The Community Makes the Coin: Take a Better Look at Steem & PIVX

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We are experiencing a very unique and opportune time regarding technology, developments and communications in CryptoLand.

What am I talking about?
Do you think it would be easy to contact the developers of Apple products? Or how about the engineers of BMW? Ever felt like you wanted to have a discussion with Elon Musk?

Right now you can easily join chatrooms, called slack channels, that are built for the community of people who are involved with and invested in different crypto currencies. These are the people who are working towards innovating how we think about money and how business transactions occur. We have an opportunity to have discussions about the philosophies of those behind different coins, we can hear from the source what the long term goals of these different coins are and learn up to date information on updates and improvements.

If you’re skeptical about a coin and you can’t find satisfactory information from the crypto articles, then I suggest joining the conversations on the respective slack channels and ask them yourself.
A coin with a solid community is a decent hint that they have interest in being more than a pump and dump ponzi scheme.

I am only speaking from my own experience and I’m featuring these coins today because they’ve proven to have solid communities backing them.

So let’s get into it.


Steem has recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary, and now they are revamping their marketing tactics to ensure the solid growth of it’s social platform.

Steem’s social network platform called Steemit is bridging the gap between crypto experts and newbies, which is such a huge benefit for the mass adoption of crypto.

Here is a link to the new Steem(it) marketing VP interview

As stated in the interview linked above, steemit is also successfully utilizing micro payments and acclamating users to the idea of sending small amounts of value to others.

Streaming money, much like streaming music and movies is what I believe will be the future for cryptocurrencies in general.


PIVX is a coin that provides Private Instant Verified transactions.

This coin did not have a premine.

Meaning that no one was able to mine this coin, let alone mine a significant amount of this coin before it went public. When looking at investing in new alt coins, that is one important aspect to take note of, because a coin that has allowed for a significant amount to be premined is an indicator that those who mined a significant amount could quite possibly sell off their coins if or when that coin reaches a higher price.

Because PIVX did not have a premine is one of many examples showing that they value equality for every user in their community.
PIVX also has masternodes available, but also will soon allow for staking coins in exchange for a vote. They value their entire community of investors and those who choose to use their coin, not just the whales who hold large amounts of their coin.

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@heiditravels This is good, but coming into it, it feels like you're comparing apples to potatos here and it threw me for a minute until I read the whole thing and watched the whole thing.

I think it's because PIVX doesn't deal in the same space as Steem, it's basically just a DASH clone founded by people who didn't like the way DASH was being run. Software wise, I understand they are basically identical.

I understand now you're talking about the community and the fact that they aren't premined.
I can't speak to the community, but you're right a good community is a solid requirement for any coin I give serious consideration to.

Premines are one thing, but I'm not so sure they're the big worry they used to be.
The danger of a pre-mine is more in the potential for an exit scam, than in any sense of genuine fairness. You still have have early adopters benefit from mining and getting in early. Steem was premined / instamined and it turned out alright.

I realize you aren't doing a compare and contrast here, but the title feels that way and I just wanted to let you know my honest thoughts.

I did watch the video and I think you did an excellent job there talking about the coins though.

Still if you want to do a compare and contrast, Steem should more properly be compared to Synereo or Dawn. I would absolutely LOVE to see you do a compare and contrast on those.

I want to give you a link to the Dawn project which IMHO is the better project of the three, but for some reason their website is offline at the moment, but @faddat could probably give you better links than I. I have the deepest respect for @faddat and his team, they're trying to do something pretty amazing there.

GrantCoin is also something you should take a look at if you want to see something really different. They're a basic income coin, and extremely fair and they are on the fast track to be listed over on TradeQwik which is the only exchange that powers up it's steem hotwallet and uses that to upvote our community members and active traders.

As an aside, your recent curiosity in various crypto currencies has made you something of a topic yourself over in VIVA Coin Chat and we would love to have you join us pre-ico and see what's going on;

A couple of larger VIVA Crown holders want to introduce you to VIVA, just to get your honest thoughts. I'm one of them and I've nominated you onto a shortlist of people who we believe would be highly effective ambassadors.

Anyways, please feel free to hop over to VIVA Coin Chat and say hello if you're interested in learning about various cryptos and seeing something truly different.

Excellent post as always! Sorry if my initial tone was critical. I'm not joking when I say living Mexico is killing my ability to communicate clearly in English. Honestly, this post is great and I just got confused early on by having a certain set of expectations and finding out you were talking about something completely different (strength of community instead of compare / contrast). I've upvoted and resteemed your post.


