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Having flagged the child porn from user @iamgod this morning, I am feeling a bit sickened and traumatized from it. Someone who is perhaps better at this sort of thing can take over now. What I find the most disturbing is the other people who are commenting on it. It's really disturbing.

The world is already such an ugly place, that let's send a direct message that child pornographers do not have a home here in Steemit.

I think we as a community need to hear from @ned as not only is there now child porn on here, but someone is uploading copyrighted Hollywood movies: @chainflix


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Dear guys at chainflix, I understand where you guys are coming from but it sends a wrong message that you are trying to profit from other people's work. To really get your message across you need to start with declining payouts. That is what Robin Hood would do :)

hey i personally love your Dtube channel @chainflix keep up the great uploads, i support you 100% on your venture with DTube

Oh how fucking noble of you.

We already have the pirate bay. Why would you want to bring the same problems here? Oh, because of easy money. Your robin hood excuses are pathetic, it's all about money. You forgott that movies are from the same agenda about brainwashing people. If you are doing this for comunity then cancel your money upcotes and give it all to the community!

Unfortunate side effect of "free speech". It doesn't look like much of the content is actual child porn, just teens in bikinis and other questionable content.

you missed some obviously.

No child sex as far as I can see, lots of sexualisation of young looking girls. Not by any stretch am I saying it's ok, but if you've been on the internet for as long as some you'll see some shit. Legalities differ from country to country, will be interesting to see how they deal with take down notices

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steemit will not host content that is illegal in the United States.

We comply with all properly formatted DMCA take down notices. The content as far as I can tell (@stellabelle did not specify) is not illegal in the US and we have not received any properly formatted DMCA notices that we have not acted upon.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Even if steemit removes it from displaying, won't it still appear in the blockchain (and other steem based websites?). Afaik, you can't delete from the blockchain? As for the content from what I saw there was some questionably aged Russian nude models but no cp (yet)

the Steem blockchain only holds text and links.

The flagging of child pornography is an excellent use of Steem Power and reputation! It puts that sort of content exactly where it should be: at the bottom of the pile and out of sight. This sort of flagging strengthens the Steem community.

However, to include @chainflix's activity alongside @iamgod's is a false equivalence which inhibits the healthy growth of the Steem community. In the case of underage pornography it's pretty easy to identify a victim and therefore how such posts harm the community. With @chainflix's posts, there are no victims.

Intellectual property legislation has been perhaps the most culturally stifling form of statism in human history. If anything, @Chainflix is more of a modern Robin Hood whose service should be rewarded with our upvotes. The fact is that intellectual property is theft. By posting links to films like Back to the Future, @chainflix is restoring culture to the public domain, whereas copyright enforcers would like to keep culture behind a toll booth.

Steem is amazing because it facilitates and incentivizes the flow of information. Along with that freedom comes objectionable material like that posted by @iamgod, however that freedom also enables us to share and restore popular cultural works to the public domain, where they belong.

Please consider joining me in upvoting, or at least not flagging, @chainflix's efforts.

This happened to me too. Everything I've worked for the last few days gone just because I upvoted one photo I saw while browsing through the NSFW section. Just now after checking out this guys profile I realised that this put me in context of liking that stuff. I don't. I really don't..

Did you heard about pirate bay what happened to that site? Many countries blocked acess to that site. Do you want this to happen to steemit? If we support this than more and more users will spam this content here. Robin hood excuse is pathetic it's about easy money. When you get to much of a attention from movie producers than steemians will be victims because people like you. We will come here to thank you @julianlibertad when that happens. Because you are encouraging others to support this!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think we as a community need to hear from @ned as not only is there now child porn on here, but someone is uploading copyrighted Hollywood movies: @chainflix

That user is posting links to an external site which we do not control; even if that external site is hosting unauthorized copyrighted content, posting such links to external sites is legal and we will not censor such posts.

We comply with 100% of all properly formatted DMCA takedown requests. (Such requests must be submitted by the copyright holder or their authorized agent.) We have received no such requests for the account you mention.

Yes but we can control steemit from where he is promoting and getting traffic to reach that site.

Please cite the content you are referring to. I reviewed the account and saw no evidence of what you claim.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That model is 18, as a quick google for "met art jasmina age" shows. Furthermore, that content is not hosted by steemit, it is on an external site.

