5 Types of Posts to Write to SKYROCKET your Steemit Success!

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I have only been on Steemit a little over a month, but I have been blogging full-time since 2008. One important thing I have learned is that there are certain types of content that will likely become more popular than others. In order to grow your Steemit presence, you want to try publishing these popular content types as often as you can!

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1. How To

Tell your audience how to do something. Share a craft, a recipe, or a simple informational post that allows them to solve a problem they have. Do they need to lower their blood pressure? Provide them with ways to do that. How about keeping their vehicle with children? There are many simple hacks you can give them so things stay neat.


2. List Post

7 Ways to...

5 Simple Steps to..

10 Movies to Watch in 2018....

All of the these titles have the makings for a very popular Steemit post. List articles are huge because they are easy to skim. Your reader can get the information they need quickly in order to move on with their day. Plus, since many lists are recommendations, your reader is sure to walk away from your content with valuable advice.


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3. Round Ups (Curations)

Have you read some phenomenal content here on Steemit lately? Share your findings with your readers! Curate a list of amazing articles you think your readers should digest. This can present them with new Steemians to follow -- and if you are writing within specific niches, you just may become an authority on the subject. People will learn to come to you for the most popular content within their interests.


4. Product Review

If you have found a product that has made your life easier, be sure to share it here! I know that a lot of Steemit tool posts do excellent on the platform. People want to know how to cut corners, save time and money, and make life simpler. If you know of a product that can help with any or all of those, be sure to review it on your blog.

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5. Case Study

A case study can overlap with the other types of content listed here, but it can be much more powerful. For example, instead of doing a "how to" where you tell your reader what to do, show them how you did it and what your results were. In a product review, you can show the reader how the item helped improve your life rather than simply telling them why it's great.


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Hopefully you have learned more about the types of content that can really explode your popularity here on Steemit. If you want to grow your SP and get more followers, make sure you are publishing content that people want to read and Resteem for their own followers!


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yeahhhhhh :D found it

Hey, it's the nest egg!

I like this little informative post. I can see that you used a list in your title which made your article easy to read and enjoy.

Blogging full time for 10 years is impressive. Thanks for the great tips @keciah

Thanks for stopping by @lifeaef! Lists are very easy for offering multiple tips like I did here. Give one a try! :)

Good post. I have blogged for a long time as well and you're right on the money with these suggestions. Another thing that keeps people coming back is consistency. Making sure that they won't be coming back to visit and seeing the same old post because it hasn't been updated.

I'm still trying to figure out what I really want to do here on steemit, but for now I'm really enjoying the daily writing!

Yes, consistency is very important too! I’m still playing around a bit too. Not sure if I’ll ever stick with just one thing :)

I'm fairly determined to NOT try to stick with one thing on steemit. I've found over and over again that it's just not me. I get bored with one topic, so I'm just letting this be more of a personal life-creativity blog for now. If I discover a deep passion that I want to explore in a more 'niche' type fashion then I'll start another steemit solely for that purpose. I find that the people I enjoy following have a variety of things they write about anyway. It feels more... real and personal, I guess, and I'm here in part for the relationships/connections with other people. You've got this!

A great post and great advice

Thank you!

You’re welcome

Great article! I've been struggling with this myself. All of your examples make perfect sense. I'll be following your advice for sure.

Great! I am glad this info was helpful for you, Jim!!

I would love to see more of these in steemit :)

More tutorials like this? Or do you mean one of the specific types of content, @raymondspeaks??

More tutorials like this :)

Science posts can be excellent earners as well, IF you write a high quality article and cite all your sources.

Yes that is a good one. I would suggest making science posts interesting too. Not like a dull textbook.

I think you hit the nail(s) on the head here! Those are indeed really good types of posts that people like to read.

Thanks Peggy! Just wanted to give beginners some hints of types of content to create.

Hey @keciah, thanks for sharing this info with us, will definitely follow your advice!

Awesome! Thank you for stopping by!

Good tips for sure, may try and incorporate some in the near future.
Like someone else mentioned, your post is well structured and formatted , definitely shows a level of experience that isn't seen that often around these parts.

Thank you for the kind words @sultnpapper. I try to make my posts easy to understand and digest. :)

This is a wonderful post, and if I weren't already following you, I would do so now.

Truly helpful, and I'm so going to resteem :)

Awesome! Thank you so much @sindore!!

From knowing GINABOT, markdown guidelines, formatting and the topics that you write about shows how much of an experienced blogger you are.

