Steemit has insane numbers !!! Check this out

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I have a habit of checking sites which do site anlysis:

So this is the Steemit User Growth, it looks pretty insane and i am sure it will continue like this

steemit traffic

The most intersting thing about steemit is the Daily Time on site, its an average of 11:36 minutes !! Thats an insane number, Facebook has 19 Minutes in average, but Facebook has so much more content and users at the moment.

So Steemit will challenge Facebook soon, as the whole model of rewarding people is the future of user generated content.



Steemit users are super engaged, the organic growth is incredible and it is locking in user at an insane rate right now. 

I am trying to decide if i should invest more into Steem $ or Steem as i predict the price will go another 1000% within 6 month !!! (Steemit is addictive and i am coming back several times a day, while i am only logging into facebook once per week... )

Please help me with this decision and leave some comments. i will upvote the best comments!

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I believe that, among other things , Steemit is going to become soon the best place where to run a crowdfunding campaign. If the community rules can be adapted to optimize such an application, and if in addition we find a simple way to use SteemPower as collateral for p2p loans and similar, then the sky is the limit and Facebook will be soon out of business (or buying Steemit :) )

I wouldn't agree more

great idea !

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My response to other social networks as of 2 weeks ago:


The Steem-Pheonix rises

steem pheonix

I really like your phoenix-rising-Steem sign! Thanks, namaste :)

Thanks eric =)

yeah the price made an insane recovery. but the hack nevertheless was a good wake up call

You are barely a Steemit addict compared to me if you are only coming back several times a day. I can't leave it! It is 11pm out here and here is my latest post. I put a lot of work into it but I think the whales are asleep. Maybe they will swim by.

i voted for your post, but you wont get any traction on that post.
its way too long. you have to summerize the post, as i only read 30% of it.

and i agree, i am an addict, but my time is still limited. but i will try to contribute great content to steemit in the future ;)

Yep, this is really good art - if you make the fire a bit better, it'll kick even more ass.

haha love the image.

great , is this christian slater?

He looks like Gary Oldman to me, but could be neither

Definitely not Christian Slater

hmm very hard to tell. i love these animated gifs . are these gifs?


Gold post is gold.

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how do I write a gold post? I hope to write a gold post. All I earned by my post is 0.45 dollors!

Thank a lot.
I'll read it..

hope it helps! send me a comment in one of my posts once you have posted a new post. i will sure upvote you!

thank you.

i cant believe the numbers. i am so pumped right now.
its incredible seing that you go to bed and than came back seing a single post has earned a month worth of salaray for you.

It's like mycelium growth in the fall, up in Northern British Columbia: It is an explosion of scrumptious wealth! Namaste :)

namaste brother !

As Steemit rises and rises just watch what it does to it's founders master creation Bitshares. In the next month that will explode making even more people very wealthy!

would that be BTS?
i bought some of that a couple of weeks ago

#steemit has a great potential, but i think there are many things to change to make it more interesting for long time.
In my opinion upvoting is a bit weird and categories seems to be a bit crazy sometimes.
Lets wait 6 more months and see how it upgrades.

i think thats the beauty of it. we are the early adopters. with the steemit team we can shape the future of steemit.
more features? sure there will be, i am sure about that!

but , even with this crazy and fast posting only system, there is so much content at the moment generated, imagine if the user count goes up another 10x !

Well it is too soon to say but it is a relatively cheap investment that can have a potentially high return. Although I believe that in general cryptocurrencies will increase their values due to global uncertainty there are two major traps you can fall into. The first is the lack of liquidity and the second is the possible lack of security provided in case of a possible cyber attack.
So if I was you I would invest an amount of money that I wouldn't need for immediate use into Steem $ which also pay interest.
Hope I helped.

thank you for the great advice. my strategy for now is. write a lot articles. try to earn Steem Power through writing as possible.

have some money in Steem $ invested, just a little play money as you suggested.

try to become a dolphin in the next month myself .

