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Yesterday I was reading the strangely meaningless comments under @vcelier's translation of my comic.

  • very interesting post
  • excellent post
  • amazig post
  • This post has amazed me

One post even says: Sir U publish nice posts .but one thing i dont understand .why sir u dont apreciated other comments and post @vcelier 😕😕😕

But how can you appreciate a comment if it does not say anything at all? Some of them even shows that they haven't read the post at all...

So here is the advice: read the post and write one good comment. Such comments are often upvoted by the poster and will give you more Steem than 50 ridicoulus and self-upvoted comments like the ones above. It is also a way to make people interested in your own blog. I have discovered fine profiles because they made a comment on one of my posts.

One of the potentials for Steemit is quality content - good comments are quality content too - but Steemit also has the potential to be a rubbish network like all the rest where raving attention seekers with nothing to say flood the whole thing.



Amazig post, @katharsisdrill !

Seriously, I often want to flag at 1% those meaning less and cluttering comments. I do that only for those that ask for upvote.

Because of these many meaning less comments. it is hard to find the good ones.

I also have my hand on the flag-button, but I seldom press it. From now on I will link to this post when it gets too idiotic and only, like you, flag when people are begging.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been rather irritated by crappy postd that took like 2 minutes to write (or should I say ‘copy/paste’?) and make 10 times more money than my posts do (I know I’m not such a fantastic writer, but I do try to bring value and do a lot of research).

Lately, I see the same happen with comments. People are not even saying anything about the article, they just comment with ‘Follow me’.
Because SteemIt is getting more popular these days, all people hear is: ‘you can earn by posting and commenting’. They don’t bother to do some reading and learn how to post a valuable comment (or post). And what’s worse is that those comments actually get upvoted...
I really don’t get it it.

Just last week I read an article in which the writer promised to tell the secret to earn $300 a month on SteemIt. His tip was to write 10 articles a day which would bring in $1 each. Then, he was looking to make a deal with a group of people to post a (crappy) comment on each of those posts and then all upvote eachother’s comments, so you could earn even more...

Writing just 1 article a day takes up so much of my time. How on earth can you make 10 valuable posts a day? And making a deal with people to comment and upvote...???

These are the people that are killing the platform, and they actually make money doing it.

Some times I ask myself if I should spend my time replying to every hollow comment, explaining how it should be done. How else are they going to learn?
But my time is too precious for that. When I see one, I simply smile and go on to the next one...

Well, I know that I am a fantastic artists and I still do not get the same for my posts as other who in my opinion is making less effort and less quality... but that is the way of the world. People prefer kittens and reality-TV to Schönberg and Aeschylus.

But the comments annoy me a lot. After having spent a week on making a comic-page you like to hear what people have to say about it... not gibberish.

I will place a link to this post when I see fit. I used to flag and have a pre-written explanation, but that was too depressing...

Take a look at the trending page for the "art" tag and you really get depressed! 🤢

It's really crazy. But a lot of times they provide us with a lot of comedy. Especially when the poster gets to replying em sarcastically. I see that a lot.
Well it has to stop, though. I pity spammers a lot, they waste time and data getting nothing, if they'd put in that amount of time and data into doing things the right way, what they want would be searching for em. I've seen a post where the poster is some very benevolent dolphin, upvoting even the shortest relevant comments with good VP, a spammer dropped one of them spams and didn't get nothing, I thought oh if only that spammer had said just one little relevant thing, no matter how little, this was some cheerful poster right here.

Yes, you are right about the comedy, and I guess they are to be pitied. But the are annoying. Just like mosquitos.

Lol. I completely agree.

I think if people focus on commenting on content that they actually love, or that moves them, it will show in the comments. There's pretty much an infinite amount of variety of content to consume on Steemit which is why it's so great, so anyone can find something, somewhere on this platform to comment on in a way that makes the community better. When commentors / curators seek out content that they love, that really grips them, I think it will show in the comments, and Steemit becomes a win-win for everybody.

That is indeed the ideal world and the ideal I follow here on Steemit (and the internet as such, actually), but all these people trying to make fast bucks are not really with it.

But we will have to keep doing what we do, right? :)

I agree with you about commenting on content you love. If you love something, commenting on it will occur naturally and be more organic and sincere. You only have to find the content you love on Steemit.

Lately I find people are not only making these hollow comments, but also not even voting on the post. It's like they think it costs them something to give an upvote.

