Nice steemit confernes & roadshow info post. Thank you..

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you people doing the best part of steemit and make conferrence will boost up your mission.

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

Congratulations on your travels and bringing the information about Steemit to so many people around the world. Steemit is becoming an open FORCE online and around the world!

Good to know that there are people like you on this platform ...keep up the good work and more grease to your elbows. and also i will like to take with about cryptogene ..not neccessary thou if you're not interesting and also don't see this my comment as an advert please ..kudos to you..

You are doing the real job that will one day bring great success to steemit and it's long term. I understand that putting evemts like this might cost some cash, especially doing it in more than one place. I wish you good luck in all. @greatness96.

It sounds like you are continuing to do great on your journey. I commend you for your energy and determination. I haven't been on Steemit for over two weeks because I became very ill. I still don't go on as often because of my congestion. Just wanted to drop a line to see how you are doing. Continue your great work!!!

Good job keep it up

Thank you @cabbagepatch for your compliments, sorry to hear you are not feeling 100%, hope you are getting the best help possible and that you are back on form in no time.

Thanks for stopping by and checking in.


Many many thanks for upvote our comments. you are a great man.i salute you boss.go ahead.we are with you all of luck

Amazing! @markwhittam, you've gone the extra mile and a half. I will have to follow in your footsteps and grind as well. May you real great success and wealth from your endeavors

Thank you @r0nind

Yeah, get on the grind, let's help steemit grow.


Investing on steemit is great idea, it has bright futures. Thanks for sharing. I upvoted your post.

Investing on steemit is great idea, it has bright futures. Thanks for sharing. I upvoted your post.

So Sorry @markwhittam, for now as a minnow, I just can upvote without nothing then reblog this post to support ur effort.

Good job bro...:)

Great work @markwhittam. Love what you're doing for #promo-steem!

It's really awesome that you are doing this! :)

I promote steemit @markwhittam by telling it to my friends and relatives and how this comunity helps me.

looking forward to hanging out and chatting at steemfest mark. great that you are gonna be there.

I love this initiative. For sure when our island is back up next year and we have a lot of mega yachts coming in again, this would be the perfect place to also promote.
Staff that works on the yachts as bloggers on what they all experience on their journey, and the yachtowners to invest. These guys do everything.
Next year november, Sint Maarten is the place to be ;)