Why I think 99% of Steemians get the WRONG ideas about curation rewards

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As a newbie who have played Steemit for merely two months, I have been trying to do everything to earn as much money as possible. I post almost every day and try to make connections with people, as well as joining meaningful projects like Minnow Support Project and #whalepower tag. Here is the proof of my hard work:


More than 1500 posts I have made and more than 700 followers, I bet I am doing better than average minnows. It also shows HOW HARD I have worked on this platform.


You can also figure out how I am doing these days by looking at this chart on steemwhales.

However, I can tell you that I just focused on thinking new topics to post every day and that made me a bit tired, and sometimes I run out of new ideas. Most importantly, I completely overlooked the POWER OF CURATION REWARDS, with more than 850 SP now, I started to realise its power.

If you are a really good curator, sometimes you can earn MORE than upvoting your own posts or comments. Most importantly, it's much easier! It's quite frustrating to get a few cents for a post that has spent you so much time and effort, isn't it? On the other hand, you just need to press a button when you discovered some quality content, nearly effortless!

But here's the problem, how can we get the most curation rewards?

Most of us know that it's ideal to vote around 27-30 minutes so that you can get around 90%-100% of the curation rewards, but how to choose which post to curate?

I guess most of us have the following experience(I did too):

We follow some great authors, for example, @sweetsssj, and we notice that her new post just uploaded around 30 minutes ago with less than $100 rewards. I guess most of us would think that her post usually worth more than $1000 and it is an awesome opportunity to earn some curation rewards WITHOUT EVEN READING HER POST. But I can tell you that YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG.

Here is the proof, both posts I upvoted with 100% voting power 30 minutes after posting:





WHATTTTT? Upvoting a $25 post can get much much more curation rewards than a $1000+ post!???


Yes, it's obvious and it's not hard to understand, but we just IGNORE it all the time. You have to share the curation rewards with a thousand and more people. Ask yourself why Steemit needs to give you much curation rewards if EVERYONE KNOWS SHE IS A GOOD AUTHOR, you made NO DISCOVERY OF GOOD CONTENT, zero contribution to the whole community.

I am not saying that you should not like the well-known authors' posts, good posts deserve upvotes, but don't think that you can earn much curation rewards. If you want to achieve more, you should eagerly look for other good contents.

I guess most of us have experienced a feeling like "Why I get only a few bucks(or even cents) for a post that I put so much effort in? WHY NO ONE UPVOTES ME? Why others can get dozens, hundreds or even thousands? This is such an unfair platform!"

Well, then I can tell you that YOU SHOULD BLAME YOURSELF for making this situation, we all help make it. It's because we just focus on making our own posts, hoping others to upvote it but at the same time we never seriously read others' posts and upvote them.

So, are you willing to make a change today? Try to read others' post and eagerly looking for good content on Steemit.

Want to earn more Curation rewards?

The simpliest way to do so is FOLLOW ME, as I will always try to write and resteem good quality posts only from now on! And I am not a well known author. :p Thanks for reading it, let's make discover good contents and make Steemit a better platform together.

At last, if you want more people to see this post and change the game, RESTEEM IT!!!

More about me:

If you want to know more about me, please look at my introduction post. :)

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回到重點,談談curation rewards,也就是最近Steem Power開始有點增長才發現curation rewards的威力,有時候還比投自己票賺得更多rewards呢,當然賺的都是SP啦。

但可能我們大部分人都誤解了curation rewards的真正意義。你有試過坐在屏幕前等30分鐘投甜心大神的帖子,只為了賺取curation rewards 嗎?這沒問題,但你真的每次也有看她的帖子內容嗎?

看上面的圖你就能發現可能你投一個最後只值$25的帖也比投一個$1500的帖所賺的curation rewards還多。畢竟可有1400多人和你瓜分奬勵,而另一邊廂則只有17人。我不像O大哥會從代碼找線索,就只能傻傻地比較啦。 /_\

當然我不是說不要說不要把票投出名的作者或甜心大神啦,我可不想被誤會,會死人的 lol,好帖當然應該得到它們應有的奬勵,只是我們也不該忘記在Steemit的文字海裏找出真正高質的內容,貢獻社區之餘也好順便賺一下奬勵。

P.S. 小弟不是出名的作者,我的文章都沒多少人拜讀哦,要砸就把票砸我吧!