We will be updating the code to disable image inlining for certain users at our discretion and will add this user to the list. Then, their posted images will appear only as URLs: links to external sites, and the images will not appear on Stay tuned, the change should be live in a few hours.

So the proof of child abuse you found is an adult photo from metart ?

I linked you on a post about punching evil in the face, this is the proverbial straw to break the camels back, literally felt like a bull in a china shop reading this.......this , animal abuse trigger me into Xena mode, won't click on that and what's gross is I used a gif with Morgan Freeman from that movie with Jim Carrey where he goes "I am God" a few days back...and it kinda had to do somewhat with being fed up with some of this shit....sorry for the cussing

This is sickening and unacceptable. My 14-year-old son has a Steemit account and is an active user. I DO NOT want to find him stumbling on this filth and will now be monitoring his Steemit usage closer. I really thought I could trust our community members enough to not bring crap like this to our platform.

My 14 year old daughter is here too. Steemit is changing the world but we should not forget that this filth is part of the world. Kinda worry me. Let's focus and it is a reminder for us parents to do our job better.
Thanks for the lookout.

I know right? I feel the exact same way. What makes me feel batter is knowing that the community itself is jumping on this and taking the steps to make sure its down-voted and flagged. Honestly, there's so much great content, and good will on this platform, I'm really not worried about creepy content getting a foothold.

What's troubling about @chainflix is that this account is not just sharing content, it's using the Steemit and DTube platforms to personally profit from the work of others, without adding any personal content or commentary - or value. What would be much more useful would be a series of thoughtful reviews of movies we might enjoy, with links to where these films could be legitimately watched.

I am not a fan of the copyright industry by any stretch. Sharing and re-mixing the things we love is what culture should be all about. But that's not what's happening here. Worse, this kind of copyright violation discredits our platform and makes a reasonable conversation about copyright more difficult.

As for the other stuff, the implications are especially troubling. If things cannot be deleted from the blockchain, and someone shares material with the blockchain that is outright illegal, could this potentially put the entire platform into legal peril? Could the witnesses who are responsible for maintaining and making available the contents of the blockchain be considered legally responsible for this content?

Any illegal content could potentially imperil the platform. Outside actors who see Steemit as a threat (pro censorship governments, competing social media platforms, or even aggravated trolls with a chip on their shoulder) will then have an incentive to provide this content in an attempt to get it shut down, or tied up in litigation.

You've got me worried, @stellabelle. At least downvoting and making the stuff less visible is a good indication of our intent to keep that stuff off of here.

I agree with you however, steemit inc. said they will remove any illegal content and also anything DMCA that is brought to them. I think they already have done so in a few cases...not sure on details though. It would be nice if this were laid out for the community

That's good...I think. I'm strongly anti-censorship, BUT - the last thing we need is to give censors and their attorneys ammunition to argue that a platform like Steemit should be censored.

I guess I'm just afraid that if we don't take care of this ourselves, someone else will step in and take care of it for us.

Well done for calling this to the community's attention!

I don't really care whether we are all proud and invested in "no censorship;" certain things need to be called out and dealt with appropriately, simply as a matter of human decency. "Free speech" does not include violating human rights and especially the lives of children. End of story.

exactly. And after having this brought to my attention, it's so disturbing, no one who engages in that should feel welcome here. Plus it's illegal. We need to make it very clear that abuse, and profiting from abuse is not tolerated.

Well, that's really hard because only few people have power to shut them down. In my opinion voting system should be changed to such degree that finding a good post and flagging bad ones should be more rewarding than just voting for your own.

here here

It's not really important whether it's illegal or not. What would you say if it will become legal one day, like the pervert Green Party in Germany wants it to be??

It's just disgusting and there shouldn't be a place for such creations, not on steemit and not on the entire world. I don't want censorship, but child pornography does not even need censorship. It's to obvious that's a really no-go that actually there are no further words needed!

Please use your power and help keeping steemit clean! Consider a ban or something for these disgusting persons and for those who voted and/or commented for his post.

Thank you

There remains no censorship, this stuff is still on the chain. Flagging the hard just removes their rewards (and hopefully therefore the incentive to do it), reduces the visibility of the post if the front end (e.g.,, eSteem, chainBB, etc.) respects this, and when their rep gets sufficiently low it will reduce the visibility of all their posts, again if the front end respects this.

