By far the easiest way to get a little crypto in your wallet! Way to go guys

Yup, nice to earn a little extra @jamesford

This doesn't explain why there are holds on your funds, how long those funds take to become in your available section. I can't find this information anywhere. for the past 3 days my account says 100 available, & 415 on hold. and when you go to their FAQ page, the is nothing there to explain anything at all about anything. Having a FAQ page with nothing in it seems really fishy...

When you complete tasks @twunders the amount goes into a waiting period of a week for the person to check whether task was properly completed before releasing SUP to your account, this was implemented to make give those putting tasks up to check whether members are doing what was requested in the task.

The 100 SUP you have is what you will be able to use for putting up your own tasks, hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your quick response :) Very helpful and answered my question completely. I tried to find this information but was having trouble, so I thought that by asking would bring in a result a lot faster, so I thank you for this. I am really digging Kryptonia :)

Glad to hear this helped, it is a lovely system once you realize what it is able to do. Works great to any URL you wish your tasks to go to. Look forward to seeing you there @twunders

i have done all the tasks

Look forward to seeing your content too @rahul111

good post, hope I have finished my task?

Thanks so much @nypho and am following you back in @kryptonia

Thanks for the easy to follow guide @joanstewart Kryptonia is help not only to gain a few coins of crypto as a reward for completing task but also can be used to help grow you're steemit followers and pay per post :)

So many Steemians on Kryptonia, it works perfectly together @tspink

I strongly encourage everyone to join & use Kryptonia. I have faith in SUP and Kryptonia provides a free, easy and convenient way of earning free coins.

So why not?

Sure will help promoting any Social Media content you want "more eyes to see" @herbertholmes

im so inlove with this coin this coin....To the moon!!!

Me too @psychkrhoz

Superior Coin

Very helpful post.

Great to use, this post is in Tasks @dhaneshpk

I think I did it.. @joanstewart please check it.

really good post :)

Thanks for visit, glad you enjoyed the post.

I have not asked the assignments yet. I'll have to try it. Nice weekend I wish ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend @bucipuci

Upvoted and resteemed!

Kryptopia is great

Time to get a Task up for me to support you @ianstevenson

So what are the paramiters? Can i offer coins for any type of task?!/
just sent 1000 coin to kryptonia

Growing every day in technology, making huge strides to a smoother manner in which to work @joelaldrich

I like this post. Task complete

Thanks for visiting from @kryptonia @grace234 I will be sure to follow you.
Here is Proof of Completion for Interest from this Task above:
Kryptonia Task Completion

Yours was the first to come up when I searched to find out how to do this. thanks for laying this out clearly, with all the most relevant information. I'd be interested to hear if there have been significant changes to the interface since you wrote this post. Regards, and thanks again.

Not much has changed @trumanity the changes are easy to follow through once you in the system. If you do have problems visit -

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