The Steemit 'Following' list - I can't bare to look!

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The 'Followers' and 'Following' lists are kinda pointless

When do you actually use them? Apart from the occasional post with a fireworks image when you reach a nice round number?


100's of Items in a list without any sort/filter options is pretty useless - sort it out Steemit!

My current list of 'Following' stands at 653 people. I've seen people who are following over 10000 people (re-steem services or crazy people?!), and users that are following no-one (hi @mindhunter!). I can see why both approaches would suit, but most of us are sitting somewhere between those numbers.

What is a user on your 'Following' list?

  • A friend in real life?
  • A user with an interest in common?
  • A user who gave you a nice up-vote in the past?
  • Someone who comments on your blogs a lot?
  • A daily competition holder?
  • A show of 'thank you' to them for previous interactions?
Perhaps all of these, and more!

There are numerous reasons why you may have chosen to follow an account, and keeping them in one 'unmanageable' list just doesn't make sense. I for one would like to see some additional columns added that can be sorted and filtered upon, such as:

  • Reputation
  • Last login date
  • Number of posts on my blogs
  • Number of replies to my comments

Requests have been made for additional features on this list, but so far, nothing has been mentioned. Until this time, I guess it's a case of doin' it yourself...

Different strokes for different folks

Before I describe the steps I took to create my own 'Following' list/s, just a note on the 'type' of user I am. At rep 58, firmly in the minnow camp (under 5000 SP), I have to go and find my food, and that's cool because i enjoy it. If I was a 75 rep whale, then my food would be coming to me in most cases. Although, everyone should go fishing once in a while eh?

I mention this because the need to manage your followers in a particular way will vary depending on the type/level of user you are. A whale may only need 50 followers - key accounts like @ned, @steemitblog, @stellabelle, or @abh12345 for instance ;)

My approach

Key requirement: A list, or multiple lists, where I can easily find users and open blogs related to a specific need/area/topic of Steemit.

The first decision I made was to not use my Following list to create my new Lists!

The initial task was to gather a list of 'meaningful' followers, users that I had interacted with over the past few weeks.

  • Firstly, I scanned through the 'Comments' feed, paying attention to worthwhile while responses to my blogs/replies

  • Secondly, a look through the votes on my blogs

  • Thirdly, a look through the votes on my 'Replies'

I navigated down these menus, going about 2 weeks into the history of the individual feeds, and this process took about an hour. No pain no gain they say.

These user profiles were saved as favourites in my browser of choice - Chrome. This initial list does look like a chopped down version of the 'Followed' list. However, in the browser bookmark manager, it is possible to create and name sub-folders.

The initial list

Apologies if I've missed you - you know what to do!


Time to make your 'Following' list make sense to you

As i said earlier, this where you have to decide on, who and what is important? How do you want to manage your 'meaningful' 'Following' list.

e.g. If you only post about Food and Crypto, perhaps you need a list of Foodies and Cryptomanics? :)

This is my initial stab (what? no 'tag' related folders!?), which is likely to change i'm sure:

Once you have a base set of folders, copy (or move) these links into where you see fit. I chose to copy because I wanted the main list intact. I can see me wanting users to sit in more than one folder - no harm in that i think.


Pros and Cons

  • Will take some time to navigate through your 'interaction' history, depending on how far back you wish to travel

  • Not connected to the Steemit Database so cannot track changes e.g. Reputation, last login dates

  • Once the folders are setup, easy to add/edit/move your favourite Bloggers around

  • A speedy way to open a subset of followers users. e.g. Show me all the competition Bloggers. By right-clicking the folder, you can open multiple blogs at once:



So that's how I am doing it for now, at least until Steemit help us out. How are you guys managing these lists?

I'm sure there are users querying the Steem DB, pivoting the data, and totaling blog 'contributions' to manage their key stakeholders. Good for you guys! (Can i have a copy?!)

This is an approach anyone can take. And hopefully this will be of use, if only for ideas on what can be done.