這次應該不會又弄錯出大糗了吧?我都有心理陰影了。 T^T

upvote follow resteem.gif


curation rewards 是个很复杂的话题





點讚也是廣交朋友的一種渠道吧 xD,點的好還有回報就當作是額外收獲啦。 的確挺難計算的。雖然以我目前的Steem Power還是很低應該沒多大用處,但對海豚或鯨魚來說就很多啦。總的來說應該選些價值被低估也少人點讚的好帖子就沒錯了,也令作者容易注意到你,長大後可能也會報恩,一舉兩得啦嘻嘻嘻。




This post provide very little detail about how curation reward actually work.

Have a look at this one :

Hah! I was going to mention this post here too but couldn't remember the link, lol. Thanks doing it :)


Congrats you have been selected by the Steemvoter (SV) Guild, keep up the good work and helping make Steem great!

Note: You should receive many guild votes in an hour or so, enjoy!

I like this Content.
@bullionstackers Curator for #whalepower Tag.

Thanks so much, I am a great admirer of your #whalepower tag as it is so helpful for minnows, so happy! :)

I need all the support I can get to help others.
Don't see you much in my posts.

Sorry there are too many posts appear on my feed and I normally just check out the posts in the cn community these days as we are growing, I will pay more attention to your posts. :) Actually I remember that I have upvoted and leave a comment on your new whalepower art-work design.

I have also found good curated rewards just by upvoting and following @bullionstackers and members of the #whalepower tag. Both @bullionstackers and @paul-gillbanks curate manually so if your content attracts them, you can be certain that they will follow up in time.

The key to making a large curation award is to vote before many other people vote after you. But you still have to be mindful of the 0-30 window as well. It becomes like a game.

The best scenario is to find a hidden gem and vote on it at 30 minutes, then many whales vote that post into the heavens after you.

I've made as much as 40 steem from a single curation before.

The Best still upvotes on comments

Teach me my master @neoxian

That's an ideal situation, so hard to encounter lol That's crazy for making 40 steem for a single post!!!! Can't even imagine it, Great job!

Thank you for the tip. As a newbie, its hard. Thanks for #whalepower for the support though:)

Hopefully one day, I could see such returns from curation :)
Definitely have much to learn from the leaders like @neoxian

Thanks for sharing this tactic. I have been wondering how exactly curations work to get maximum payout. I have heard some accounts earn by pure curation. I can see how this is a fun game. I'll be cruising the new section about 30 mins down the feed for potential diamonds. Thanks again!

This is sooo true! I just realized about this a few days ago u.u but I guess is not too late xD it's sad I can't resteem this u.u

Thanks! I am gonna make a post about my curation strategies later today. You can resteem that if you like it after reading it.

Perfect! Thank you very much :D

Extremely useful content @htliao. I'm in my second week and I identify with many of your concerns. I hope I can grow up in the platform as you already did, but it's true it's difficult to create always new and useful content. In my case I've never had much success although I tried hard with very prepared content.

I'll follow you to continue learning!

Thank you :) It's always hard in the beginning but if you keep posting useful and quality content your work will finally get noticed someday.

I'll keep working on it :)

thank you for this! I have been on the platform only a week and a half and in that time I have made posts, commented and tried to find good content. I also try to make the effort to write good comments not just 'nice post' or 'good job'.
It's good to read this and feel validated that I am doing the right thing.
One thing I have encountered a lot is unoriginal content. People posting photos or video they have found online, and knowing it's good content they try to get votes for it. I always skip these as I feel they are not in the spirit of what steemit is about.
If we all curate and support each other this platform could be a wonderful experience for everyone. Definitely following you!

Thanks for following me :), for unoriginal contents cheetah and steemcleaner would do their job to catch them. Actually dolphins and whales would be quite careful about the originality of the posts they vote for, it's hard for plagiarised contents to get a good payout.

That's good to know. Thanks for replying, I look forward to reading more of your work :)

I like you, I am very happy to read your Writing, what you say 100% right ..! Thanks for refreshing my mind, before I also complained about this, and until now little has not changed.
I will try to be patient, and will follow what you say and I will follow you and I beg you can teach me
Thank you.

Thank you for your support :) Let's make some changes together and find out more valuable contents on Steemit!

Well certinly interesting thoughts and proof of concept. I'm brand new to steem and trying to figure out what I'm going to write as my first other then intro blog. Looks like I'm going to have to try and split my steem time into curating as well as creating. I will be following you for more if these insites

Interesting & well written. Honestly, I had no idea about the 30 minute thing. I've just been reading and upvoting stuff I like and haven't really thought a lot about making curation money. But I guess if I'm gonna be on here anyway, it makes sense to give some attention to timing. Thanks!