I am literally ruining my life on here day after day day after day. I keep writing about everything that I love and do for a living and I can't stop. I just absolutely love everything that this platform has created and given to us with the Advent of the internet.

hy joshua,

yeah its addictive! keep up the good posting bro!

every day steemit be great Social Media !

to the moon !

The basic truth about it is that most people follow the money. The dollar sign is the key marketing tool around here among other things - like the rate at which steem power inflates and its distribution scheme.

its interesting, but its genius.
this posts earns me some money, it will lock me in another couple of days to chase the next good earning post.

i am no writer, never will be. but if i could build up an income through steem an be truly indepent, i would take it and never look back.

so i will put some effort into it, dont want to be a guy saying after 5 years, damn i didnt put enough time into steemit, now my friends are all millionaires through steemit ;)

i know, i am a dreamer ;)

I just like wondering what the high level executives at Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and so on, are discussing about behind their closed doors.

I am sure they must be scrambling for ideas and solutions to the "Steemit Problem" LOL

Well, i think they are testing steemit too ;)

the problem for facebook is, that they cant buy steemit in a year for USD ;)

so thats the real problem for them

Yeah!! Trust me if they could they would!! and then they would shut it down!!
But @dan and @ned wouldn't do that. Because it's not about the money to them, it's about a revolution! And boy, has that started!!

I can imagine how Steemit absolutely destroys Reddit since they are two platforms which are, well... the same. But to really gain as many followers as Twitter or Facebook, will money be enough to draw people in? I mean, if we are on Steemit we are tech-savvy, motivated people. Right now the interface, search system and tag system is imperfect. Sure it's getting better I hardly imagine my great-aunt just hopping on Steemit by herself, or even with an helping hand. The ease of use and user-friendliness probably needs some polishing.

But, that means more Steem for us, right? ;)

I think money HAS been enough to draw people in. That's why more and more people want to get in. So much so that today Steemit had to pause new Signups. Yes, temporarily, no new people can join. This is to protect the Steem network and the servers of course. But, it really shows how much Steem is in demand.
Yeah! I think it's going to be something. Something extraordinary!

its great, we dont want steemit to go down because the servers crash!

the interface will get better. most of normal people who usally laugh of us nerds, are not laughing anymore, they are desperately trying to get a place at the table... they see the real money being earned ;)

truth has been spoken!! :D

yes, its kinda funny. when i got into ethereum and bitcoin and crypto everybody laughed.

now nobody is laughing anymore ;) Steemit to the MOON!

You are already proving that content is king! Good post

yeah, but i am curius why 13 votes push this post up to 1200usd.
this is really interesting, because i had posts with 13 votes only generating 0.2 $

Coz @dan voting you

OMG, just checked DANs Stats?
what is this insane number of Steem Power???

Its one of developer's accounts. Developers of Steem, ofc.

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On this post the 13 votes are made bpeopley more steam power maybe i think. Im new still trying to work it out

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Look at WHO voted for it so far...therein lies the answer.

Firstly great to see such a high percentage of people from my country India, its great to see a developing nation embracing a new platform such as this. The indian market could be a huge growth driver for steem as well.
Steem's a great example of how apps/websites can be built that let EVERYONE get their feet wet with the crypto world and get a first hand experience on the working of the blockchain and the transparency it brings.
I love the fact that the platform has a diverse user-base encompassing a wide and ever growing category of topics and is slowly attracting bloggers from various backgrounds and diversities.
The article today ( by @infovore really shows us the true potential of the platform.
Great job and congratulations to all the people behind this project.

thank you so much for your comments. it represents everything i believe in steemit!

that post you are referring to, has already 15K in rewards, its an insane number, but it could help that guy to pay for his whole family.

so as with every new media, there are big winners to emerge!

and please get more of your friends to steem! we need to spread the word

Full STEEM ahead!

yeah man!

