Dos and don’ts on Steemit

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I think it’s a good idea to make a quick review of dos and don’ts on Steemit.

  • Create unique content : Don’t copy paste articles from other sites and don’t steal photos saying they are your own.

  • Reply to every comment : Don’t ignore users who comment on your article, this will create activity and your chances of high rewards will improve.

  • Be yourself, don’t play games : Don’t try to look too good and to trick the whales into up voting your posts.

  • Be creative : Don’t post the same content that someone else posted earlier, we all want to read creative content.

  • Be unique : Don’t copy someone else’s style. Everyone should have his own style.

  • Be persistent : Don’t let go of your motivation. You will end up being noticed by users who matter the most in due time.

  • Be patient : Don’t be impatient. Your post may be rewarded later in the next payout roll of 30 days.

  • Do your best : Don’t post in a hurry trying to catch a few bucks. Do your best possible content.

  • Be here because you want it : Don’t be here just to make money but because you want to be here in the community. Money should be secondary.

  • Be personal : Don’t post impersonal content, a few words about your opinion, yourself and some personal photos will be in your favor.

What are the most important things to check out before posting ?

Ask yourself if your post is really adding value to the platform and if it’s the kind of posts that you would like to up vote.
How valuable is your content that you are posting on Steemit ? Would you recommend it to your family and friends ? If the answer is not, then don’t post it. Work on your content until it’s good enough for the community.

Check your title

The title is the most important thing to be noticed, because it’s the first thing people are going to see before clicking on your article. Your title is your best friend. Take great care on how you write your title. But don’t be deceptive, if you use too much clickbait you may end up being flagged as a quick buck seeking user. Your title should reflect your content.

Check your miniature image

Your first image is the image used in your article as miniature, it’s also important to select the best image for your article. A bad image may impact negatively the click through rate on your article and you will earn less rewards.

Use 5 revelants tags

Each post can have up to 5 tags, choose the best tags corresponding to your article. If you use deceptive tags you may end up being flagged.

After posting

Once your article is posted if you want to have the best results you can do some promotion in the chat :

Ask your friends to take a look at your post, if they haven't yet registered on steemit it's also a good way to grow the community. Share your post on facebook, instagram and all the other platforms that you are using.

End word

Try to make some friends on the platform, the more friends you have the more up votes you can get and the more you will be rewarded in the long run.

I wish you all the best,

Blogging from Asoke, Bangkok


Thanks for the guidance, this would come in handy when writing up my next post, you can check me out @janrotas, thanks... Cheers

I'm new here, I like this post, need more like this.

Hello, i just followed you! :)

thanks for tips , I will try my best to become better. I'm new and I need followers I will be glad to meet anyone who follow me and I follow them back. thanks.

Taking this into consideration

Some of the points are valid too much. The contribution must not to earn money. Contribute to help others should be the main concern.

Thank you,

Great tips! Thanks so much for posting this. I am new to Steemit and need all of the guides i can get. :)

Thanks - I needed some more guidance. #STEEMIT is #ADDICTING

Great tips @najoh Thanks !

Thank you for the tips! I, even though I read it not ten minutes ago, forgot about the promotion chat deal! :) thanks for taking the time.

this is really useful, you really did what you said in the post, upvoted 👊🏻!

@najoh I really liked your post. I do have a question in this regard, what do you think about posting YouTube videos as main content in the post and writing some own words with it. Would it work ?

@maheshreddy sent me over and Im so glad I checked it out. Its a brand new, freer world over here at Steemit-verse and I was in desperate need of pointers. Thank you both :)

Great tips! Looking forward to seeing more original content

Same here, actually some guys are doing a great job finding hidden pearls on steemit.

Hello, i just followed you! :)

Nice and very straight forward content for new user, thanks for bringing me to read this.

Is there a way to edit a story that I have already submitted?

No comments ? :)

Love the succinct tips @najoh, thanks for being a friendly help to us newbies :)

Hello, i just followed you! :)

good info post, simple and straightforward.

Great tips for new steemit users!

Very informative article, duly noted and will do for what plans I have in store for this awesome and amazing site that should have existed since the dawn of time....yeah just had to say that, hehehe ;) #Followed

Thanks for the tips.

Hello, i am new here, and this post is very useful!

Thanks a lot. I'm new here and your post will help me! You got a new follower! :)

Very helpful! You just earned yourself a follower! :)

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 5.1 and reading ease of 89%. This puts the writing level on par with Jane Austen and JK Rowling.

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