Yes, you should, curation rewards will become quite important when your SP goes up :) You are welcome

You're right. I did an experiment to see how many of my followers does care about me ie. read my posts here:https://steemit.com/blog/@carinewhy/dear-followers-pls-leave-a-comment-if-you-are-a-really-person . The result is quite frustrating but I found who are the real buddies.

No worry, I have just left a comment for you :)

Oh, I didn't mean it that way 😅 but thanks!!!!

Upvoted and followed :)

Another tip- if you plan to use randowhale or any other bot for upvote ,do it after few days as it will give curators higher incentive, else curation reward will just go to bot

This is an interesting and quality post! I'm still learning new things about this platform, good to have information like this. I followed you. Cheers

This is one of the best post I am reading on steemit.
It's really appreciated that you put such a great content here and trust me it's an eye opener. Thanks a ton for sharing this. I hope, we will get to talk and will learn few other tips as well from you :)

Thank you, I am flattered :) We need to keep learning from other Steemians, and keep producing good content for the platform. You are welcome.

So much good here! Thanks, I passed this post by earlier because I thought it was another complaint. I apologize and cheer for you! Resteemed and followed

Thank you for following me and resteeming my post :D That's a great encouragement for me, nice gif btw.

Thank you @htliao - your post makes good sense. I have been on tha Steemit two months as well with 1500+ posts and you are blowing me out of the water. Therefor, I am not only going to upvote and resteem you here but unfollow sweetsssj & replace her name on my steemvoter with yours. You have a new friend and follower, fellow Gemini

Wow thank you so much!!!! You are so nice :) I guess all Geminis have some wisdom xD I have followed you too and given your comment a big upvote(though my power is quite weak now)

apologies for going off topic, but how do i get similar animated footer like yours?

People are like sheep, we just follow the leader.

Interesting read. I'm sure I've been doing it wrong as well. I still have a lot to learn.

Thank you, so glad that the article helped you :)

來來來,好文一定要 ReSteem & Upvote!

我也是 常常無聊在這發文。 也認為現在的 steemit 有點出現 "假追風" 現象。為什麼說 ”假“,因為大多數人基本上就在俇 upvote trending post 或是 超多 followers accounts。 根本沒有在認真看他們的內容。 我相信如果前十大steemian 隨便 po 一張文章 都能有上千的 upvotes.. 所以認為 SP還是一個複雜又不公平的東西。 有點現在一起常說的 老玩家 跟 台戰 的市場。
I've upvoted and followed you. Please, do the same!

Chris from Taiwan.
Thanks, mate!


It's a project initiated by @bullionstackers. You can visit his post and check this project out. You just need to register and use his tag and there is chance that he manually upvotes you.

Thanks for posting this. I'm following you and resteeming this.

There are so many little tips and tricks to added success on Steemit.

Clearly the first step is to plan to do some work. And, once you've committed to doing the work then how do you maximize the value of what you're doing?

Posts like yours help me figure out the best way to use my votes.

So, thank you!

Very inspiring post buddy. As a newbie, i am facing the same problems and intend to follow the path u have followed.
Following you now :-)

Quality stuff, followed you

Thank you :)

Interesting post and helpful to the very newcomers such as myself. Appreciate your efforts and shared experience put forward of Streemit so far for you.

I guess there will be a few quirks that people find out and underestimate the power of how you can earn curatoring vs authoring, along with new discoveries for increasing productivity and ideas for raising your game. All info helps and wish you the best if luck. Thanks again for your viewpoint!

Thank you :) I guess many newcomers don't get how curation rewards work because I didn't too, so happy that my article has helped you. Wish you the best in your Steemit journey too!

This interesting post I like it this extraordinary post there hopefully you always succeed for the future if you want to share my post to your friends I am very happy and thank you good luck always for you

Followed!! Great post and will save a lot of people time and frustration.

Thanks :D

Thank you so much , you know every one sits on his computer alone insteat of doing something together ....
so i will follow your advises ......
Want to know something searious to get happy timeless , wit buddhist meditation .... so just asc me .... all the luck and the best in all times for you .

Great article!! Thanks for sharing

Great post buddy, the curation thing is a mystery to many and you have hopefully cleared a few things up. We arrived roughly the same time and have a similar rep (you're a bit ahead) and following. Some do better quicker others are a slower burn as every journey is different.
Keep it up you're doing great.

