If you want to be sucessful on steemit, you have to read this!

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I was strugglin on steemit for 5 days. I thought that i wrote great articles, taking long time to write them. But the payouts were frustrating 0.20$ etc. 

Until i wrote this post, which is currently at 3800 $ (whooot? OMG!! ) amazed-1295833_640

I realized that after reading dozens of help topics, that sucess on steemit is not coincidence

So these are the articles i read and followed:










Just remember, there are no shortcuts in life and steemit is not the exception. Try Try and Try again, and you have the chance to earn a ton of money and have a great reputation here!

It worked for me!!!

Please comment, if i missed other great tutorials , i will add them in this post ! 

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Thanks for the tips!


I hope it works for you !
i checked you post and upvoted the one i liked !

Well done, Knozaki2015. That must have given you a rush you'll never forget!!! Hope it gets better and better for you.


hi ezzy,

yeah its a rush. but now i want the next hit post ;)
its addictive !

i have addet one more post , as it is a great piece on when to post