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What would the trending page look like if we had control over it? That’s what I have been asking myself... but, where do you start?

Do you go with different algorithms of votes and/or comments? How can that be accurate though with the wide usage of bots and spam comments?

Or do you just go with things that you personally see as exceptional? But, what is exceptional? And, isn’t that subjective?

So How Do We Decide?

As some of you may know, I’m on a bit of a mission to give an alternative to the current Steemit trending page.

I’m going to be experimenting with different ways to come up with an Alternative Trending Page, using different algorithms to see if we can see what the trending page would maybe look like without all the bots. I also want to come together with others and discuss the exceptional content they have come across in their manual curation. After all, this is an experiment to see what our Alternative Trending Page would look like.

What Is The Goal?

I explain it more in depth here, but essentially;

  • Use the delegation I was gifted to try to lift up great content.
  • Pay the authors I feature here from the post payout.
  • Experiment with what an Alternative Trending Page would look like.

Come together to make Steemit what we want it to be.

For today’s trending page I asked some friends @curie who their favorite exceptional authors were that they thought should be trending. After all, many of the curators there are looking at great content all day long. I’m glad to say we all had quite a few in common!

So, here is what our trending page would look like if we could choose...

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Thermoplastic is one of those individuals that I think the platform is so lucky to have. His artwork is some of the best I have ever seen and could easily hang in the most prestigious galleries in my opinion. He is also someone who encourages fellow artist and has been known to bring other amazing artists to the platform. His works are unique and thought provoking, have a look for yourself;


TANTALUS BEHIVE By @Thermoplastic

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Wes posts about so many different topics in such an exceptional way that he could be trending in almost every tag, yeah... he’s that good. He shares his experiences, his life and his hardships with such honesty and in such an inspirational way. He’s an amazing photographer, among other things, and is seriously someone you all should be following.


Taking A Break From History For Some Macro Photography By @Derangedvisions

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Can you believe the musical talent we have right here on steemit?!? How is it even possible that none of them are regularly on the trending page? Honestly I could do a whole post just on the high quality musicians here, and I just may do that, but for today let’s focus on a duo that gives me chills, @Breakoutthecrazy. To say that these two are talented would be the understatement of the century. They are amazing souls who are sharing their talent with us, go have a listen...


Curves And Grooves - Music Video By @Breakoutthecrazy

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I think we can all agree that food is pretty great right? It’s even better when it’s presented and photographed the way @vegan.niinja does. Her recipes are unique, well thought out and include pictures that will make you drool. I’m always excited to see what she comes up with next.


Rhubarb Lattice Cheesecake and Parfait! By @Vegan.niinja

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I have to say I had never even heard of psychedelic fractals before meeting @soundwavesphoton, but I’m glad that they are a new love of mine now. He has a way of extracting the beauty out of simple works and making them something extraordinary. He’s a personal friend of mine so I won’t gush about how amazing of a human being he is, but just know... he’s one of the best. I wasn’t going to include him myself here seeing as I can’t be objective but since he was on a few other peoples list, how could I not?!? Did I mention that he is a talented musician as well? No, well he’s a man of many talents... so go check him out;


Melted Alien Waves and Saturated Peach Skies By @Soundwavesphoton

wave-3 divider odrau steem

Well, how’s that for a Trending Page? I know we are missing a few categories...

So, I Need Your Help!

What would be in your trending page? Let’s discuss, and try to come together to lift up the great content on this platform!

After all, Steemit can be whatever we want it to be... we just have to come together to make it happen.

Remember, featured authors will split the payout of this post because I believe it is important to reward the individuals actually creating the content. So, show some love y’all!!

Full disclosure - I will be upvoting this post to help increase the payout for the featured authors.

Looking for an amazing curation group where you can come together to help lift great content? You found it,

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Great initiative @llfarms to bring back sinking steemit to life. Followed ans resteemed....steem on


Thank you! I just think if we worked together we could really lift what we thought was exceptional. Thank you for the kind words!