Thank you pal :), our progresses are quite similar actually, not much difference! I am just trying to clear something up, as I noticed that many people are less willing to upvote others' posts now, and that's not healthy for the development of Steemit. You are doing great too!

This is a good post and i feel that everyone should know about not voting only for high posts but to vote for good authors with lower votes. That way we minnows also can grow.

Good, useful information. Even if it is 3 hours now from the time you published it, I am still voting it. But I will get tougher with time. :-)

Haha thank you :) appreciate that

Wao. Well done @htliao. I think you have made amazing progress for a 2 month old steemian. Im a newbie too, thats gives me motivation to continue with the effort.
Thanks for the post also. Quite informative!

Thank you, keep posting and looking for great contents and you will do the same :) Good luck

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and advices! I'm new on steemit and I still have a lot to figure out..I always read and comment on the posts that I find interesting and beautiful but when I post my pics it's quite hard to get views and to get upvoted

Very informative post, thank you
Also impressed by the progress you made in Steemit in just two months, good job

thank you :) keep posting and you will be able to do the same, or even better.

Thank you for these wonder tips. I'm looking forward to trying this approach. I've been a active Steem member for almost a month and I'm learning as I go. I've also put together a schedule that allows me to have more time reading other blogs. Your words will not fall on deaf ears as I have taken heed to them. This was a relevant message for me to read today.


Congratulations, u are really working hard on this platform. I joined nearly at the same time like u but have less than 200 followers. I upvoted , followed and resteemed. Keep steeming :)

Excellent post. Well done. Upvoted and followig 😀

You are right bro,everyone including me try to upvote some popular post instead of high quality contents.

Yes, It would be better for us to change that habit :)



Can't agree with you anymore~


你才剛開始啦!SP慢慢就會多的了,而點讚也會越來越重要,看源碼是個好習慣,期望你分享更多呢。 :)



upvoted and resteemed .. this is great info my friend

How do you know who is a minnow? And if I upvote and resteem a post that offers good content...is this what we need to do to earn curation rewards? I have a difficult time finding anyone to answer my questions. Please help or direct me to someone for the correct answers. thank you

@htliao Congrats on the progress, and the points you make are very valid. If treated exclusively like a "Like" on Facebook, the efforts of users will be less effective.

An idea for content for you is possibly a video series explaining.

Thanks for providing this information. I feel like every post I read on steeit rewards I have a little better understanding of how they work. My knowledge of curation has just increased one level thanks to you ;). Followed ans resteemed. Would upvote but waiting for my voting power to go up so hopefully i get lucky and catch your next post at the thirty minute mark.

You are exactly right. You get more SteemPower out of upvoting a post of a lesser known Steemian. A post with less than a dollar payout is better than a 500 dollar post as far as SteemPower, most times. Incorporate interesting comments to get monetary rewards on that and you are on your way.
That is why I look for newer Steem members and upvote them. It encourages and helps them and benefits me also.

Great post. I'm upvoting it because I appreciate you writing it.

Thanks for sharing. very helpful.

everyone is chasing the golden calf

You made some very good points and I'll certainly keep that advice in mind the next time I place a vote.

Best content i like again and again thanks for shiring!

thank you!!!! I am so happy :)

This post seems pretty cool, if correct. :)

It should be correct, you can directly compare the curation rewards of the two posts shown on my account history, nothing can be hidden from the blockchain :)

True :). All I really mean is that the whole curation reward thing is pretty complex to get your head around :)

Haha, yes it's quite complex and It may need some experts to come out and explain the whole thing. :)
But the crux just lies on timing and choosing undervalued posts that few people discovered. Like @neoxian also said in his comment that he has earned more than 40 Steem for curation rewards of one single post.

Amazing content, this is a greeat idea so check out my post, maybe you like it.

You know I always prefer to check on the underdogs writers as some of them are actually pretty good!
To me I try not to overthink on my curation awards after being totally lost trying to understand it; instead, as you have mentioned, communicate with others whom you think they are good for conversation and always be as supportive as possible.
I try not to upvote too many people at the moment especially posts that already is over $5 (unless it is really good), but I will just check on other under valued post from those I follow (which is not a lot because I choose contents I like to read)
Kudos for your effort to try to dissect this interesting complex algorithm that makes steemit such a unique platform.
I will look forward to see more of your thoughts in the future.
If you think my contents are worth reading (as I am starting a fun game to get people interacting) then feel free to check out my page. :)

Another good read and knowledge across steemit, definitely helpful!

