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RE: The State of Steem - August Expansion

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That's all great because many improvements are much needed.
I follow too many people but feel kind of wrong to unfollow them. Every single one interacted with me over past year. Following symbolizes my "thank you" but now it gets very messy. I can't see my favourite authors posts anymore as much as I wish I could read them. Please start splitting our blog and let us choose our Favourites!


I gave you 100% upvote. And I'm running out of sp.....@sneak please help us orginize our followed and favorite steemers so we can see their post easily 🙏

We really need this urgently !! @sneak sorry to upvote my own comment but I would
Like to make sure it doesn't vanish and get lost

You don't have to be sorry for that.

Thanks @transisto.
Once in a while I do it with my own comments :) but most of the time I give all my VP away for people who comment on my articles. My VP is draining too fast though. I wish I could up vote more instead of waiting to refill.

30% upvote maybe? Goes 3 times as long :-)

Indeed! I would love to see some improvements here!

I blogged on the topic of these lists and a temporary solution to the madness earlier today :)

On this I would like to see the re-steems given their own tab. I am still pretty new here, so I just look at my replies tab to go to people's pages that have commented on my post that I am not following. One of the first things I thought when first noticing the followers followed tags, was that okay that guy/gal is following 3,000 other people, how much interest do they really have for my blog? I would really like to re-steem more, but I also do not want my content being obscured nor the content of other people I follow being obscured by re-steems. For me that is my number one change dream a separate re-steem tab.

My dream for a long time but meanwhile I opened another profile and resteem more there @massivevibration