Really removing this stuff would require the collaboration of a large majority of witnesses and as far as I know it has not been done yet, with no plans to.

holy fuck, than this platform is screwed and dangerous for everybody to be active here and click on the profile of that dude


completely agree. There is a big difference between censorship and destructive behaviour.

Children are not old enough to make their own choices. Exploiting them on Steemit is sickening. :-(

Distribution of child pornography is a felony. I don't believe free speech can be used as a defense for the commission of a felony.

I'm glad to see this behavior has been identified, now it has to be put to an end.

Flagged and reported, great work, I also am trying to defeat these sick fucks on a daily basis, I followed and pray for you and commend your persistence ♡

No way. This messed up... Is the blockchain so untrackable that some heavy hacker hitters cant track this IP down, break the users kneecaps then send em to the chair? Im sick man... gutly sick.

Keep on hitting em Stella, noice one

Good, these kind of posts need to be stopped...


Phone the police they need locking up , you do make a very good point who the hell are interacting with this piece of shit, cheers mike

Scary art 😱

This is terrible! - We already have scam-artists and fraudsters. Now we have to deal with child pornographers too?!

I know we can't protect ourselves or prevent things like this before it happens, but when we see it, we must stand united and fight against it. - I am glad you published this @stellabelle. - I'll Resteem it for some more visibility.

Yesterday, @chelsea88 brought something to my attention too. I'd love to show you this, as I know you're working against plagiarism and seem to have a good relation with @sherlockholmes.

You can find it here. - Possible plagiarism

Also, as I stated in a previous post of yours a while back. I'd be glad to assist you in the work towards a better experience for all of us here on Steemit. Just let me know!

i read and upvoted your post

I just noticed that, thank you very much!

yeah, it's not going to be easy moving forward. I would imagine that things will get even more challenging.

You're definitely right. - It will be more challenging further on as Steemit becomes the "go to" place for more and more people for each day that passes by. - That's also why I've offered my help, if needed at some point.

Well done Stella, this is totally unacceptable here or any where else.

This is some ugly stuff & it has no place on SteemIt. Everyone should flag this account out of existence. Upvoted and Resteemed.

thanks for you being a decent person.

I love how you really care about this community. I see explicit types of things on here often. Even those results are filtered because my profiles hides things that aren't safe for work. So I could imagine what would pop up if I took that setting off! Child porn though? Wow. Okay "I'm a god" apart from obvious delusions of grandeur, you really need to seek out the counsel of a therapist for your disgusting urge to look at children in this fashion.
How odious?!

This platform is not for you to share fucked up fetishes. The opportunity people from poorer or lesser developed countries have here is too great for it to marred by this evil. Steemit can change lives so don't screw it up for everyone else.

What happens when we can make android children indistinguishable from the real thing, and people make porn with them?

And this is where the community steps forward to take action against these kind of people . Very sickening and sad the the world is full of people like this .

Oh God...... Thank you so much for using your power to downvote this.

I feel so shocked...

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend about that. I try to get her to join the plateform and she asked me ' But ok, no censorship', what will be about torture, etc. :-/ I told her that we will all start going to flag....
She reply. ' Ok, but what if a well organised group of nazi with a lot of money are taking over Steemit to spread their violence....

I didn't know what to answer...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sickening, not just the original poster but all the replies. As the father of a young daughter I find this extremely abhorrent and will happily flag anything like this.

I am also a parent and I had a similar feeling about the people commenting. There are kids on this platform, obviously we do need to protect them from this type of sickos.....only through awareness and being vigilant will we be able to make a difference....
People forget the simple fact: child porn is illegal.

I find it disturbing how anybody can think this is ok and acceptable here, let alone anywhere else. But to come here and expect to earn from it...just wrong.

Resteemed...I looked through the list of "followers" and @joanaltres and her little brother are on there. I suspect this was an oversight on her part as they started that resteem business but still - people need to be more careful. Also one of the followers is @flagpediporn. This article from the other day has a bunch of ways to cope with these situations plus also has the @chainflix account as well. Later today I will see what I can do about this situation. Thanks @stellabelle. I guess maybe it's up to all of us to seek these people out somehow and flag them? Or....I mean we could do searches or sift throw "nsfw" posts? How?