WOW!!! Look at all of those replies - well deserved friend!!!

Thank you so much :) So happy to get that many replies.

Not too often I see this much activity in a post so great job!!!! Happy Saturday my Steemit Friend :)

Good Job @htliao! I'm also trying to learn more about the Curation train and found out similar responses like a smaller post payout is actually sometimes higher compared to the bigger ones.. I guess it also relates to the number of upvotes / bots that dilute the curated rewards?

Yes, it's just like more people share the same pie, of course you will get less.

好文,好文,看看upvote你我可賺多少 :)



哈哈,謝謝 :)

please carry me when you success :)

Have question about curation mechanism.

Curator will get curators share depeneds on how early they will upvote, or how much SP they have?

So if post have 100$ reward, $ 25 will be for curators and 10 people upvoted it so every one will get $ 2.5?

I think it's both, you can read the FAQ page on Steemit about the timing, it's best to upvote during 27-30 minutes when no whales have voted for that post. The larger SP you have, the more curator shares you get, so that's no point to upvote in a low voting power percentage for an undervalued post. You can check the curation rewards of the whales and you will know that.

Thanks for sharing.....will work hard to make this work by helping others to myself.

very nice explain..

It's see how many people eating the pie. I guess.

Yes, so we cannot earn much when many people upvote, and thus we should eagerly look for more good contents and help new authors. :)

great post, thank you! upvoted and resteemed.

Very wise post! You get what you give! Don't expect to receive anymore than you aren't willing give! Resteemed and upvoted, because this is actually good information that will help lift the entire community. Great job bringing this to our awareness.

Thank you so much :) That's the point, we should support others in the community, especially the good authors who are neglected.

Not necessarily neglected but just not noticed I'm inclined to think. That plus the wrong mindset as previously pointed out.

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nice stuff buddy but what about photos? i have among the best here but it seems people dont appreciate it

You just joined in July :) You don't need to rush it and just make some connections with other Steemians. That will help.

Don't these rewards come with time?

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thanks, great info since im new to this. lets make this platform the greatest place on the internet

Excellent, bro. this topic is really good for me. I have been wonder a lot of things that I need to grow up in Steemit. I did not know what to do! I have some friends here which they teach me but they need to learn too and we are creating a team to strengthen us and to publish good contents, and now I'he learned the great power that has curation of other post. Thaks for sharing, bro, and I hope that to publish more contents of this kind. Upvoted and followed

Thank you, so happy to see you have enjoyed this content. :) That's nice to form a team and help each other. Cheers


Pretty good post. I learned something today :-)

Thank you!! :)

upvoted followed resteemed. great advice i needed to hear!

Thank you for your follow and resteem :)

Thank you for the post! It is interesting to see how people break down all the little parts to try and understand what works best.

You will be very soon, well-known author!

Haha, thank you :) I hope so

THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!! Saludos desde Venezuela!!!

This is so very true and deserves to be spread, what I will help to do by resteeming it!
Thanks for this! Have a great day!

Thanks for your resteem :) Have a great day!

aamzing post your best friend

follow me @fadhila

Wow, yes I am following you. I did not realize that I got it wrong. Now I will try to find good post to vote and not just the famous ones.

Thank you, so happy that my article was able to help you understand the voting and rewards mechanism

By curating quality but unrecognized work, we are helping this platform.

"Why I get only a few bucks(or even cents) for a post that I put so much effort in? WHY NO ONE UPVOTES ME? Why others can get dozens, hundreds or even thousands? This is such an unfair platform!"
This is so me :)
I'll follow you, hope you can refollow me as well. Great post tho!

@htliao compliment on the post. You made me realise something I totally forgot about, we have to do the upvoting together with the posting

Haha, I love the self-marketing you did in this one. You did list some very valid points though.

Haha yes, it's so hard to get some readers, and I needed to find some more creative ways. xD Your words just reminded me to put my introduction post here too, thanks :) I followed you.

Hey, thanks for that. You definitely got creative and I give you props for that.

I'm definitely following you!!

Thank you :)

Interesting point of view. Thanks for sharing

And how you prefer to find new authors? Browsing random tags? Asking followers?

Just in case you want to check some juggling and more stuff. I just arrived ;)

I usually browse #whalepower and #travel tag. Travel blogs are usually popular as most people don't like reading some serious stuff. For whalepower, the founder @bullionstackers manually curates the post, so the posts he likes are usually good contents and may be undervalued :)

Interesting. I'llgove a look at whalepower ;)
Thx for the tips