Get BOTH!! @knozaki2015
Steem for the liquidity ( and of course price UP swing) AND Steem Power for the incredible Interest (growth) Rate and upvote power it unleashes!!

ok !
but i dont get the liquidity point you made? i can sell Steam Dollar and Steem. wouldnt it be enough if i just bought Steam Dollar than?

This is a really informativ post. Would never thought that germany is number two in the list of most visit people. And the exponential growth of users are a really big indicator to get more steem :)

yes, i am still researching. but there are strong indicators, that user adoption, growth etc. are really going through the moon.

if steemit can lock in the users, i think it will be a real thread for reddit.

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well they done it really smart with locking the steem power into the account. You need to wait a long time to get them out. So there is all the time value in your account.

yeah! thats right. i will leave everything i earn in SP.
the value will go up, and 1000 SPs could be worth a 1.000.000 USD in a couple of years.

I came to the same conclusion as you. 1000-2000% up before the end of the year.
Everything is here:

yep, its very realistic , everybody wants in. and steem is closing the door! sorry, come back tommorow ;) my friendns are going nuts, as they see my post earning 5K now... they want in ;)

steemit will be a huge sucess story

Steemit - Sometimes you have luck sometimes you only have bad luck :D

hey guys.
its just timing ;) dan voted for me. so i got a ton of votes!

haha same with u , but i didn't made even a cent

i see more than me having the same idea.
next time i wish you all the luck you need to get a whale vote for you!

good luck to u too !

Good post buddy. Looking forward for more.

yeah, i have more post in mind. next one will be about something which is really annoying me!

There were a lot of DDoS attacks as well so the number aren't accurate.

you are right, but alexa wont allow me to check the sites more deeply without paying.
in the old days alexa was free of charge, now they are monetizing it ;)

so i could only get basic data out of it.

i think even with the DDoS the numbers are still similar. as the DDos dont influence the user time on the site etc.

What is also interesting is that those top countries account for perhaps 43% of the users of Steem, the remaining of which are spread elsewhere. Steem is a truly global phenomenon!

Thanks for the stats :) it's always fun to keep a tab on your "investments".

yes, i think the adopotion in other countries like china and india will be crazy, as you could earn a years salary with one blogpost.

so just wait for the chinese !!!

I found out about Steemit 3 days ago, and; I'm hooked! I already spend more time on Steemit than Facebook, because I know that the time i usually waste on Facebook can actually make me money on Steemit, and that's just incredible! So far I have not had one single negative experience here on Steemit, and that just pushes it further into my heart! <3

So, for my 3rd day anniversary here on Steemit I wanted to give back to the community, so I made a retouched edition of the Steemit logo for the people here to use as they want. I hope this will bring joy to some of you, as Steemit have done for me :)

Steemit: To infinity and beyond

i found out about steemit 8days ago. i traded with steem. after that i started some post.
it was so annoying only see 2cents for a great post. but i kept writing, as everybody is saying, you have to try try try!
and it worked for me , i hope there will be more posts for me to come !

Minor spelling correction: Steem, not Steam. My advice: buy Steem and convert it to Steem Power, because this has the highest interest rate. Just the Steem coin can be very volatile.

thank you! i missed that one ;)
i have corrected it!

When money is the incentive, people get crazy.
i have high hopes for steemit, and what steemit can become, but lets face it, steemit needs some work.

Good Point!

i checked you posts. i totally love that music !
could you follow me too, and post me once you have new posts in my comments?

I hope we can oneday pay everybody creating music and putting it out for free through steem!

thanks for sharing, please can you tell us which tool did you use to get the data?

its the free version of!

thank you, please I hope you find the information in this post useful.

thank you!
i have voted for your effort to write a great piece. please keep up your great work and send me more stories in comment in the future!

plase check out my other stories too. i hope you like them

Thank you, if you can, please, inform other about this.

sure will do!