Drop me a comment, I do like voting them up :)

Thanks for reading today!



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Execellent article by @abh12345 ....thank you so much for surfacing this article in steemit ......people should understand.....

Thanks...steem on & stay blissful.....

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Thank you my friend, have a great day!

I pretty much follow everyone here who has a good post or a good comment. I never use my feed as it got too crowded after about the first 50 people. I would not do all that bookmarking of people. It would be too much to keep up with and I would be afraid of missing good posts. I'm not really looking at the people as much as the content. This might be the wrong thing to do.

I find the posts I want to look at in steemnow. I have the parameters set to find me "new" posts over rep 50 that have a $1 payout or more. This way I get posts with some potential when they are new. I open a few at a time and look at them to upvote, comment or resteem as I like.

Any post I upvote, I also tweet. My steeming tweeps list now has 80 members and the tweets fly over there. I get a lot of action on my steemit posts from my 5500 non-steeming tweeps who love them so far. I also tweet my own posts, but currently I do not write too many since I am new here and they take a lot of effort for me.

Upvoted, resteemed, and tweeting for 5 days. I hope more will see this and think about who to support and how to go about it.

I see you are bookmarking a lot of whales. What is your strategy with them? I find my efforts in that area to fall on deaf ears - very few replies to my comments compared to "regular" people. Any tips gratefully taken :)

I have the parameters set to find me "new" posts over rep 50 that have a $1 payout or more. This way I get posts with some potential when they are new. I open a few at a time and look at them to upvote, comment or resteem as I like.

That's a good idea.. thanks I'll use it myself.


Thank you so much! This really helps me. I follow all good people, so I probably already follow anyone in that feed.

I just read of someone else who does this to look at posts between 30-60 minutes because then the bots are done for the most part. He's looking only at not-botted posts for his votes and comments etc. Interesting curation strategy I might use too.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Super comment!

I find the posts I want to look at in steemnow. I have the parameters set to find me "new" posts over rep 50 that have a $1 payout or more.

My steeming tweeps list now has 80 members and the tweets fly over there. I get a lot of action on my steemit posts from my 5500 non-steeming tweeps who love them so far..

I bookmark the Whales who have interacted with me, or who have something that i NEED to read regarding Steemit. I guess just keep making those comments and see what happens (i've not had a whale vote me up ever with any sorta of power %)

Full power up-vote (with delegated SP from @demotruck :) )

Glad to make it in your list.

Of course @maarnio, a great daily competition you have!

First of all my gratitude to be on your list. Second yes @steemit sort it out finally.
I will try chrome but it turns out to be too much work to organize ourselves that there is not much time left to write good enough articles.
Great article and very helpful!

Well i could hardly leave you off now could I!

Whatever solution you choose, it will take time - once up and running though i can see the benefits. Anything beats the current list, yikes!

Thank you very much for visiting and commenting :D

Have an awesome weekend!

I am thankful for your post explaining. I will get it also working soon. I also wish you a great weekend. I am on my way in a train towards the Austrian countryside. Need to breath some fresh air and refill my VP Aa's usual hahha

Sounds lovely, i'm in need of a bit of country side - i'll have to settle for the beach i guess :)

Doesn't sound too bad ! image
I miss my Bali though 😭

awww, lovely!

(neat .37$ for esteem post there too!)

and this is all good for when you start and for the people you follow but once you go up into the 100s it does all get a bit jumbled up doesnt it?
i admire what you are trying to do but there has to be a more efficient way to do it (i think)
and if you are then trying to sort out followers its even worse if @mammasitta has to do that with 2500ish she would spend more time sorting then writing like she says
still the idea is good, i will have to ponder to see if there is a better way... (and then find someone to implement it, lol)

Yes, 2500ish is a bit of a 'gulp' moment!

That's why i suggest to go through your interaction and vote history for the previous couple of weeks - These are the people to be focusing on initially to me. Then just keep adding as you go.