Nooooo!!! I feel so sick now :( I have flagged what I can. Some of them you just know is to do with trafficking :(. I feel like spewing my brains out. Sick pieces of shit. Can everyone flag these accounts voting on it too

It's just disgusting... Of course we should join and Kick this people out steemit. They don't care about Nothing.

Community moderation at work again. Great work. I think we should all pool some part of our SP to an account which will concentrate on flagging any such content or users that are getting followers. Are there any accounts like this that you know of?

Good job @stellabelle in finding this creep and these horrible posts. What an idiot he is for thinking that our community would condone this activity.

Hopefully he can be tracked and outed. He is someones neighbor and I can t imagine having someone like this in my neighborhood.

Demeaning and disgusting things I will flag immediately..and go on until the person or persons leave.

i am glad others are disgusted too.

I've upvoted & resteemed to draw attention to the matter. Thanks for letting the community know.

so bad! Really really to have so hrrible person here! Just flagged too and I resteem this alert! So shocked :(

Steemit should block their accounts and remove all their bullshits!

Please vote my post again

Wow this is really sick - thank you for sharing - jeez I do not understand people - will resteem .

@stellabelle I'm a Chinese, I have sent you a email.

I have read your post Steemit is a test few days ago, and I think your post about Steemit's botnet is very reasonable, and there is the same problem in #cn as well. So I translated this post into Chinese, and then I posted it.

Afterward I thought without your authorization it was illegal, so I deleted it.

I'm sorry to do this without your permission, and I really want my friends in #cn can read your post and think about the opinion in the post.

I want to know if I can post my translation, and I will give all the rewards to you then if I got your authorization.

Thank you~

It's ok to translate my posts into Chinese. Please put post back up. I allow translations of my posts. Just put a link to the original. youre ok, thanks

please keep any rewards for yourself since you translated it.

Thank you!People like you are making the steemit a better place~

ya sure

Thank you for exposing this sicko. As a parent it makes me sick to the core that some adults are exploiting children. I have seen some of the posts and all of these girls couldn't be more than 13 or 14. That is gross and totally wrong.

I down voted all the chainflix posts. I don't think I want to go to the other page even for a down vote push. I have enough shit in my head from life, I don't think I need to see the mind of a sicko like that. Thank you for bringing this to the community's attention though and we can all work to root this kind of sickness out of here.

yeah, i could not flag very many....i had to look at them before i flagged though just to make sure it was in the child porn area. It was....and I feel like stronger people need to flag it. i totally get you. But it's important for people like myself to bring up this uncomfortable stuff, so that as a group we can discuss our feelings about it. I think we realize that a lot of kids are on this site. It's our job to protect them from harm.

Precisely! This is where the community aspect of Steem really shows its power. As a whole we can take care of this garbage and the more people are aware of the problem accounts, the faster they will be dealt with. Thank you again for helping raise awareness!

We should get a list with people that upvoted those posts and flag them also. You can't keep a good reputation for upvoting posts like that.

do what your conscience says. I could not allow someone like that gaining influence.

I'm not 100% sure how the witness system works, but they should be able to remove it from appearing from the steemit website at least. If they can do that however they can also censor other posts.

I reported them to steemcleaners the other day, the images are plaigiarised, they got downvoted to zero last I looked

I am glad that they are alert in the community it should be prevented at all costs that child pornographers and such people harm the community and report them to law enforcement authorities because such people usually belong to international networks of pornography. To harm the innocence of a child who is the most sacred of all the punishment and repudiation of the community.

yes, exactly. they are usually part of a vast international network. And they are always looking for a home to infect. Well, Steemit is not a home for these sick people.

OMGosh...this is sick! And I agree with you one this! This person should be stopped!

That's disgusting! :( I'm so sad

I just looked at some of his posts and it horrifies me. Such grotesque pictures it I can't believe someone would share this on the internet.

I'm glad that this users profile was able to be wiped off the face of the platform. The fewer people like this being able to spread these images with repulsive intentions the better not only for the platform but also for humanity.

Thank you for flagging this user up @stellabelle.

Very interesting post my friend @stellabelle, I agree with what you say and things that are negative should be on the alert here and hala like pornography is very dangerous and can damage the image of work steemit and damage the younger generation I am @dianclaser salute and pride still exists People like you who still care about such problems.

