Let's talk Whaleshares for Steemit VS you paying to promote your post

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As always my fellow Steemians, remember to Steem on- Untill we Steem again-Lyken Crypto- keep Learnin, Keep Investing, and Keep God First at All Times..
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Hi @lykencrypto Appreciate the info. I'm trying to figure out how on earth to get whales to notice any of my posts. For example I put up one today https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@katythompson/is-maidsafe-the-next-under-promoted-antshares that was well received by those that saw it but none have any voting power! Any coaching would be gratefully received. I upvoted you (with some voting power)

Hey @katythompson thank you for reaching out to me .😃.. there best way to get whales to upvote your post is by creating a relationship with them and also showing continues support to them by doing things like putting them in upvoter so you can automatically upvote their post when they put out new content. I'm willing t paremtner with you if you would like to upvote each other's post?🤓 Have you used steemvoter.com?🤔

Man, there must be another way. I know the money is what people hope for but how are we going to build the community without helping the minnows? We all want whale votes but should we really give our votes to them when they could be used to help others and build this network? HF 20 is coming soon... We will see what the devs come up with. Good ideas either way. Take care.

Cool bikes. Got a honda rebel 250cc. Use it for school and hackathons 😎

Now u see bts has all different kind of values 👍 cool vid 🐈

Didn't know you could do this, Im a have to check this out asap...

Do you have to follow that process for each post or can you just send the upvotes from whaleshares after you have the account set up?

You can just upvote from whaleshres but you have to go back to bitshares to send the payments hence that's where your account is set up at

Appreciate the info, always in learning mode.
Blessings to you!!

Hello brother

Down south living! Great video @lykencrypto

Thanks my brother

Nice video on using whaleshares. The $20 of whaleshare got you $16...the author only gets 75%, so you got about $12 benefit for the $20...plus whatever extra views that money got you. I call that the tip jar effect.

I've used whaleshares a few times and had just about the same experience as you. I wrote a detailed post on how much whaleshares gets you back, along with the other paid voting bots. Check it out if you have a sec!

This system needs to get worked out but theres still a lot of potential here.

If my post is good enough then I don't need to promote !

Hope that works for you 👍🤓

thanks for sharing

Nice work here. Followed you buddy. Keep these posts coming!

Thank you very much my brother

Hi @lykencrypto

I'm new to steemit blogging but I will be posting consistently from now on. Can I get some support from you? I've followed you and upvoted several of your posts. Cheers!

Thank you 😊 👍

It's worth throwing a couple cents promotion into every post, so as to show your article on the promoted tab, but I don't think it actually nets you much improvement in votes/views where as whaleshares certainly improves your visibility in the trending page which nets you more views/votes.

Exactly my point, thank you for viewing

This is very informative. Thank you for the step-by-step.

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