#com-lab What steem & EOS can do? Next generation co-working space and guest house. Why/How? (community project proposal, workshops, hackatons & talks)

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In Vienna during April it will be steemit-time all along! Yes, you can now join steemit workshops nearly everyday in Vienna and notably meet the @globalschool participants!

If you are passionate by the steemit community, people, blockchain, design, developement and technology or if you just want to meet and learn with steemians in a cosy athmosphere, it is now possible nearly dayli. From the 9th April to the 28th of April you are cordially invited to join the first #com-lab, an hybrid meetup series with at @frameworks the first #CryptoArt based autonomous space project in Vienna! Discover, share or explore how the steem and notably EOS blockchain can revolutionize offline interactions.

“Sharing common inspirations with sociotal, the com-lab is a practical implementation of the Idea Machine within small scale events organized at @frameworks with the aim to unify digital, physical and analog ecosystems by elevating/valorising the human system enabling, empowering and rewarding community assets to perform.”

In partnership with Co-Space, the Internet of Ideas, @opt2o, @generationeuropa, the @globalschool and @ccommons.art and friends, com-lab means community laboratory and has been imagined by the @globalschool contributors. It's aim is notably to provide the blue print, need assessement tools and strategy to implement @frameworks as a fully automated crypto art space lifeform based on the steem blockchain.

If today’s coworking space knows a concentration of management, security and privacy concerns, the future coworking are co-creatives spaces designed with their users from the beginning and all along.

  • Radically new functionality
  • A coworking and cocreative space for the people
  • Accessible for remote contributors
  • Integrated crowd talent management


The main com-lab objective is to unleash the full potential of @frameworks enabling it to be self replicable, a full autonomous community space acting as a social impact incubator/hub, going beyond the traditional centric systems and moving towards an inclusive digital ecosystem for global citizens and/or steemizens with physical presence, sharing devices and encouraging a flow of information contributed by the participants. To lower the barrier of technological bottom-up development and adoption, some key aspects must be tackled: security, control, transparency, access and simplicity. These aspects are addressed through different blocks of the com-lab architecture (block community management, block facility management, block general management, block technology: crypto-art, crypto-currency, smart-contracts, blockchains, IoT, API design, web services, artificial and crowd intelligence), which is integrated and made available by means of tools (e.g. interactives guides and checklists with call for actions and rewards systems).

Principle: a self replicable tool for and by the creative industries

@globalschool is organizing local steemit-events, co-creation workshops and steemit-meetups, involving steemians and developers’ communities throughout the project duration. The aims of these activities are to interact with all participants and gather feedback regarding the potential usage of the project outputs as well as new requirements, potential additional functionalities and features that the com-lab solution should provide.

While during this period the @globalschool will receive 8 Business students, some of them will take over the role of Community Manager.

The role of the Community Manager and the Community Engagement Work Package is to engage with the following categories of stakeholders:

  • Mentors (ideas holders, e.g: @alexandravart with @ccommons.art, @wolfgangsieberth with @generationeuropa, @manncpt with @opt2o, @jnmarteau with @globalschool,...)
  • Moderators (ideas and topics managers), acting as topic/idea managers who are expected to collect needs from the members/participants/steemizens and to co-provide the infrastructure that will allow deployment and integration of smart services. Such services will help the community to perform the expected transition from the instrumental “Smart co-working space and guest house” into an autonomous creative residence and community place of practices, where the life of guests, @globalschool participants, and contributors in general will be improved by valorising their talent and or idea.
  • Researchers (observers/study authors)
  • Developers (prototypers), NGOs and SMEs include a various range of developers with different levels and sets of technical skills, ranging from practitioners (Do It Yourself, DIY) developers in IT startups, up to Internet of Things experts. The aim is to foster their participation in the creation and implementation of the so called Moments* (*A moment exploits the connection of people, business and things and allows companies to innovate for entirely new scenarios. February 18, 2015 Contributor: Andrew Spender) leveraging on different aspects of people daily life, to deliver commercial or non-commercial applications with the added com-lab value of Privacy by co-design (e.g., the possibility to lose some privacy by sharing some data towards an expected gain in ‘bubbles’ (specific combinations of people, things and services).
  • Change makers (production enabler)
  • Performers (result dissemination/contents simplifiers)
  • Users/consumers (improvement enablers) or citizens have a manifold role, as i) inspirers of new services, ii) contributors and potential co-creators through secure and privacy-aware sharing of their devices and associated data
    and iii) potential buyers and users of the final and implemented solutions.

As a result of the engagement with this different and composite stakeholder ecosystem, a set of barriers for their inclusion has been identified. By further analysing such barriers, a set of incentives and an engagement strategy with the different communities is proposed by some contributors. The final aim of this strategy is to ensure adequate participation of different users to the different trials and the location pilot envisioned during the course of the project.

The impact of each incentive will be measured, thus allowing us to quantify the expected impact of the project and its sustainability after its conclusion.


The crowd organized by clusters results in:
following the Idea Machine Wien Design (See City Hype Contest/IoI site),

  • Enable people ideas.
  • Match with like minded communities of practices.
  • Produce a common craft.
  • Co creation of edge solutions fitting or exceeding users expectations (See: Github) by realizing within this event format a common craft platform (the events themselves as the space itself as the network of replicas).
  • Dissemination of excellence sciences studies and laws in format accessible for everyone (smart contracts and data vizualization should be accessible via mapchanger).
  • Reward contributors.
  • Embedable to communities.

How it should be?


  • At the service of the people, the community, society to address present issues and innovation.
  • Make the autonomous place a reliable paradigme for the people for education, developement and realization (a resilient design and development principle).

Language: 90% Community members browse in their own language, 42% never purchase online in other language
Inclusion: digital divide, people with disabilities, today 100% of disabled people have access but are not informed properly.

GDPR: processing of personal data: lawfully and transparent using blockchain and open knowledge data visualization tools for purpose, comply with data minimisation and implemented in a secure way, reducing digital ecosystem “noise” and redundancy of information.

The com-lab will begin with the first day of the already 3rd cycle of the @globalschool in 2018 and will be clotured with the "1on1 talks with the steemians of Vienna at Cafe Monic / Afterparty" organized by @manncpt, @opt2o and supported by @nicoletta.

I am looking forward to exchange with you all!
with a lot of love,

artwork by: @alexandravart & @jnmarteau & @khansa + palomaironique


We are looking forward to implementing the #community lab with you! :)

I can't wait to start and hear your inputs! As you know, It is a long time I was willing to launch it. =)

I know man. Everything good takes time. Now it's perfect to start with it.

I am learn form your post

Thank you for your message! Hope the com-lab will be an occasion to learn a lot of things together! =)

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Thank you my friend and welcome on steemit! =)

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