@Globalschool agenda - Vienna 2018

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Yes it is possible to join and take part to the @globalschool locally in Vienna as participant or mentor. It is also possible to join remotely notably via discord. With the contribution of mindful steemians such as the collective @ccommons.art and friends, we are organizing a variety of free workshops, steemit intro session, steemit-meetups, tour guides, blockchain and crypto education, CryptoArt, character design, photography, film and animation workshops, social impact experiences and much more! Each activity will be announced by a proper post, however, you’ll find below the most complete list of the activities which are already planned.

Tour Guide



As we are receiving students from around the world we started to organize cultural meetups with local contributors who share their knowledge of the history of the city and enable the participant to get more in the local culture.

Intro sessions

At each new cycle, we are organizing an introduction and welcoming sessions in order to get to know each participant, interests and motivation. The goal is to taylor considering everyone needs and put in relation the participant with mentors in their field of activity or interest.

Multicultural Evenings

We are planning to organize per cycle 1 up to 2 events framing the arrival and departure of the group. The goal is to share participants culture and get to know each other in a less formal frame than during our daily activities.

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“multicultural evenings” Steemit-Meetup - Pizza and Polish food cooking with the @globalschool


From April and on @globalschool will organize a serie of hackathons to develop @frameworks the first project of steem blockchain crypto-art based autonomous place located in vienna. Soon more in the @frameworks community project proposal.


More dates and details to be communicated soon! We hope to see you around! =)

What would you like to share or learn with us while participating to the next cycle? Let us know in comment!

With a lot of love,

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I like the idea of steemit workshops in Vienna.

=) Would be cool to see you around!

I´ll see if i "can" make it #alwayscansonmymind

Looking forward to the next cycle!

steady very cool
By @tasier22

Hey, I can't update the program, however the tour guide this sunday th is cancelled to go to the Meetup organized by @nicoletta, hope to see you there or in the next days at @frameworks for some @workshops! <3 =)

Whau, a realy good and full programm for April about of @globalschool, cool greatings!

Hi my friend! Yes indeed and it is just the beginning, sorry for my late reply I was very busy! May, June and July will be full of @workshops and @meetup ;-) Hope to see you around and to cooperate in further activities together with the @globalschool and @frameworks! =)

Are you joining this Sunday at the meetup? Would be great to see you and discuss what we can plan for the next months! Greetings.

sorry this sunday i'm not in Vienna, maybe next meetup. i'm shure we will see us again in next Time! wish you have fun on Sunday,cheers

Agenda updated !

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