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RE: How Can We Improve Steemit's User Retention? (English/Turkish)

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One problem I see is that many users are just too lazy to search, read and upvote articles manually. They simply upvote the same people again and again in an automated way.
That means articles from newbies (and also from some quite experienced users) just don't get enough upvotes anymore because nobody is reading them. I notice that while observing the accounts of new users I have brought here to this platform: if I didn't upvote them they wouldn't earn anything at all, because nobody cares to read their articles.

Experienced members just should do the hard work of going through posts of new/small users manually and try to reward the good ones amongst them.


True!! Good thing there are still few whales, like you, doing manual curation :)

Thanks - even if I am not really a whale. :)

The issue is that few large users or curation groups have any "market position" [RIE81]. (See the references in my Standardized References List.)

Due to the large amount of content, absent any smart recommended algorithm, the expected value of any search within the time/interest/resources budget of the user is most likely to be below the benefit of a typical search. The typical search by sampling will draw a blank.

So users bookmark 1st, 2nd, 3rd, consistent creators and read that, if anything at all.

Daily content of high quality (which is defined subjectively but consistently) is needed for market position to be obtained. But the reward for daily content production is too low, combined with many other issues. For most users, they have nothing to read or write that makes permanent archiving significant. So they remain on the larger platforms, especially when attention spans are low and people seek instant gratification [LOR73]. Yet account creation for their friends, unless they make accounts, takes weeks. Their friends lose interest and don't show. Without their friends, they lose interest and leave ...


Nice post sir I really follow u

Sir your research is absolutely right, where only those people get the vote their reputation is very good. New people do not get votes here, they just get votes in favor of votes, Regardless of what you like, write good articles,They get 5 or 10 upvotes with great difficulty & And the same people vote for them they have voted for. Sir give any opinion so that the old peoples of steemit support the newbies?

I cannot force them to upvote articles from newbies, even if I think it would help STEEM/STEEMIT to grow ...

I myself try to upvote - besides family and friends - also small accounts.

Here are some ideas one could think about to implement to make self-voting, circle-voting and spamming less attractive by ...

  • ... thinking about a reward curve which started as n^2 / exponential (thus flat), and then later changed into linear which would work against self-voting as well as excessive rewards.
    @clayop had a similar idea.
  • ... implementing diminishing returns when upvoting the same accounts (including own ones) again and again.
  • ... reintroducing the restriction to four (or less) full paid posts per day (from some hard forks ago) which was very reasonable.

well done sir you are absolutely right.

An algorithm that can sort through and create a quality filter would be awesome! A mass adopted quality filter would reduce the magnitude of power bots and scammers have.

Do you think a 'quality filter' would recognize quality? :)
The idea is very interesting, but the question would be how to implement that in an effective way?

Apart from that I still think humans should just do the hard work to seek manually for 'quality' as well ...

I like how Reddit has their system setup. They have mods of a sub that are chosen to audit the content. I know that this is going to be controversial because Steemit tries to be Censor Resistant, but I feel like this would be a necessary evil.

Especially with Smart tokens this might be more possible.

Good point! And without new users, eventually this concept would die. The problem is many come here thinking they will make quick easy money.

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