VLOG about steemit - flagging and war on spam

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Hi guys! 

Today it's my new little VLOG -this time about flagging and the recent tendency on the platform - #waronspam.

Here you can find the article I mentioned in the video by @stellabelle. Join, we really need to stop this ill tendency.

 As usual, thank you for reading, voting and commenting. And as usual the one who comments with nice post/good post/keep up the great work will be burned on inquisition fire. 

Love, Inber


I wish I could see how much my flag was going to take off of a spam comment before I placed it, so I wouldn't need to either adjust it or waste voting power.

Two days ago I broke one spammer's reputation to 14 from 26. So it really works

Right, but what I mean is, if I want to take 10 cents off of a post to hide it (because it has 10 cents) I have to kind of guess at what % of a flag to use.

I want to use the minimum to zero out the reward and hide the content.

I like your vlog and you indicated the issues well. However some people with short statement for example nice post might not know how to express themselves in English therefore, I respond by asking them what is nice about the post...
Thanks for sharing your thoughts

I understand what you're talking about, BUT
No one yet canceled google translator. And no one canceled attempts to try to understand each other anyway. Sometime I get comments in spanish for example, and I google translate them for myself. So let's be honest: are these people too lazy, or actually dump?
Remember how we had misunderstandings? That's the same, language barrier from my side it was. But anyway saying "nice art" to an artist is not a compliment, believe me. It's closer to offence. The same with nice post. Someone put effort, and the word "nice" means absolutely noting to the author

Good point, I agree but dont take it too personal. We can only do our best. I do ask them short question about the post or ignore them because you can never stop them due to thousands of new members signing up daily...therefore no need to waste energy on them except those that upvote with thousands of account , plagiarists and post relating to child pornography .

Child pornography is not even a subject to discuss, jail is the answer, not a flag.

Oh my God...

I think that steemit management has removed his contents due to community action against the fool...good , lets hope that the fool dont post again however its easy to come with a new account

If he's underdeveloped enough - yes, he may do it. With the same result. I don't know, such actions just can't fit my head, I can't understand such behavior even close..

the answer to folks like him is to flag him into nonexistance

I surely hope the devs can not remove things they don't like from the blckchain; that would defeat the purpose of the chain.

I don't think they can

just see the content of @iamgod and judge for yourself ...hence why I said that such people should be flagged out of steemit and to jail

I absolutely agree with you

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Just joking :) I think I enjoy your little rants as much as the paintings and drawings. You put it all in a much nicer way than I could. I generally don't flag people for saying "nice post" but it is annoying when it looks like the person doesn't ever make a real comment and they are just spamming in the hopes that they will get upvotes or follows.

I don't when I go to their comment section and see that they have other types of comments, I see that there's a real person behind the screen. But if I see that it's only "Nice post" over and over again, every 20 seconds - then usually I flag.
In 99% cases I try to explain first why it's not the way to go, but most of them become rude that very moment.
Thank you so much for your attention o my blog, I really appreciate it:)

Yes I know. If I see go to their blog and see 200 identical comments then I basically flag them and post the link to Steemcleaners.

Wouldn't it be great also if Steemit had an algorythm that automatically flagged or fined accounts that repeated three or 4 identical spam comments in a row?

That's a really great idea, by the way!

Thanks Information dear @inber :)

I just flagged 2 of the accounts that commented my post from yesterday. But I noticed something else also - within 30 minutes of publishing the post, I got more than 20 upvotes (worth 0.00) from new accounts that didn't have anything published. Have you noticed anything similar? Is this a new form of spam?

Yes, we had a conversation about it a few days ago with @animal-shelter (you can have a quick look at her post, I laughed a lot https://steemit.com/writing/@animal-shelter/who-lost-the-bots-take-them-home-i-have-nothing-to-feed-them).
I noticed it, but... Seems like they do no harm. Or it's my illusion?

Haha, it was a good laugh :) Thanks for the link.
I don't know whether they are harmful or not, but I don't like such hollow upvotes.

We'll see how it'll go. I think i it's something wrong with it it'll be fixed. Well, I hope....

Thank you so much , very helpful post
Im new in this great platform , its amzing , i hope not being flagged , i try my best , thanks

Well, I looked at your comments... You have a chance to be flagged. Not really high, but you have it.

Thank you, @inber!

As a very young steemer (I'm only 2 weeks old), I really feel the need that more like you are taking serious measures on #waronspam. Not only that it's frustrating to see all the non-sense replies, but as an effect of our initial low reputation and negligible SP, it is very hard to get our content visible to others!

I upvoted you, with hope that more will get involved.

I hope soon many more people will think about importance of this and will join. We really need to make steemit clean again

I agree that this is a problem. I have flagged some comments lately.


some people with short statement for example nice post might not know how to express themselves in English therefore, I respond by asking them what is nice about the post...

Google translator.It works with english really well. I'm not native speaker myself. Sometimes I receive comments in spanish, for example, and it's not that hard to just copy-paste them to the translator.
And if they're that bad in english, how did they understand that the post is "nice"?

I follow you follow me and upvote

Flagged for spamming. HOW did you manage to spam a post about spam?!?

Lol some people are crazy...the person spammed a post against spam...Lol

They do it all the time. Here we come back to the previous question in other comment by you: lazy people, actually dump, or with no hands? Or may be brains?:)

The person did not read your post or watch your vlog , just pasted follow for follow ..hahah crazy indeed

Don't do this unless you want to get flagged.