Do You Need Something for the Extra Edge on Steemit?

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Sometimes We Need Some Help, a Force Multiplier.

Recently on Steemit we have seen a wave of accounts pushing paid upvotes. Sure you could do it. I choose not to. The reason is that there are so many waves to gain attention on this platform without having to use your hard earned Steem to pay for it. Kryptonia is one of those ways.

I Have Had a Kryptonia Account for a Long Time But Just Recently Decided it Was Time to Use it.

1. It Gives You a New Audience.

2. People Complete Tasks Because They are Rewarded.

3. The System has a Built in Reputation System to Keep People Honest.

4. It Works for Any Social Media Platfrom.

5. Everyone is a Cryptocurrency User Like on Steemit.

Get Your Free Coins on Kryptonia

Here is an Example of a Task I Ran Today. ##2018-04-29 22_21_25-Kryptonia _ Dashboard.png

Here is a Screenshot I Did of the Tweet that I Promoted on Kryptonia.

Click Here to Go to the Tweet. As you can see the promotion on Kryptonia gave the Tweet quite a boost.

2018-04-29 22_22_40-Randy Hilarski (@RandyHilarski) _ Twitter.png

If You Would Like to Learn How to Use the Platform Read This Article by @JoanStewart.

Cryptocurrency: How To Use Kryptonia Tasks


It will really help for our Steemian to leverage their earnings.

Just thought the same @hilarski. Kryptonia is a great platform for everybody. A portal-type for steemit that every steemian should jump in. Just made my blog about it too and I git here through an steemian commented your link on my post.

By saying "Do You Need Something for the Extra Edge on Steemit?" are you implying that users of Kryptonia are also users of Steemit? And you will get comments and upvotes on your content?
Or just an audience to read your posts?
If it's the former then this would become an instant hit among Steemit users!

Its a two-way earning @wandereronwheels. We would get an opportunity to get upvoted our steemit posts by others and earn as well with Superior coin by completing some tasks.

check this out

Yes a lot of people that do Tasks on Kryptonia are from Steemit as you will see from the large number of Steemit Tasks asking for comments/upvotes on peoples steemit posts.

When you signup for Kryptonia your first Task is free so you can check for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by Colin! That is what I am implying. You get a boost as well as earning crypto on a second platform for helping out others.

You cannot believe the improvement with steemit by using @kryptonia. I'm a big believer in the place and use it daily. I at least spread out one vote there and comment on all posts unless they do not want comments in the task. It's 100% worth it to me. This is an old post I did to review it.

How and Why I use Kryptonia Review after One Month

It is pretty much a hit with the people who work it. I can get 10 upvotes and 7 good comments quick if I want to pay a lot. But I usually just put in one post as soon as the last is fulfilled and just keep going with it. You can block people there so I only have good ones.

There are maybe 10-20% "not on steemit" over there and they pay good to have you sub their yt or like their fb page or something else easy. I'm on it!

That's pretty damn awesome bro, thanks for the learning lesson. And yup I chose the same- no paid upvotes. Just does not go with my style. Thanks bro!

Good morning @hilarski,

I just signed up and it's pretty cool, working on making my first task of since it's free. Going to take time to learn more about it.

Thanks for this wonderful piece of information. I'm glad I could come across it.

Time to get some free coins thanks a lot :D

Super to support you on @kryptonia Randy it really has grown into quite a community over the past couple of months.

Many thanks for using my previous post, greatly appreciated.

No problem Joan!

Thank you for introducing me to kryptonia

Thank you for the post, I just signed up to Kryptonia today, and am still figuring out how to use it.

Great place to get more readers/rewards, and reward people with additional SUP crypto.

great to share..cryptocurrency news..
thank's for sgaring

Hi. @hilarski
This is really very special will increase the progress and progress steemit Thanks for the valuable participation

I love steemit and cryptocurrency..... cryptocurrency is the changing of economic life...

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wow very excellent steemit information @hilarski

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Very useful this content friend I think that many need to know more about this topic so that we do better, thanks for your support. regards

Very good.steemit progress in the future

Interessing post , i will create an account right now thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing a good post bro.

Great post as well as most informative for all of us @hilarski

Gracias por la información y el detalle de ompartir.

Seguimos acumulando ganancias juntos.

Noted. This looks like a good way to do promotion. Thanks!

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wow very nice

Kryptonia is a good place to earn Sup coin and to gain new readership by making your own tasks. Great post @hilarski.

Thank you for sharing this site @hilarski; I had never heard of it till just now. I think most people can use a boost; I've avoided bitbots, it feels too much like a form of cheating.


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