I would really recommend getting yourself to Curie as one of their curators. They earn really well and I know that you have the knack to recognize exceptional articles.

Thanks for the feedback!! I’ll have a look at Curie. I didn’t know anyone could be a curator for them.

Ah, the good old list posts that are popular everywhere. I wonder if you get a lot of traffic from outside of steemit also. Hmm... I wonder if anyone is working on blog analytics from an impression point of view.... I think we can insert pixels on our posts to check hmm. Something to explore (for me anyway)

That would be a good idea! Getting more information on where the views are coming from would be very helpful.

Great post, Keciah! You're really picking up steem! Way to go!

Thank you so much Mark!

I hope you'll check out my latest project. Love to have you submit a chapter, or at least help curate! Here are the story details, first chapter goes up tomorrow, submissions open for chapter two after that!

Great list. You obviously know what you’re talking about ;0)
There’s little I can add to the list, except for contests. People on SteemIt love contests ...
I’ll be on the lookout for more of your posts!

Oh yes! Contests are amazing here. I will have to do a post about them too.

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Great article. I do all of those types plus a few other types:

Funny articles
Original Quotes
Memes with short description
True Life Experiences

BTW, your separation between ideas, image arrangement (with Source link), and keeping the writing simple displays your prowess as a blogger. Good on you!

Looking forward to more posts from you.



Humor and true life experiences work very well here I have seen. I can’t seem to get a meme to really take off!

This is an amazing article. The value I've gained from it is beyond expression. This is the first post ever I'm going to resteem I think.

How do I go about the taggs for the five niches? Howto and educational posts are closely related right? So how do decide which tag to use or specifically to use first?

I agree that these types of articles do well. I always go for the how to type articles. As long as you're giving value to your audience, that is the important thing right?

Exactly, @musicman99! How to’s are very helpful and being a lot of traffic to your profile.

I love your posts!! Super helpful. I started writing on Steemit this Monday and I use a lot of the tips you mentioned. Just followed you.

Great to hear, @julimattos! Welcome and I hope you enjoy sharing info here. It’s a wonderful platform!!

Thank you again for more great suggestions to try.

Thank YOU for stopping by! :)

Thank you for this. It came at just the right time. I never run out of topics, but how they are presented makes all the difference.

That’s great you have so many topics to write about. The presentation can make them really shine here. Thanks for commenting!! :)

@keciah - very informative post for new Steemians. This might be good for all users to review and implement to improve their posts. Keep up the great work. Thanks for your nice post! Followed & upvoted.

Thanks for commenting, @wealth4good. I hope it is helpful for new and veteran Steemians alike!

Came across your post by accident. Thanksamillion for the tips. Most helpful indeed. Gonna resteem!

Hey great post there is a lot on the article that you can tell you are a well established blogger and you already know that you can go far on steemit. You may want to consider our shoutout saturday initiative that I launched last week about 3-6 people you connected with this week and giving them a shoutout. Let me know if you want more info.

Thanks for stopping by...I learned about Shoutout Saturday yesterday when reading your posts. I do plan to publish my own shoutout post this weekend! :)

Hi @keciah! Thanks for these great tips! I came accross your account from one of the lovely comments you gave me on one of my posts so your tips are working very well! 😄
You have very useful how to posts :) keep up the good work! Am looming forward to more🤗

Thanks for stopping by, @cooknbake. I couldn't help but comment on your delicious recipe. :)

very informative post :D I bookmarked it..I'm horrible naming my posts LOLL

and Thank YOU for having the egg on your post for the Allican challenge :D If I could I would give you a reese's egg but I ate them all now......... :D sorry :D had to be said hugs

Hmm, I have to look into the egg on my post. I didn't know it was there! :) And oh, that's okay. I wouldn't want to share the goodness that is Reese's eggs either ;)

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Thank you for the feature!!

Sound advice.

Wow, how do you do it? I wish I could be on the same level as you. Upvoted & Resteemed

Just lots of experience, trial and error really! You will get there too, just keep working hard and learning everything you can. :)

Great ideas @keciah! You're experience in blogging is much appreciated. I'm so glad you're on Steemit! Naturally I'm inclined to making lists (or prompting others to make lists in a challenge lol), but I like your curation idea. I think I'll try it sometime. Why not give it a go! :) If it's before the payout, this post will be one that I highlight. ;)

Nice post @keciah. Thanks for sharing the tips.

That's very helpful to a newbie like myself. Thank you.

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