Most important Steemit Function discovered!!! Check this out !

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Did you know that there is a hidden Function on every steemit useraccount? Just click the username and find the hidden Follow Button!!


Status Quo

At the moment, Steemit doesn't do anything after you started following someone. Other Social networks will inform you via app or E-mail once the person you are following posts something.

But you have to start following others now, in the near future, there will be an improvement to the Follow function ( i believe that the Dev team had more important things to do, than to implement it at this point)

Why is following the most important function on Steemit for users

The answer is the voting system. Anybody having a lot SteemPower in his Account, will boost your post with one up-vote into the Trending or Hot Categories. Once others see that a whale has up-voted you, they will start up-voting you. 

Users to add

Use this Richlist and start adding all top 100 names in the list to your steemit account. 

Value of Followers

On Twitter, Facebook etc. you need a lot followers to monetize them. On Steemit, you only need a couple of persons to follow you to earn a lot money every day. 

So once a whale or dolphin starts a post, you have to go there and up-vote that post immediately. After up-voting you have to leave a high quality comment for the whale, no Bullshit GIF spam, only leave high quality answers and feedback. 

Comment on comments the whale or dolphin made, start a discussion, they have to see your name again and again

Best Case Scenario

The whale starts following you and even gives you an up vote for your comment. Bravo, you have just earned 300 USD for a comment, and have your first whale in your pocket ;)

Lets start earning these SuperPower Steempowers and become a whale ourselves!


Work on this every day, i know its hard work, but only having influential friends on steemit will guarantee your long-term success (Even the function does not work properly now, i am sure it will be activated soon, so hurry and build up your Whale list )

I hope this posts helps you to improve your long-term strategy on steemit !

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Ok so I've known about this for about a week now and it is probably one of the most under-rated tool.. My question is this, can you only follow a certain number of people per day/week? I'm asking because now my (future) steemit friends' UserName follow buttons aren't showing up.


it should be unlimited !
if you click on a username, you could just click follow !

You can already use it in

not exactly the best way to be honest, but looks like this is the way to go, at least for the moment. Steem will be ever-changing, so I don't think this should be a long-term approach. Good job with the post anyway!


yep, its a short term solution for the rich100 list.
but building up a followers list is worth it, as with the new reputation score, we need followers whom vote frequently for us