Why its important to upvote comments on your steemit posts

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Keeping posts active because they are relevant is much easier when user engagement is at its peak, relevant comments are a great way to keep a published post in the minds of readers. 

We are Steemit and we have an incentive to do just about anything on this blockchain and claim a reward for it.

Making the best of steempower to sort comments by relevance on your posts

This is a quick step tutorial mostly for new users that will help you to user your Steempower to sort your readers comoments by order by upvoting them. Often and especially as of late our posts are being bombarded by newbie users requesting follow backs, mutual upvotes and even resteems. 

If you really are a new user to steemit check out this must read post :


So you just hit the publish button on your fresh post and likely with a couple minutes you will start to receive the first replies... 

Make sure to upvote these but there is no need to spend 100% of your voting power this you must determine by the relevance and quality of the reply that your post receives.

Here you can see me using the sliding upvote bar to determine how much steempower I will use to upvote this comment.

Why its important to upvote comments on your steemit blogposts

It gives your readers an added incentive to interact with your post, they see that you are upvoting comments and probably noticed that longer better quality written replies receive a larger amount of revenue than short thanks great post replies. This will ensure that people will make a bigger effort to write relevant quality comments to your post.

As an experiment I am going to judge every comment on this post with the uttermost care to ensure that the best comments stay on top, of course Steemit is a true decentralized democratic system where upvotes count towards decisions and Im just one person with a 0.21$ comment upvote and many others have much larger voting power than myself so its not going to be a biased centralized decision but a concensus. I urge you all to engage in comment writing in this post and make sure to read and upvote any other bloggers that are voicing an opinion regarding this to make sure that the best comment stays on top.

Great post by @klye yesterday with a comment contest as well =


Hope you enjoyed reading this post if you wish to retweet click the link below, all upvotes, follows and comments greatly apreciated as always, wishing you all a fantastic Sunday!



Hello @mallorcaman

What a wonderful post you made today, you get smarter all the time I see ;-)

I will now prove that what you say is 100% true!

When I told my good friend @ramta that I did not know what to write about here on Steemit he told me to start comment on other peoples post and vote when they did reply.

So I did exactly that. I could not belive what started to happen. I have been treated so nicely by my fellow Steemians and have made a lot of Steem Power.

To this day I have not been writing one singel blog-post, only comments and reply. I have 234 followers and a lot of Steem Power.

I hope everybody on Steemit read your post today.

Have a nice day everybody!

You guys are totally amazing. I hope to meet you both in person day, It feels good to finally make some decent posts battling depression is much harder than some might imagine. The last few days I have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wishing you a great evening!!

Hi again @mallorcaman

Thank you so much for all the blessings. It is always nice talking to you ;-)

You just stay on Mallorca and we come to visit you sooner or later.

Im all excited for that day to arrive, thats very encouraging. We will celebrate in a nice way and I can show you the nicest places on the island :)

I do it on all mine. I think that is a nice thing to show that you reward decent comments add well as acknowledge them as well. Top notch tip!

Obviously most of us know that interacting with comments and upvoting them accordingly is usefull, I just thought this post would be a good reminder and incentive for people not to forget good blogging habbits :)

From my own experience of up-votes on comments it is anything but obvious to most posters.

Yes indeedy! :0)

I realized that from the start. Engaging into discussions in comments section not only brings more opinions and quality conversations, but it helps both the author and the commenters to earn rewards and make the post more interesing. :) Thank you for sharing this. Enjoy sunday!

Clever thoughts! Thanks, resteemed, upvoted, following you! Have a wonderful Day, Mallorcaman!

Thanks for cheering me up, a ver happy energy and overly generous reply. I wish you the very best day ever @crypto-p followed back

Great advice! I know from my own experience that I feel more motivated when I see an author actively reply to comments and/or upvote them. It's a nice gesture to reward and interact with the readers that help posts become successful. Unfortunately, I'm at a stage where I do not have that much voting power yet, so I can't instantly upvote comments or posts with x amount of cents, but aiming to get there!