Data, data, data... come on Steemies let's pump these numbers!

i am sure, that steemit will show us soon, how valuable data is, and these huge corporation will cry !!!
steemit = big data + blockchain + cyrphto -> TO THE MOON !

Your analytics is very impressive!

Thank you! i will posts more insights soon.
i am looking into other metrics of steems now.

Steemit of course - this is a tendency - your opportunity.

i agree !

Hey someone else who also likes stats! Cool! :)

I was posting these a couple days ago, and was planning on doing a daily updated series as the numbers get better and better every day. ;)

Its like every graph looks the same, so natural while still exploding. Really shows the potential of it. I am currently purchasing more steem on poloniex and adding from time to time to my Steem Power. This is the perfect investment of the year in my opinion.

Great analysis! I'm wondering if you could also help answer some of the questions here

great questions! i have voted you up. if i find any of these answer i will post them!

Are users all real?
We have seen in other Cryptos offering free coins a huge number of fake accounts subscribing only to harvest free coins.

i cant say for sure. but as the free coins are given as Steam Power, which vest over a period of 2 years.
it will be very time consuming to cash these out over two years.

so i would think that the fraud potential is low on the signup side. i dont know about the voting site , there might be some fraud potential

Yeah the 2 years period is a good idea.
Also voting power minimizes the effect of fraud in voting.

yeah, the concept is good.
there will always be fraud, if money is involved. but i am sure someone will come up with a fraud dectection tool and earn a lot of money ;)

upvoted. nice content. check my work too it is trending a lot too
i like your analytics. but I would be careful investing more than I can aford to lose. alway play as safe as you think your economics allow you not play what you can't afford to lose.

cheers keep it up I ll follow you.

thanks i have upvoted your post!
i will check your posts from time to time!

Thanks for posting :) Last couple of days have been on fire! I have been on Steemit like 8 hours daily, it's way too addictive! :D When do you think Steamit reaches 100k?

my guess is end of august

definitely catching the tidal wave @knozaki2015 to the #top

haha, thats so funny!
i hope it will gain more traction ;)

I intend on investing a bit more once my initial account is recovered. Not too much as this is crypto and there will be more security issues in the future. It's unavoidable, but the dev team seems to be very proactive which is a huge positive.

yes, its incredible how they reacted! i will try to stack up more good posts for steem power!

knozaki2015 & everyone Thanks

thank you too !

Similar to SP, SMD tokens cannot be purchased directly on an external exchange. SMD are primarily earned through contributing but can be purchased by converting STEEM tokens to SMD tokens.

Actually Steem Dollars can now purchased on external exchanges !

PS Abbreviation of SBD = Steem Backed Dollars
or just SD = Steem Dollars (not SMD please edit)

hi, thanks for your comment. are you reffereing to my posts?
because if i buy steem, i am able to convert to steem dollars. i was under the impression, that steem dollar get interest, so are not losing money , compared to steems.

but SMD are traded on polo and bittrex?

well that's a mind boggling numbers....people are here because of it's simple rewarding system and easy to use feature not like bitcoins !

yeah, but i still have to explain the Steem, Steem Power and Steem $ System to friends and family.

piedpiers video is very good to understand it

I think this model will explode to the top of all social networks

i am not sure about that. but the beauty about it is, that steemit is not competing with others.
we dont need to compete with facebook or twitter for advertisement dollars.

so even if steem is not the number one social network, it will play a role a big role in the future.

just wait for the chinese to come in! than we have 100.000.000 new users in 6 month

The facebookians, the twitterians, the reddit-bigtitty-titterians are coming!

everybody is coming. i predict that reddit will be dead within 2 years! irrelevant, as you could post the same content here and earn. its a no-brainer. reddit =nokia ;)

Very cool. Steemit has such a great potential. I will start writing my own series of articles here.

hi! thank you!
i will follow you and check you posts.

please check my newest post here

#WOW !!!!