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RE: How Can We Improve Steemit's User Retention? (English/Turkish)

in #steemit5 years ago

An algorithm that can sort through and create a quality filter would be awesome! A mass adopted quality filter would reduce the magnitude of power bots and scammers have.


Do you think a 'quality filter' would recognize quality? :)
The idea is very interesting, but the question would be how to implement that in an effective way?

Apart from that I still think humans should just do the hard work to seek manually for 'quality' as well ...

I like how Reddit has their system setup. They have mods of a sub that are chosen to audit the content. I know that this is going to be controversial because Steemit tries to be Censor Resistant, but I feel like this would be a necessary evil.

Especially with Smart tokens this might be more possible.

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