Thanks for catching this. As a dad of daughters, nothing angers me like the exploitation of little girls. This shit has to end!

That is just disgusting, unacceptable and annoying . What is a child pornographer doing here on steemit. @stellebelle i am supporting you on this and we don't want such people in our community. Finito.

THank you for doing so. I just posted an article asking the STEEMIT community to keep an eye on improving STEEMIT and keeping it clean of GARBAGE like that.

Great job. Is there no way to trace this Monster?

no censorship does not include some of the crap I've seen being done to people on here but this takes the freaking cake, unless they used anonsteem there has to be a way that Steemit Inc. can locate this person

That is disturbing! Not only it is bad as is, it is also very unhealthy for steemit.
Great use of flags :)

Thank you for this information ... we need everybody's help to keep evil out of here. Thank you @stellabelle

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You did a great job by finding out the actions of @iamgod and reporting the account. I wish that such account will be closed. @chainflix , however , is sharing holywood movies free of charge for us and we can decide to reward him via our upvote or not. If we do not want him to continue then we can say no by not upvoting his posts on top Holywood movie.

Chainflix is cool, I get to watch a movie later tonight =)

I also dont see anything wrong with @chainflix sharing free great movies with us..let it be the probem of hollywood and its rich gangs

This sort of thing is sadly inevitable on an uncensored site. This is where the whales should step in to make such content invisible to most. It should definitely not earn rewards.

Even the nice sides of blockchain technology can sometimes have a negative effect. This is the case with all this pornographic and pirated content.

When our network is "polluted" by low passions and simple people, besides content being supposedly "hidden," nothing else can be done.

It stays here, among us, forever. I do not know how and if we can keep our network at all, and here we are clean.

This reminds me of the google search engine 15 years ago. It was impossible to get you pornographic content or images to show you pornographic content directly.

You can all see what the situation is now...

I do not know if anything can be done to prevent this, but one thing is for sure ... the more popular our platform becomes, the more "bad" content will be flooded

I've never downvoted a post but this might be the day that changes. My vote is only worth $0.21 at full power but if it'll help the cause I'll be happy to join in on downvoting this type of thing.

You really do a great job in helping to make sure this community stays healthy and positive and I appreciate the work you do. Keep it up!

If there's anything I can (as a minnow) do to help please reply to my comment.

yeah, do what your conscience says is right. thanks for your help

Just saying that from the random 10 posts I looked into only 2 were porn, one marked as nfsw and I would say not underage.

It is not illegal to post pictures of teenagers in clothes on the net (though I highly doubt they gave their ok). Children I have seen none.

Child porn? Oh no

Man is wicked Enough to destroy himself. That is why I tell my good friends to strive to be rich.

Evil prevail when wicked people get rich.

I refuse to be poor.

Porn in general makes me sick on steemit. Promoting child or teen porn has no place ANYWHERE!

Nice work should be done immediately i saw his profile almost every post is like this. flaged done.

We must make a good front of defense of the community Steemit.. I have always feared thenetworks for that reason vulnerable to pornographers delinquents. They are like the plague and you have to block them. Do not consent to them and you will see that here they have no place.
Total support @stellabelle

Hi @stellabelle after speaking with you and reading this post it has made me so angry again, to see young children exploited in any nature in not expectable in any form or capacity. The owners need to report these IP's to the proper Authorities so they can learn in jail what happens to filth like these animals posting stuff like this.

ha ha....well as parents we have a different feeling...don't we?

We sure do!
Nobody should never EVER, mess with a child's innocence.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@stellabelle - This is appalling news. It made me sick to hear about child porn and copyright violation issues. I think this excellent platform is getting abused by some bad eggs. While we all support freedom of thought, speech and creative content, I believe at least some curbs are needed to stop such blatant disrespect to the original concept of the platform.**
I support your actions and views entirely in this regard. I will keep an eye out for this sort of thing.
A thought though - due to my settings (mostly everyone's default settings I guess) a lot of bad content may get hidden from my view as NSFW content. Should I change that setting so I can detect bad egg posts?

actually a lot of the cp posts were not labeled nsfw.....I was told that it existed.....
The really disturbing part is that many of the photos are of children, found on the internet, and they are not naked, but the user has found parts of their bodies sexually stimulating and pointed it out. It's so gross seeing the mind of a sick person on here. We just don't need to make those people welcome as they bring their disease and all their friends, and then children won't feel safe on here.