Writing great comments as you know is a great way to get rewarded. Im sure that if you keep pushing like we all did back in our day you will become a success story on here like there has been many. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great Sunday!

Thanks for the encouraging words! I've only been around for a week, but so far I've learned quite a bit about Steemit and read interesting articles in all kinds of niches. I also managed to get followers and upvotes, so far a pretty good week, I will definitely keep pushing, thanks :-)

Keep at it, it took me quite a while to realize the full potential of steemit, But once you start to figure it out you really feel like you belong to something amazing. Thanks for taking the time to reply

Hi @mallorcaman, I agree with you 100%, I believe every comment deserves an up-vote, even if you don't always agree with the view given, like you say you can give a lower percentage vote.

Ive basically been doing this or trying to for the last several days, It really organizes your replies in a very nice way according to relevance. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Upvoted your reply ofc :)

Thanks for your reply

I do not upvote coomments very often but i always answer every one ! I wish my voting power was unlimited so i can do this :)

Thats why using reduced voting voter applies very well to comment upvoting. I used 51% on your comment :) thanks for taking the time have a great Sunday!

Thank you very much but i vote over 200 timse every day so even with reduse das not work :)

I never thought to give some of the comments a smaller vote dpending on how relevant they are. my vote is only worth 4 cents but thats enough to control where on my post the comments are, until or unless its get upvoted by other people. but then it deserves it I guess. Thanks for sharing!

Ive been doing it for some time, to ensure that the best comments are on top. Before my vote was only worth 5 cents but now I have more margin to sort a larger amount of comments. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and have a great evening

mallorcaman Peter Lorenzo tweeted @ 11 Jun 2017 - 12:13 UTC

Why its important to upvote comments on your steemit posts — #Steemit

steemit.com/steemit/@mallo… / https://t.co/HpQzmi1vzx

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks for advice
I have a lot to learn from you

How and why did you set such a low character lim

Sorry I have Im lost, can u explain what you mean @mattclarke ? Thanks in advance

I'm just having a giggle :)

Stop laughing!!!! Im lost :) What does it mean I even googled it!! ....

I was pretending that somehow, for some strange reason, you'd been able and willing to set a maximum character limit on replies to this post.

:) No and I actually hated that when this used to be possible. An unlimited amount of replies on here suits me just fine. happy sunday @mattclarke

Great post, short, concise and to the point. I completely agree with your thoughts! my upvoting power is 0.01 it is not much but it is still better than nothing!! Upvoting a comment I see it like a good way to thank someone for being interested and taking the time to read the post, not many people do it, and it also feels good to interact with the community

Exacty thats just the point I was trying to communicate thanks for taking the time to reply :

People put great efforts while reading, analyzing and commenting your posts so they must be rewarded dear. I do not have the slider option to control my voting power.

Does the 15 minute window apply to upvoting comments too? Is there any significant curation awards differences between comments vs posts?

Which 15 minute window are you referring to? I believe the same rules apply now to posts and comments as far as author rewards and curation.

I always make sure to upvote them all.
For me upvoting comments is also another way to say "thank you for stopping by". ☺

I don't get that percentage bar for upvoting, is it because i am new?

Not that Im aware of, what type of OS are you using for steemit?

I am on windows 7, mozzila firefox...

Agree 100%! Now following

(Here you can see me using the sliding upvote bar to determine how much steempower I will use to upvote this comment).....What a cool feature I did not know you can do that,i certainly learned something today.

Yeah, I totally overlooked the importance of ov voting comments. Really informative man :)

Many steemit users do, especially newbies. Happy to have been of help :)

Thank you...I never knew this...learning something new everyday here ;-)

your post is very benefits for me

Thats why wer here to help each other :)

I always wish I had more comments. I kind of liked the idea of comment specific pool that got scrapped. Inviting helps about though! I need to make sure I do it more

Thank you for the tips! Question.. How do I get that sliding bar to appear?