They misunderstand this network in so many ways :)

I've been meaning to articulate this whole deal in my head, so thank you for doing this. I may be a minnow and my votes are worth nada but I want to give credit where it is due. I want to upvote real content creators, and not spam bots. :(


In my early days I was even shocked to find that these spammy accounts hadn't even liked my original post haha.

I love your little sketch btw haha. Totally captures the spirit of those kinds of comments

:) I still try to find the iconographic meaning of Ganesh without ears...

Hah! I didn't immediately recognize him as Ganesh. A normal non-troll-y Ganesh would actually be a great symbol for steemit given he's all about good fortune.

I only saw that Ganesh after I had made the drawing, but the lack of ears is somehow a powerful symbol.

Yeah i noticed the very strange amount of pretty short comments and for some reason i believe these are people that aren't really invested in the post but more about posting a short thing on a popular article, i came here from that post to congratulate you on the good inking and art on these panels, also, the message of the comic theme was very well delivered and understood, about security and our stolen privacy that becomes more and more a concern in this day and age.

You sir have another subscriber ^^ (by the way i'm drawing comics too, but more like, fantasy things and stories )

Yes, I just checked your profile. I will follow you too.

I had plans for a Nordic/Celtic (I am a Dane myself) dark fantasy comic before I started Phill from GCHQ. But then somebody threw out all the page breakdowns...

You can see some of the art here:

There's a few dublicates... :)

Some of that art is really nice, i'm actually more or less doing a comics / manga with some action, even tho it's impregnated in nordic / viking mythology it's following the story of a main character and it's evolution / growing up in a pretty harsh / hard world close to the end of antiquity / beginning of middle age.

It's really nicely made and i liked some of the main protagonist / warrioress there !

Also the last post is showing some very very good art and hatching / shadowing on characters, background, and even on that temple...

The steemit spammers that have been making comment box funny for us.

Sometimes I wonder if it is by force to drop a comment on any post

Hard to say what moves these people, but they haven't understood that Steemit is not one person one vote like Instagram or Facebook. The people who have invested in Steem decide a lot more than people who just started without any funds. As an artist that has had to deal with patrons I know that mass-appeal is not the way to go. But yes, sometimes it gets hilarious indeed.

Steemit is not one person one vote

thats why its called a decentralize platform

Very good dear i upvote u now upvote me back

Just kidding, really though nice cartoon! Did you draw it?

Yes, drawing is my main thing. You can see my comic here: Phill from GCHQ and if you look at my profile there is lots of art.

I like it already! I will read this comic in it's entirety, thank you!

Empty words with no vote that hope to fool you into you upvoting them, or self-vote after 5 days.

The plague of steemit.

Well, before it was the bot-armies - always something the matter when people are involved... and python-scipts...

haha) very cute)
I just was about to take this topic for my post too)
you're right - some comments are just nothing, people (or bots) write something that has no sense at all!
I am surprised the most when people leave such comments and then they are offended that they don't receive reply or even an upvote. But for what? To get something you must give something at least. It shows human's nature much.

I agree fully :)

Yes , you are absolutely correct;

Good comments are also quality content .

I think we should also review our comments before posting.

I can live with bad language but not with senseless meaning. But yes, a really good commment that shows insight, humour, critical thinking or real sympathy for the subject of the post - and has correct spelling - is of course preferable. I am not an native English speaker, and I often look up words and expressions before posting a comment.

nice post bro u follow me good post!

Just kidding... there was a time, when I too wanted to educate such commenters in a friendly and constructive way.. its a Sisyphean task. Thank good, I don't get too many of those.

The best was a guy, who spammed my comments with a really ugly drawing of incredibly poor quality. I told him in a friendly tone, how such behavior could be taken as spam, and that he might hurt his reputation, by keeping it up... ... next thing... he upvotes his own comment to show up first in the list!! 😱😡🗡

Haha, I made a drawing for spammers once, I'll try to find it...

LOL... that's great!! Thanks a lot for finding it for me!

Well said.
Meaningless comments won't bring spammers go further. The only way to stay sustainable on Steemit is to share and exchange quality content and ideas.

In the long run I think that quality posting is the smartest and also the most satisfying way to go.

Am sticking to your advice... And am starting with this post..

wonderful friend



Give up now, man, you can't beat them!

great post
you are right
I really like it and use your advice

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