How to make (and spend) money in (A STARTER GUIDE).

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Hello fellow Steemians! This is a short guide for new members of our community. We tried to keep it as simple as possible, so if you want more detailed guides, look around and you’ll find some of the amazing resources posted on the site. This guide is also intended for Facebookers and Twitterers, so if you have any specific comments for the people over there, feel free to leave them below!

1) Create an account

  • Go to and click the “Sign Up” button on the upper-right corner of the homepage.
  • Pick a username and provide a valid email address.
  • Provide a valid cell phone number (hundreds of countries are supported).
  • Enter the confirmation code you’ll get on your phone into Steemit. 
  • Wait for your account to be activated (how long it takes depends on the new account load Steemit has at that moment).

2) Post something valuable

  • Create some content! Write, draw or compose a valuable post that you believe is worth sharing with the world.
  • Hit the “Submit a Story” button in the upper-right corner of the homepage and publish your content.

3) Upvote other posts, this gives you Steem currencies if you upvote a popular post first

4) Promote your own posts, the more votes your post gets, the more you earn

  • Keep interacting with your own content and the content of other Steemians. Your Steem currencies will steadily grow based on the quality and popularity of your contributions. 
  • Payouts occur every 7 days.

5) Sell Steem

  • Create BC wallet here
  • Go to an exchange that doesn’t require registration. We recommend
  • Select Send > Steem Dollars and Receive > Bitcoin.
  • Input your Bitcoin address as the receiving address and continue.
  • Click your face in Steemit. Go to Wallet. 
  • Find your Steem Dollars, click and hit “Transfer”.
  • Input the info from Blocktrades or the exchange you are using.
  • Your bitcoin will arrive in your address in ~1 hour.

That’s it. Now you can spend your money in pretty much anything you want. For example here: 

Or here: 

WE have NO affiliation with these websites, these are just the ones we use. You can buy anything they sell with Bitcoin.

Thank you and see you around! Don’t forget to follow us at @jean.racines and @aguayojoshua, and resteem if you found this useful!



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Welcome to Steemit @jean.racines :)

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welcome to steemit,hope you will enjoy this wonderful platform.


It's very similar to Reddit once you get to know the platform!

Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither but just ask an extra effort, engagement is the key good luck I’m @goodaytraders Start by following people and they will do the same.

Welcome to steemit community. You will love it. Following links may help you to get started.
New Users Guide:
Dos and don’ts on Steemit:
ChainBB Steem Forum:

I found this guide helpful.

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