Click the white upwards arrow and select like I have done below

Hmm, that must not be available for people with low SP. Nothing like that pops up for me.

good information.thanks for sharing

thank you very much for helping of you to me. You are very good

I make sure I upvote all the comments on my post. But I don't understand why some comments receive $0.02/$0.01 and some receive $0.00.

I've been on steemit for about a week now, 9 days I think. I'd never ask for a follow back, and if you don't even have the content to back that request, it's just a bad choice to me. But I do try to keep an open eye for this kind of posts, because that is where the actual help from people who've been here longer can and will really do so. I'm surprised by two things in particular. One being the ammount of people working on this network, creating awesome content, micromanaging everything and to keep tuning this genious network, where one as a newbie have so many options and I don't think that we are neglected by any means, at all. What brings me to the 2nd thing: I sincerely thank you because even thought we're all aiming to earn good money and to implement a well planned marketing and business, you still take the time to produce this kind of "intel". Information can really take you places, and I'm beyond words how happy I feel to have the opportunity to find such valuable info at just the beginning of my learning and introduction phase. As a new guy I also have to say that I've commented a lot of posts (well not that much, like 10 good ones) and having this kind of response, It's not just about upvotes but I little more like investing, with empathy, in supporting us and showing the way ahead more clear and easy for us to ride. I truly appreciate you taking the time to make this briefing for us.

PS: ¿Español? Desde aquí un venezolano emprendedor; De nuevo muchas gracias, y ¡salud!

I have been doing this especially since my upvotes have gone from $0.05 to $0.12

What I haven't done is weigh the upvotes to encourage high quality comments. I will do this in the future.

(As an example of how comments are beneficial)

I posted this post

User @cryptodan commented and requested a version with fractals.

I wrote a post about how to use a certain fractal program and fulfilled the request with fractal style EOS logos.

Now I have an entire category of posts I can do after learning the fractal program. I also found user @cgame who posts daily 3d fractal images and upvote him often.

I have one Probleme whith this advise, if your voting strenght is so small that an upvote on a comment gives the Person 0.00$, what should you do then ?

Oh thank you for this! I have a post right now that is nearing 100 comments (alot are mine) and I wasnt sure if I am supposed to vote on comments or not. I thought maybe the comments automatically got curation votes. Also, I never see a slider??? Im on android mobile..

I found that the number one best way to gain new followers is to post a thoughtful comment on their article. We all (maybe not all - some!) put in a lot of effort at times to post quality content, and it's nice to see someone valuing that - not just for the money but also for the effort.

Right on! And of course I will do!

This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the second half of Jun 11. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $70.63 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Jun 11 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

I always do, hope more people do meaningful comments thought.

Learned some good points about upvoting on comments, thanks @mallorcaman for sharing.

Nice information there bro

I have to remember not t vote all my comments 100%, its so quick to push that button I should think more about the comment and what it means to me and my post.

I try to reply to every comment, but I haven't been upvoting very many comments at all. That changes today. Thanks!

I will vote next time :D

I just missed the window here, apart from that, great idea, but for those of us that give 2 per vote, I wouldn't bother with 10% upvotes giving 0.00? or maybe you have something on here, it could be discouraging to see 0.00 on your comment while somebody gets 0.02 :D anyways, I like comments, but I find that people rarely read, or pay attention, I would be looking for some suggestions on how to remedy that, interest and excitement come to mind :)

Nice post - I used to live in Mallorca - near Roberts just south of Inca.......i found an empty forest with a clearing and held retreats there..... :-)

How interesting... where do u live now?

Question, I have seen the slider mentioned a couple of times for the upvote but when I go to vote, I cannot figure out where that is. Is it suppose to pop up when you hover or is there something I need to enable?

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