The title wasn't misleading for me. Is that an assumption of what you expected the video to be? "The Community Makes the Coin" is leading me to think she was going to give us two examples of crypto currencies that have gained their value from community involvement. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your comment, but it comes across as someone using one of the two discussed communities to promote something else entirely because you didn't like the way someone did what they wanted to do. If you want to put out a video debating which is better, link it and I'll check it out.


Sorry I could have been much clearer. My point was that I went into it thinking it was a compare and contrast and it wasn't until the end of the video that I realized that wasn't the point.

I guess it might be the recent negativity on steemit as of late that drove my assumptions going into there.

The other bit was just me saying that I would absolutely love her to do a compare and contrast on steemit vs dawn vs synereo and also another on PIVX vs DASH.

Sorry, living in Mexico hasn't been great for my English skills. Not doing much to help my Spanish either.


Lol I hear ya on that. I just wasn't sure if I was missing something. Good luck in Mexico.


Thanks! It's a great place. Decided one day the most patriotic thing I could do was to expatriate myself. Honestly, never been happier, especially now Trump is in power.

i dont think STEEM and PIVX should be compared in any ways


If you notice, I'm not comparing them. I'm saying that they both have great communities behind them.


You did a fantastic job here @heiditravels
I would love to see you do a compare & contrast in the near future though.
Really glad I follow you. I've upvoted & resteemed this.


Thanks for the support. I'll keep your suggestion in mind!

PIVX and Steem seem like solid long term choices. :)

I have an ICO in progress now for PDIVX check it out. POE algorithm and no premine


Will do, thanks for the heads up.

I love steemit and PIVX. thanks for posting. PIVX is great for everyone too because you can "stake" small amounts and still get some return if you are not spending it.

Thanks again for another short and sweet piece of information.

As you underline so well, the community behind Steemit is mostly and by far phenomenal! The support on so many levels is also highly valued within ourselves and it shows in the different communities rising all over the platform right now... All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

I love your content, does everything have to be built with intensive communications @heiditravels

chill music in the background - upvoted. - no premine ftw

thanks dett är fastikst bra poäng

Great video! short and to the point.


Thanks for posting the interview with @zurvanic !

My two favorite cryptos!

Really appreciate the video transcript alongside the video, great tips!

This is a great video and two of my favourite currencies too!! C'mon the PIVX and steem trains!!! Woot woot!!

in terms of streaming money, this cannot be done on the blockchain. Such operation would mean millions transactions per second.

But still, this can be done, but with help of Lightning.Network, which move most transactions off-chain, but still use blockchain as settlement network. Lightning.Network technically speaking is just another layer, which can by build on top of bitcoin, litecoin and any other coin which will basically support few specific transaction types.

This is exactly what I was thinking that if it were not for STEEM and it would be really hard for the average Joe to understand cryptocurrency.

This is actually a good point. Everything is within reach.


Better take advantage of it ;)

Do you it's okay to join in PIVX atm? I was looking at it when it was 25 cents. And it's 1.80 now!!



I'll pass. =)

I have both in the portfolio. Great feeling! Does anyone else gets distracted by @heiditravels ?

Go Heidi! Steemit needs you to be our own "Amanda B. Johnson!" Thanks for promoting Steemit.

You make some great points about access to developers and getting involved in the process, very astute observations. It will be interesting to see how we will all look back at this time in 10-15 years. Life is all about perspective, I hope we can all take a minute to stop and realize how amazing this time really is.




Steemit is a strong long. I was researching some statistics and it has a very healthy growth.

Your points are all valid. See you in the next steemfest. Keep up the inspiring work. You are doing great.

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In the new paradigm there will be a currency for everything..

Great vid, Heidi - informative and well-presented as ever. As a crypto-noob, I hadn't heard of PIVX - I'll check it out.


check out their slack channel! here's a link: They're super friendly and helpful


Thanks, I just checked out their website. Very interesting – but I need to become familiar with all this crypto-jargon :)

Bought up some PIVX Recently. I figure they are like lottery tickets!

I have PIVX on my radar but haven't acquired any because it's not on Poloniex. What alternatives are there other than Bittrex?

Couldn't agree more on your title

Help please Heidi how do I re-steem this post? That's what it's called right, like a re-tweet lol??


Hey there! Sure thing, it's the return arrow that is to the left of the 'Reply' option ;)


I see it now lol! I think my eyes were too tired last night #teamnosleep


Ok it's not there now there a time limit on how long you have before you can't do that or something? Also do you have a video somewhere about best practices for how to share videos here - either our own content or videos/articles from other channels? Thxxx :)

Good points in this post. Nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Buy and hold for the upcoming 2 to 5 years and the market will find it's way. We do need to look better at the insights of every coin. What team is behind it, is there any management. How strong is the product, is there any product at all? Personally I always use: Amazing opportunities came to light when I started using this coins to analyze cryptos.