Wow, I can't believe this. That's a pretty weak conflict management by Binance's support team and it really makes me think about moving to an exchange with real customer support.

Let me see, if I can do anything to return your funds...

Yes that’s true. I couldn’t believe Binance’s response too. The steem isn’t missing and they simply refused to manually retrieve the 20000 steem out from the saving wallet.

Hope you can share this out to all fellow steemit users. Hopefully this will no happen to someone else next.

Hope you can retrieve back the funds... so sucky.. we need to figure out how to do it though

This is totally unrelated to this post, but I cannot track down a method to send you a message directly. There is a member @milakz wanting to contact you concerning Witnesses.

I've sent her a request on Discord ;)

Thanks. I have appreciated SteemWorld for years.

Que buen actitud

Wow. I would have thought you'd get a better response from Binance.. I've always felt like they were legit

Quite unfortunate, we al have to be meticulous in our funds transfer, thanks for bringing this to the attention of the community

Wow this is very disheartening
What a loss!!!
All the same thank you for the information and guideline @larryphang
I am very hopeful that @steemchiller will help return your funds back.

@larryphang Thank You Very much for the information provided .. it is really helpful

really wow, could there be any special reason for this whole thing?

OMG! I also transferred my steem to deepcrypto8, though I didn't face any issues that time, it's horrible thank you for sharing, I think many will be alert. Nowadays I didn't know what is happening everything going in opposite directions. Stay safe. @larryphang

I'm really sorry for the loss and hope they will return this soon after a manual withdrawal..
But I'm not clear what happened

While the transaction appeared to has an error, the 20,000 steem was credited to @deepcrypto8 saving wallet instead.

How this is possible ? Can't understand this .. If it's with the memo this is not possible

I transferred using steemit wallet and if I had accidentally transferred to saving. I could’t have put a memo to the transaction.

The record shows the memo included.

Therefore, my trust for steemit wallet is in doubt too.

@steemit @steemitblog @steemchiller @justyy @dev.supporters @future.witness @futureshock @roadofrich @steemcurator01 @therising @xeldal @stephenkendal @justyy

Thanks for the info, I will further investigate. Did you make a normal transfer prior to the savings transfer?

Any advise on how I can recover the 20k steem? Binance once again rejected my application for recovery.
This is the fifth rejected application. I am at a dead end situation.

I reported the bug to the dev team, but I didn't get any response yet. In my opinion the application result 'Unsupported transfer method' is not really correct, because the transfer happened and the coins are sitting in their account. They do the same thing when transferring SBD to their balance. The question is, why all those cases over the years didn't lead Binance to change anything. Fact is, they ignore those cases and collect the lost funds of many people in their account.

The only chance I see at the moment is to make noise on Twitter (tagging CZ). Not by attacking them, but making a public case about a sad customer who lost 20K STEEM, because the Binance support is unwilling to click a button.

I did exactly that. Spamming all the Twitter on binance and cz_binance
No response

@steemchiller sorry to bother again. Is there response from the steem dev team? Can they help to recover the steem?

No good news. I don't expect any dev solution from this side. It's Binance's job to send funds back to the source in case of an unsupported transfer type (every professional developer would solve it in this way from start). So going the twitter route, maybe connecting with other people who also lost their coins in that way is still the best advice.

They say that they support all those thousands of tokens on their platform, but in reality they failed to implement basic Steem functionality and therefore can't offer their customers a secure/fair solution for working with Steem. SBD was there from the beginning and they know that blockchains can't just rollback transactions. I for my part will tend to avoid that exchange from now on.

I understand that the dev team can’t do anything to retrieve the 20000 steem from Binance wallet, but I was thinking if they get back with any reason why such transfer error happened and have they find the solution to it.

The root cause of my issue was because of steemit wallet credited the steem to saving wallet. Because of error like this, a user like me lost a third of my steem holding, it can happen to anyone else in this platform. How can all steemians still trust steemit / steemit wallet anymore?

Nope. I never perform any transaction prior to the mentioned transfer.

I transferred using steemit wallet and if I had accidentally transferred to saving. I could’t have put a memo to the transaction.

Yes you are right. It should be a bug.

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