How sick can people get!! It really churns my stomach. Here I am, thinking and writing posts about Steemit as a wonderful tool for even girl child education and these sick people are using the very same platform to spread such bad things involving children. I have no words....

I know. I went through a lot of it, and felt really sick because of seeing into some sick person's head. The fact they are combing the internet in search of children is about enough to make me vomit....

i have also read about how these children are trafficked, drugged, etc. to create the images. The girl in one of those looks around 15. There is no way to know but she certainly doesn't look like an adult. It's really disturbing that people are commenting.

Steemit is a reflection of the world. I am almost surprised this didn't happen earlier.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hmmm. I know. It is inevitable but it still hurts to see it happen. Let us try and curb as much as possible.

Right, I'm pretty sure I don't want to see the actual posts, but I've flagged quite a few aswell now. I guess this shows that completely censorship free might not be the best way to go for Steemit... I feel we definitely need to be able to ban some accounts/IPs/whatever for posting these tings.

While i currently don't use my SP much, due to lack of time, I will just go and flag that perv to oblivion. Everybody, feel free to send me memo when you find disturbing material, and i will gladly spend my votepower for the cause.

Thank you for exposing this horrible case. I think it's important to address it effectively because it would be way too easy for someone to discredit/attack the Steemit platform for the content that this user is uploading.

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Hi! It is very sad what you say about tha devil, monster... I am new around here and I do not know how it works yet. I am just posting, commenting what I see it is interesting, upvoting it, and following the person... :)

I just checked out this piece of shit's account. There are 41 followers.
They are just as bad. I don't know how it all works but the whole lot should be ostracised and shut down!! Scum of the earth!

Some of the followers are people that flag the user

Got it, great to see them fighting back! Thanks for explaining.


Congratulations @stellabelle!
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I believe that kids should not be used in a career fashion photography specially when theres pornography.Adult should teach kids how to be a better person and not to used for porn its an adult wrong doing and he desserves to be flagged.

That's brutal, good on you for flagging. Are there any real consequences that can be levied for this or is it just the reputation score? That is one of the biggest issues with a decentralized platform, we need to come together as a community and put a stop to it and a stop to its source

Thanks Stella, upvoted and resteeemed

Great job , well done , we have to protect this great community

Good job ... I agree with you. Anything that smells of child pornography content must be legally, "flag".

Thanks you so much for your effort my friend !

I shocked is all i can say

Absolutely sicking they need reporting again and maybe bann there IP address

The person who should take credit for reporting this is @scalextrix. She/he reported it to steemcleaners linkdrop on 18th August (3 days before this post). Steemcleaners instantly followed with appropriate action blacklisting that account and flagging the posts.

I see the account has 40 followers. Please tell me they're all bots. They can't be actual real live human followers.......can they?


I'm with ya. Stop humping kids. And get that shit off of Steemit. Thanks for rooting this out.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Obviously child pornography is one of the more heinous things that occur in this world. I really had to weigh whether it was worth taking a look to see what exactly was meant by this and subjecting myself to something that I would not be able to unsee. I'm not sure what was in past posts, but the only one I was able to look at was of a girl who appears to be a teenager though of what exact age i can't tell. I'm not a fan of looking at naked or slutty pictures of people in general and even if they were thirty years old it would not be my thing, but in the interest of objectivity I do have to ask if you determined that the girls in these pictures were underage? And like I said, I was only able to see one of them, well a group of pictures of one girl, so basically I'm asking if you saw what were undeniably children in these posts?

Really the only reason I want to know is that now I'm seeing an outcry for some kind of formal censorship here. And that is something I do not support. I would definitely support a mob of us chasing out a child pornographer with pitchforks however, lol.

5 years ago, if I heard this kind of news, I would be shocked, but now, reading through your articles, I'm not surprised. I don't know if I should be worried or not, but certainly, this world has already been ugly, but it's only ugly because of the people in it. Looking to the people and to the world again, it's frowned upon.

It is fundamental that we read string post carefully. I am starting at now done it and find that this post is really shocking


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