About crossing the 200 Steem Power mark.

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Here are some tips and my thoughts on why I am here

Two things first
I am not an expert. 200 Steem Power isn't that much. Lots of people has has far more power. But it has been my goal to grow with just writing and voting. So reaching 200 is a milestone for me.

I am here to have fun. My tips are about growing (earning money) and having fun at the same time.

Always "Power Up"
You grow by earning votes. Votes will give you Steem Dollars and Steem Powers. As you earn- use that money. Go to your wallet and "Power up". Powering Up give you a long term benefits as your votes will pay a higher reward.

Be yourself
It is easy to write about common things, or subjects you know people like in general. But If you wanna have fun, meet new friends and evolve- be yourself and write about what you like. You will bump into people that are into the same as you. Be kind- upvote and check their blogs steadily. You will soon see that they do the same to you.

Follow friends and topics you like
I have almost stopped posting on Facebook. I have nothing against it, but I enjoy the anonymity and free spirit of Steemit. This is a social platform, but it doesn't mix your family, job, friends and daily life. Enjoy that freedom to follow people and topics that you might not do on other social platforms.

Find a "Circle of Friends"
There are lots of sub categories that people are actively following. They may not be the biggest "tags", but they have dedicated followers. That means your comments and votes will count. They are also more likely to vote on your post. Be sure to read up on the "rules" of the sub group. As always in life- rules may apply to you.

Personally I would recommend #onebitnews . Onebitnews is a weekly online Newspaper and a Circle of Friends. You will find interesting topics on subjects such as: How to grow on Steemit, Writing better posts, Science, Music and Games ++.

Use your power
There are tools that you can use on how to check your Power. Personally I use http://steem.cool/ and https://steemd.com/@"yourname".

Be sure to vote on a regular basis. If your voting power is 100% that means you are not using your power to the best. I try to have my voting power between 70% and 95%.

Find your favourite topics/ friends and throw fast votes around. Do that almost every day. Everybody loves to be voted on. If you have better time- leave a comment. You will soon see that you get votes back in return.

Be patient- don't give up!
I have been on Steemit for 7-8 months. It takes time to grow. Nice and steady does it!
It can also go fast! Write a post that people like and you will grow in a hurry.
Don't give up after a short time. Giving up is always a guarantee for failure. Not just on Steemit, but life in general.

Use good tags
You can use up to 5 tags on a post. Be sure to use 5. Be sure that some of the tags are actively used by others. That will increase your chance of getting votes. But don't use tags that doesn't fit your post. Wrong tags annoy people and it can give you a "downvote"!

Write posts and resteem
Try to write posts regularly.
It takes time to write a good post. Don't have the time? Check your favourite topics or friends and resteem their posts. It will benefit you and them.

Have better tips??
Please type them in your comments below. I am always eager to learn more.

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Takk som spør @IDigIt

Du slettet din Reply hos oss mens vi prøvde å svare ;-)
Kjør på! Vi er for størst mulig frihet for alle. Helt innafor.

Legger ved en humoristisk video hvor de snakker om hvaler (whales) og diverse.

I speak only with @Idigit and Elizabeth Keen aka @Barbro

Med vennlig hilsen
@Ramta Reddington - En av eierne til @OneBitNews


Flere nordmenn

Gøy å kunne skrive litt på norsk her.

Prøver å gjøre det av og til:)



Var redd innlegget skulle bli slettet mens det stod og ventet. Måtte gå i seng og ville ikke legge inn før det var OK.

Takk for svaret!


Det går så bra. Var det svar til meg i det hele tatt? Så sånn ut her hehe. Men tror ikke det. Er jo 4 dager siden. Men jeg svarer uansett. Må svare alle her inne. Litt det som er vitsen. Hvertfall i starten.


Joda lønner seg å svare folk å få litt venner.

Nei ja svarte på den opprinnelige posten. Steemit stokker svarene etter hvor mye reward/ stemmer folk får. Så du må kikke litt mot datoen (slik du gjorde) for å skjønne tidslinjen.


Ajaj det jeg tenkte. Fått mye følgere på 3 uker. Men er nok en del som følger bare for å følge. Har slutta med det selv. Vil egentlig bare ha følgere som er intr i det jeg skriver.

And do not spam! Congrats on the 200


TY for replying!

Yes spamming is annoying. :-)

Excellent post @poridigit, excellent advice, I agree with you, the best way to grow is writing, being original and having fun, I send you greetings from Mexico, I follow you !!!


TY for posting!

Nice write up with some good tips. I am still trying to find my circle that will give me the consistent votes I am looking for. Part of me feels that there may not be people out there that share my same interests 😀


Read one of your more serious post about your journey with cancer. Rough story! Hope things will turn out ok for you!

So what is the "fine music" you are into?

BTW: Look into #onebitnews . I recommend that!


Thanks, I am just getting started with the story, but I think things are going to be okay. I basically listen to anything except maybe boy bands. I don't have a lot of patience for them. I am more a fan of groups/people that actually write their own stuff. I like a song that can tell a story with the lyrics. I like Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, Pop, Rap, Classical, Emo, Metal, etc. I have a turntable and am working on growing my vinyl collection. I am also a bit of a concert whore and have been to quite a few great shows over the years. How about you?


Good to hear!

I grew up with rock and metal. Turned more into soul, funk and disco. After that electronic music. Can listen to almost anything, but not big fan of trad jazz, classical and singer/ songwriters.

No boy bands for me either :-)


Awesome, I have really been getting into some of the newer people that have an old sound to them lately. Kind of new/old soul. Leon Bridges, Anderson East, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, Mayer Hawthorne. Also a big fan of Greta Van Fleet who are from a town just down the expressway from me.

That's some good advice and a good reminder. As a mountaineer I have learned, never to give up in life!


Thanks! I never tried mountaineering. But have done my fair part of sportclimbing. Not the same I know, but related in a way.

Congrats! I just started and hope to reach this milestone. (at this rate, I might not make it haha). Thanks for the tips. It was broken down in a very easy manner to read!


Thank you for your reply! Have fun, and build slowly. It will come!

Good ideas mate, and even better - great rewards on this post 😊


I recommend following #onebitnews. They have really given me a boost.

But so have YOU! Thanks for all the help and upvoting!

Congrats on 200 Steem Power. I'm at 43 SP right now after exactly 43 days on Steemit. I love the slow and steady progress of my Steem Power. Hope I will also reach 200 SP soon.


Good work. Took me longer than that to reach 43.

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Welcome to Steem @idigit.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Thanks for the amazing piece.

I am also learning about the power of good comments. I am cmsure there are a couple of others too.

Okok, will do 😀dagens leskedrikk