Steem/Steem Dollar trading could not have gone worse for me.

in steemit •  3 years ago  (edited)

I hedged my bets. I predicted it as well as I could. I even tried to do low-risk low-profit trades.

But some rich bastard must have bought way too much Steem, and now I'm doomed, stuck with worthless SD instead of my precious and once plentiful Steem.

I just lost so much value due to unlucky trades, that I'm seriously about to cry. Well, I've got this "enjoy the doom" personality, so I'm mostly just giggling to myself at how badly I fudged up, but oi.

This is seriously sad. My delicious $1500 level payout is well, let's say the value dropped so much from what I potentially had, that I've reached maximum destitution.

It's devastating. I'm in the darkest chamber of a pure black void. I pound the walls, but nothing can save me. I goofed. I dun goofed to such a level that I'm spinning in the vastness of space, uncontrollably, and there's nothing I can do anymore but struggle.

I'll have to try to buy at .25, but even that might fail at this point!! I just wanted to make tiny little trades, but each time I sold, the market would shift in the exact opposite direction. And now I'm ruined! RUIIIINNNNNNNNED!!!

But anyways, if you're reading this, and you've not been ruined, I do hope you've profited off my ruin. Use your profits well, ya bastards. I'll just be here sobbing endlessly.

~Kitten <3

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No risk control? Let that be a lesson to everybody!

Yes indeed.
I wasn't really trading purely for profit, but as a person preparing to exit the market, and take my Steemit profits with me, but the sudden decline in value messed with my earnings.

Yeah, I'm not a trader, just a petty poet, so I'm not surprised I failed so hard.
Uh, I'll sell ya a poem for $10?
Custom poem broooooooo! =D

Trading is serious business!

Oi, yeah, sure, but still, it's a little too serious, isn't it??

tear in my eye; I endlessly cry

Yes, it is unforgiving!

I don't know what your degree of seriousness is, but I would like to buy a custom poem from you, for 10 Steem Dollars, which is worth about $10, and the price is fairly stable. I would be willing to pay you in advance, so you know that I am serious!

You once wrote, "Passion is an interesting force." If you would like to accept this offer, I would ask you to consider what you are most passionate about, and see if you can put it into a poem.

You may have questions or want to discuss this further. I am at
kenny at
if you would like to email me. Or just reply here that you want to write the poem and I'll transfer 10 steem dollars to you.

Thanks and best wishes!

Passionate ghosts waving at a window
Looking inwardly, upon the weeping willow
Tears of everlasting dew and sparkling water
I question things, and can't help but wonder.

Mathematical extremities rejuvenate the past
Tracking the variables into what's left for last
I seek a path upon which there is no road
And find a glorious story, which has never been told

Sight through eyes that glimpse the inane
Speaking words both true and insane
A heretical being, meant to catch fire
Flying onwards instead, upon thin wires

So heavy a body is, that should a wire break
I'd fall and see the gods' mistake.
Transforming geometry elucidates a clue
Upon which I pathetically cling to.

Intellectually comprehending a series of hypotheticals
Shone upon me as if theoretical
Mirrored by the soothing sea,
I realize I can finally see.

Thanks for the passionate poem! I have paid you 10 steem dollars. I may reprint the poem in a post here on Steemit or on one of my other online properties. It's quite exquisite and I like the inclusion of mathematical phrases, having my college degree in Engineering. I think we can comprehend truth using the tools of math and science.

Thanks again for writing this custom poem for me!

Aww... I upvoted and put 2c onto your payment ;)

Awww, thank you Michelle.

That means a lot. It's nice to know that no one here has to gloat.
I've known people to lose stuff too, and I think helping them actually leads to more market participation, and thus, more value long-term.

You're welcome. Don't be disheartened though. I'm sure the market will be in build-up/melt-down for a while and I'm sure you'll have chance to recoup any losses :)

Yeah, I hope.

If not the market, I'll just keep publishing on Steemit, and make money that way. Making money is pretty dynamic, so there are lots of ways to do it.

I mean, I could probably start selling poetry and custom stories on here even, and make some sweet monies. What's your secret?

My secret...? It helps that I don't need money desperately. I think I gained a little on playing with the market, but that's all it was to me, playing.

I'm so sorry that it's not worked out well for you, but as I said, please don't get too disheartened. I'm following you and I'll read your work, so my upvotes should help a tiny bit.

Have you tried Steem is accepted there as payment :)

Sorry @heretickitten, I've had to reply to your post like this:

heretickitten59 · 13 minutes ago
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Living on the edge of doom means every little trade is a huge decision, and I don't have any way to invest more if I've already invested the tiny amount I've got.

Otherwise I would've seriously invested a LOT of money into Steem back when it was at .1

I was thinking "I just wish I had a few million..." But erm. Heheh, yeah, that'd be too convenient.

Haha! Oh believe me, I had the exact same conversation with @s0u1(hubby) this morning.
It went something like this:

"Why aren't we rich?"
"Because we didn't have $1000 to invest in STEEM at the beginning of the week..." LOL

Yeah, I know what you mean.
Living on the edge of doom means every little trade is a huge decision, and I don't have any way to invest more if I've already invested the tiny amount I've got.

Otherwise I would've seriously invested a LOT of money into Steem back when it was at .1

I was thinking "I just wish I had a few million..." But erm. Heheh, yeah, that'd be too convenient.

I really feel for you. I know what it feels like to lose big and it is deeply unpleasant. However, on steemit, if you keep making content and curating, what you contribute today could be worth a fortune in the future. Everyone here is an early adopter still, everyone who joins for month to come as well. I hope that helps a bit.

Thank you!

Yes, I'm still quite pleased I was able to make any money at all, just for writing ideas, stories and poetry.
It's nice to feel appreciated. But it's seriously distressing to lose the profits!

I'm not really greedy, but this is my only job, so to have my payout that I earned with a lot of work cut in half... ergh.

Pretty brutal for a kitty like me.

Still, I won't dwell on it once I do cash out. Trying to make a fortune isn't something a person can just give up on! After today, I'm gonna move on, and keep publishing sweet content.


Soon my empire shall reign, and I'll have my harem mansion that I truly deserve.

Crypto trading can be quite the b#stard! I have merrily bought some other coins only to watch them nose dive. At one point I thought I had become the tipping point for when a coin has to lose value. Oh look he has bought in, quick everybody sell sell sell!!

Yeah, I had just enough Steem to actually influence our tiny S/SD market, so I think I had that sort of power too.
Kinda scary, to be honest, because it means to exert force on the market, I'd need to go all in. Not exactly a safe plan though, sometimes.

Yeah the idea of all in is a frightening prospect!!!

imagien if you bought LTC or ETH at peak..

that would be crying ;)