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RE: Do You Need Something for the Extra Edge on Steemit?

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By saying "Do You Need Something for the Extra Edge on Steemit?" are you implying that users of Kryptonia are also users of Steemit? And you will get comments and upvotes on your content?
Or just an audience to read your posts?
If it's the former then this would become an instant hit among Steemit users!


Its a two-way earning @wandereronwheels. We would get an opportunity to get upvoted our steemit posts by others and earn as well with Superior coin by completing some tasks.

check this out

Yes a lot of people that do Tasks on Kryptonia are from Steemit as you will see from the large number of Steemit Tasks asking for comments/upvotes on peoples steemit posts.

When you signup for Kryptonia your first Task is free so you can check for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by Colin! That is what I am implying. You get a boost as well as earning crypto on a second platform for helping out others.

You cannot believe the improvement with steemit by using @kryptonia. I'm a big believer in the place and use it daily. I at least spread out one vote there and comment on all posts unless they do not want comments in the task. It's 100% worth it to me. This is an old post I did to review it.

How and Why I use Kryptonia Review after One Month

It is pretty much a hit with the people who work it. I can get 10 upvotes and 7 good comments quick if I want to pay a lot. But I usually just put in one post as soon as the last is fulfilled and just keep going with it. You can block people there so I only have good ones.

There are maybe 10-20% "not on steemit" over there and they pay good to have you sub their yt or like their fb page or something else easy. I'm on it!

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