Fingers crossed for some columns & sort options in the Steemit 'following' list....

HOME channels gets to full indeed. I manage lists by using a browser plugin called SCT. Very useful. But it cannot reach the level of organisation you use. However for some reason I do not like to go into that detail; maybe I should though, since knowing how is competitor, friendly whales etc at all times, could maybe maximise my votes and rewards :)

BTW, community features is on the roadmap for Q3'17; That will change things at Steemit with more vertical type of interests rather than all topics in the same bucket.

Hey @edje, thanks for the comments!

Good to know about the community feature additions, hopefully that will go some way to help out.


Oh wow, I am so honored to find me on your list! Thanks so much my friend! Concerning my 'following' list I really have a different approach which i would like to share and have your views on it.
When I started out, I was following people like crazy and reached around 200! Then I noticed many of them were just posting 50 times a day with really bad contents post. My home feed was looking crazy.
So what i did was i screened my list and dumped all those whose content were not up to my taste.
You will notice i will not cross over 150 on my list, as i really like going through all the posts made by them on a daily basis.
Now every week, i make the clean up process, it takes some time but really worth it to have only great content posts on your home feed!

Thank you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey, no problem! :)

Sticking to a 150 list is definitely a plan, who needs more friends than that, right?

We are at 300,000 accounts, next year 1,000,000+ --- 1 list, no features is just not going to cut it i'm afraid.

Thanks for the comments @progressivechef!

I'm glad to be on that list of yours. 😊

DIY follower's list feature lol. I also did an audit on my follower's list and now it's down to 200 (following). It took more than an hour yay. Sorry to those who quit lol.

De nada :D

How long did it take to trim your list?

Are you actually using it more now?

I was thinking of you (and @paulag) when i mentioned a Steem DB list of 'worthwhile' followers/interactions :p

More than an hour I guess, it was pretty interesting. I found out those whom I excitedly followed back when I was still new, then they also mass unfollowed people. Now just following the famous ones. Cheeky.

I created an extra account that I'm going to give to a friend. But I use it for now to have a real followed list lol. Just to see a feed with posts I don't really want to miss.

I really hope someday that steemit will improve the more important features, not only being able to change the cover photo lol. Better UI.

I created an extra account that I'm going to give to a friend. But I use it for now to have a real followed list lol. Just to see a feed with posts I don't really want to miss.

If this sentence doesn't encapsulate the current issue we all have @ned then i dunno what does!

Because it is annoying to not have a filter right, and I honestly don't want to look at my own feed now, I also don't want to unfollow some people.

Sounds like you need to make a your own lists, or go the Database route...

select * from db where votedfor ='diabolika' AND travelbudget = 'f-all' :D

AND postype <> 'shitty'

Neat idea but I wouldn't fancy managing the whole "Who goes where" that you'd have to do on at least a daily basis to make that system of value.

I notice that swine @steevc is on your list? LOL

How many people do you plan on adding each day?! :)

Is he a swine? Our recent interaction didn't flag this!?

It's a joke. Steve and I are friends. :-)

ha ha, you swine! My grandma used to call me that when i'd done something naughty :)

I suspect the only time he's good is when he's asleep and then you've no idea what he's dreaming about. :-D

ha ha :D

Sounds like someone to have a drink with.. (and then sneak off before he's too hammered!)

I'm seriously considering learning to write code so I could maybe eventually help add functionality to the site. I'm gonna have to get in GitHub and go thru the tutorials. I've done some programming in the past but ive used far different programming languages than what is used here by the developers.

This is a great idea and would add value to the platform if a way to sort followers / followed was added. I hope someone picks up on it and runs with your idea. I would think adding a few different sort options shouldn't be too difficult but that's purely a guess on my part.

Thanks man. Yeah this is not a lot of work at all one the columns have been decided. The current setup has no scope at all for the growing numbers.

My method is simplistic, but gets the brain rolling in the right direction I hope.

