How Steemit Is Like Tinder (Detailed Explanation and Advice)

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I have done a lot of field research on both #Tinder and #Steemit at this point.  I'm pretty much addicted to both platforms so I feel like I'm very qualified on this subject.  

Stick with me on this explanation and how it all ties together!  

So the first time I got on #Tinder it seemed super spazzy and even if I was able to match with a girl it was hard to keep the conversation going.  I really wasn't pulling phone numbers and I didn't end up meeting anyone off of there in real life.  I was on for about two weeks and I said 'THIS IS BULLSHIT!"   I then deleted the app and forgot about it for awhile.  

Maybe you had the same experience on #Tinder or maybe that is how you feel on #Steemit so far.  I can understand if you feel this way on either platform.  I'm still feeling out the best strategies on here and starting to see more and more similarities.  

You have to treat both platforms like you would with sales leads and realize that you have to have a lot of exposures and good content to MAYBE get what you want!  MAYBE!  The hot girls and the Whales might be sleeping when you deploy your post.  :-(  


1) Getting noticed is all about the first picture. 

  • If they don't like the first picture they are going to say "NEXT" in a fraction of a second.   

(To the 13 ladies on Steemit so far.  Look at me! I'm sporty and adventurous!) 

2)  If you match, the rest of your profile better deliver.  

  • I do the maximum amount of pictures Tinder allows and I mix it up.
  • Some pictures are sporty, some are party pics, and maybe one where I sort of look professional. 
  • Decent short description about your hobbies and what kind of girls I'm into.  

3) So now your matched and if they are interested you can pretty much say anything sort of funny or cheezy and they will respond. (MAYBE) 

  • I usually put something like "Congratulations to us! We Matched!  A celebration is in order! What kind of icing do you want on your cupcakes?"  Then I put an Animated GIF like this.  

  • Very innocent and who doesn't like cupcakes? 

4) Be on guard.  Your match might be a bot.  Sound familiar to on here?  Yes WANG we are talking about silly millionaire bot you!!!!   I'm not even going to put the @ symbol in front of your name encase your master takes over the controls and down votes my post!  

  • If your match seems like a bot say something like "What is 2+2? If you can't answer you are a bot."  Most the time your assumptions are correct on this and it is a bot so you flag and unmatch them.  

5) Once you have a chicks attention you keep the conversation going.  If you chat back and forth within Tinder I say "Text me" and give her my phone number.  

  • They pretty much give it to me every time.  I have a decent feel for if the connection is there and if there is interest.  

6) Start talking over text.  

  • If it is going good then ask her what she is doing tonight.  
  • Keep the conversation PG-13 at most.  
  • 99% of girls don't want to see pics of your ridged package.  
  • The whole conversation is to get to know them better and end up meeting in REAL LIFE!  

7) Try to set a date for that night. 

  • You have to move somewhat fast in trying to meet them in real life because there are 3 guys to every girl on Tinder and it is real wolf packy out there.  She has a lot of options if she is hot.  
  • Meet for ice cream or something cheap and simple.  
  • I get to know them better and then I go through my gold digger test.  (We will go over that in a later post and also talk more about how I approach the first date.)

Tinder Summary

Tinder is one of the best ways the world has ever seen to aggregate through a massive amount of attractive women. Your pictures and your ability to work fast will ultimately dictate how much success you are going to have in meeting women. The competition from other guys is high and if you aren't able to get her phone number and meet her in person fairly quickly there is a high likely hood she will slip through the cracks.  But remember this.  

No matter how hot of a guy you are.  If you swipe right on 1000 girls you might match 50.  Out of those 50 girls only 25 will respond.  Out of those 25 you might get 15 phone numbers.  Out of those 15 phone numbers you might meet 8 of them in person.  It is a numbers game.   Now let's talk about the relationship of this to #Steemit.


1) Getting noticed in a couple seconds is super dependent on 3 things.  

  • Like Tinder your first picture is key.  It appears that your first picture gets sized down to 125 x 75 pixels on a computer. I actually got lucky on my first post and the system cropped it right on my face.  
  • The title.  Don't trick people into clicking because they will bounce.  If the title is click baitish then you better deliver with strong points that people agree on and a lot of effort.  
  • Your first line.  That gets put right under your title so people can quickly read that before clicking in.  
  • I messed up on one of my best post about how Steemit is bypassing the moonshot and going to Mars because when the system sized down my first picture you couldn't see the little Steemit flag I planted on Mars.  It was a solid post but I failed to have a good thumbnail.

2) The thumbnail, description, and first line will determine if the person is going to click in.  The subject and content will determine if the person goes ahead and upvotes it.  

  • A lot of people aren't reading entire posts before they upvote and comment on it.  There is a rush to be first on here and enough content is getting posted and falling through the cracks just like on Tinder that the Steemit addicts are refreshing the page all the time and seeing the new post going up and in a very short time determining if they are going to upvote and comment on it to beat everyone.  
  • I would say this is happening in about 10 seconds.  
  • If they are more engaged they will read the post in more depth and hopefully follow you which could build a strong base of people who like your content and trust your posts over time.  