Good that I read this now, since I'm just beginning I don't have a large list yet. I was wondering about where were the filters to narrow searches. Thank you for sharing your insight!

You are in a good place, manage your lists from the beginning for sure!

Thanks for visiting and commenting :D

Hey, I'm in the list! Thanks man!

I was wondering the same those days, who are my followers, who am I following? What kind of content they make? Do we interact? Of course I've been regularly posting just in the past months, but I rather follow quality people than quantity. If you check, I don't follow many people, I want my feed clean and with people who writes and don't spam.
Anyways, thanks again! Is it still time to upvote?

Hey :)

Yes you are!

A clean feed is good for your mind for sure, i have been too liberal with the follows but i do enjoy most content I see in my feed, so it is really tough!

Always time for an up-vote! (except when 7 days have passed!)

I do wish there was a way to promote content to just selected members in followers list. Great post...

Thanks Dave, promotion to a subset of followers sounds pretty cool, nice idea!

Haha! That a lot to work, well, like it said, no pain no gain!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

An hour or so isn't so bad in my opinion. Took me longer to write this blog!

Even in my simple drawing take me about two hours, haha,,. And i create a post that almost 3 to 4 hours still i can barely finished it!

Damnnn, you put a lot of time into your posts. Good luck and one day i will see you at (70) :D

Nice post, great infos for a beginner like me =) Thx for sharing... Upvoted, followed & steemedit...


Thanks Michael, I'm glad it's of use to you!

I'd say you're right... I follow people so their posts appear in my feed. But I'd like having a more managable list as I won't use the list as it is right now (maybe to unfollow some when I get into my cleaning mode).

The way of using bookmarks seem interesting but don't want to use it for this and what I'm already using it for at the same time... I hope there can be a better way, maybe an app? a chrome extention? I'd use Google Docs as I always open my 'drive' recently but I know it's not the best solution.

needs more brainstorming...

Yes, more brainstorming required!

I think whichever method people choose, there's still the requirement of some manual work to build your 'key' people list.

I think I have an 'unmanageable' list... yeah there should be some new feature to sort all these followers.
At the moment I don't have much time to sort them out manually... so I will wait.
Big hug

Yes welcome to the unmanageable list club!

We wait patiently for an improvement :)

You are right. You should get paid ! Nice post to make everything comprehensize.

Thank you @anadikc, I have been paid by people's presence on my blog 😁

Thank you, what an interesting read! Maybe I should implement this system now while im still a very small minnow in this big steemit pond 😊

Before your follow follower lists go crazy! Yes :D

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You guys should be paying me for the advertising space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway. This was a really cool post.
Well done!

I imagine the following list being a table, where you can sort by different columns and filter. Then there could be a column "custom label" where you write whatever you want. For example "Friendly whale"

Exactly! It's standard stuff and should really be part of the interface by now.

And thanks, you are a chatty bot I see :)

Hahaha! That's true!

Hahaha, tell 'em!!! Nobs :):) I'm currently working on a similar system but starting it off on an excell spread sheet... with those that are following me. Ranked by nr 1 - 10 depending on all factors i.e. quality, support etc. This will then help me so I don't miss out on quality new followers in future. It's very time consuming to start off with but I believe once it's done it will assist me and my following so I can be fair in my support :):) Yes, Steemit can Really make it a bit easier for us to manage categorically!!

Annoying as fluck! I wanted the best comment at the top, not this Spam!

I thought about Excel, it's definitely an option. Maybe you can blog about your method?

Lol, fluck this flucking spam crap!!! Yeah, thanks, I'll definitely do that :):) Once my spreadsheet is done :) Thanks for your reply = + 1, lol

Cool, let me know if/when it's done :)

And a + 0.02 to you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sure thing, will do and will get it done :) It's important to me:):) Follow me I'll follow you... bwahhahaha, just kidding man!! I'll check you out a bit though. I like the post you did :) Gg!! Thank you for the +2 ;)

I'm already following! :D

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