3) If your post doesn't catch in the first hour you are going to have a hard time getting it to be successful on here. 

  • Immediately after you post it try to search other post on the same topic and post a comment on there post which is relevant to what you talked about and post your link.  
  • This isn't spamming like what WANG does and I have actually been happy other people have done this to my post where I was asking questions.  They had provided the answer with their post and I upvoted them.  
  • I keep trying to do this for 24 hours on a post and after that I almost feel like it is history unless it got to the top trending lists.   

4) Try to capture a large audience with your posts.  

  • I'm going to be honest with you guys.  I'm a Bit Nerd who likes computers, space exploration, and beautiful women.  
  • I feel like a lot of other people on this platform are into the same so that is one of the reasons why I'm spending so much time on this post.  

5) On Tinder if you put in the work everyday then you will be able to meet women.  On Steemit if you put the work in everyday a whale or dolphin will take note when you least expect it.  

  • I was fortunate enough to make over $200 on a comment I left on a good post.  It was a very relevant comment and I was lucky enough a whale swam by.  It put a very big smile on my face and has really motivated me to work even harder on creating good content on this platform.  

6) Don't get discouraged.  

  • I don't meet every girl I connect with on Tinder.  It is a numbers game.  
  • There is a possiblity this post won't make anything.   It is a little late to post. I feel like a lot of the Dolphins and Whales are on the East Coast in the United States.  
  • But who knows!  If enough Minnows and Infant Dolphins swarm this post then maybe a middle aged Dolphin or Whale swims by tomorrow!  

Steemit Summary 

On first glance your post has to pop with the thumbnail, the title, and the first line.  You only are getting a glance to make an impression just like on Tinder.  Once you have a viewers attention you better not disappoint and even if they don't agree with you hopefully it invokes a civil discussion on the matter.  Don't give up.  You have to create a large funnel and be consistent overtime to have success.  You probably aren't going to be able to jump on here and have huge immediate success.  Some do but if you make $20 on one of your first 5 post that is a hell of a lot more success than people have on YouTube.  I can tell you that!  

Executive Summary

Quitters don't get the hot Chicks and McBitches don't get Bitty Rich!!!  

#Tinder #Women #Steem #Steemit #Whales #Dolphins #Minows 

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It's disappointing that this post hasn't done really well. It is brilliant. I was skeptical of the title though which (if I can give some constructive feedback) I think would have put me off reading it if it weren't for the fact that I found this linked in a comment of yours on another post I was reading.

It was indeed because you said it was relevant that made me click.

I would never have put tinder and steemit in a box together but you're completely right and this is really good advice that I'll be using when I start posting so thank you! Perhaps if the title was a little more clear on what I was about to read (advice on getting good at steemit) I would have clicked for a quick look and found this great article. Then again others here in the comments are saying the Tinder comparison grabbed their curiosity so I could be totally wrong.

Anyway thanks so much :) You deserve a lot more for this content.


Disappointing indeed!


Agree entirely.

Well argued. I was very skeptical of the title, but it inspired my curiosity and ultimately I was convinced.


Thanks for taking a look! It is hard to snag people attention but there is a lot of similarities between sales and attracting women. Steemit is another example of a fast pace world where it is hard to grab people attention on a glance to give your content initial momentum.

One big difference between Steemit and Tinder is that Steemit won't give you STDs!! :p


Hahahha, well Tinder doesn't give you STDs. Dirty girls with STDs give you STDs.

Great insights and well written :) Now I know how to succeed on Tinder ;)


Thanks man! Yeah I failed so hard the first time but then everyone kept talking about it and I saw some friends show me some profiles of girls who were on there and it was packed with beautiful women and I was like Efff this. I'm getting on and going to figure out how to meet these girls.

I came here because of your comment and link strategy. You posted it under the "what is the best time to post" post. This post has all the ingredients to be successful. Maybe the timing thing is for real. All the best mate. Will see you around.


Lol. that's where I found it too.


Thanks for reading the post. The timing thing is a huge deal for sure and it seems like there are about 3000 people on this platform and when I posted it I feel like only a few hundred minows were on here. But it still has a shot I guess! See you around!

Interesting read.

Thanks for the very thoughtful post. The comparison between Tinder and Steemit is funny and truthful. Best wishes on your Steem Journey. I am looking forward to what you write next!


I appreciate that. I spent a lot of time on the post and thought about it far longer! A person can feel defeated if they don't have initial success at something. I used to feel like maybe something was wrong with me because I didn't seem to be able to meet as many women. But it was all about exposures in a lot of ways. On here maybe this post doesn't make much or maybe it shoots to the top of the trending list. You just never know!

Stupid. Any woman that chooses to date you needs psychological help.


Why would you say that? Did you and your wife have an arranged marriage?