Receive Awards for your Achievements on Steemit!

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Today I'd like to show you an app that I have been using since I started on Steemit. Maybe you know about it or maybe not, but I'm sure you will enjoy seeing it.

The app is called SteemitBoard and created by @arcange. You can see it here:

Receive Rewards for your Achievements on Steemit!

This is a very fun app where you can visualize your progress on Steemit. When you go to the home page, you first enter your username to see your rewards.

If I enter my username, this is what you see.

First it shows you if you are a fish, a dolphin or a whale!

Then you have your number of posts and comments, and the average of upvotes per post at the left.

At the right, the total post rewards and the average.

Then you have a board with your awards that you will see progressing.

When you are starting, it is encouraging to receive these different awards.

Then, you have the awards in progress and see where you are from your next awards.

You can also check the awards for other people on Steemit and this is what I see for @jerrybanfield. 

As you can see the color is different and he is a dolphin.

Quite a few awards here.

There is also a section that is more personal.

SteemitBoard will also post comments on your posts when you get a new award.

If you really like it, there is also a Chrome extension that you can install.

Now, when you are on any blog on Steemit, you can click the icon and see the SteemitBoard for that user.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and that you will have fun using SteemitBoard.

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Michel Gerard


Thanks for sharing app.

My pleasure.

I accidently clicked on spam on one of my important email, now i am not getting mails from them. They are very important for me. Can you please give instructions to get mails again from them? I need help please. I am using yahoo mail.

Mail from who? Just put the email address in the address book on Yahoo and they should be taken off the Spam list.


If you have marked their email address as Spam before, then it has to be in the Spam folder now. If you don't see them there, then, it's just not sent. I don't know how to solve your problem, only their support can, and unfortunately, Bittrex is very slow at responding, but the do.

I hope that we should be patient, and you are right opinion. thanks a lot of

Thank you very much for your comment @ainpapa.

A handy extension, thanks.

I am glad you like it!

It is nice when we get regards from steemitboard. It's inspiring when you first join steemit and get rewards!

I am glad you like it @rezoanulvibes.

This is cool. And depressing to see how bad i'm doing LOL. upvoted!

You'll have more motivation now @cryptomma!

oh i never received prizes ,, thank you for sharing, i will try it.:D @gmichelbkk
this is my story of the writing contest about the supernatural .. i hope you will read it and like it. thank you.

Thank you @anfood for the link, I have added it to my list.

thanks for the post that was helpful I would like to learn more about witnessing

I am glad you like it @maheshmnj. Go to there are lots of tutorials about that.

This was interesting. I didn't know that it listed steemfest2 attendees. It's nice to get these progress messages from time to time. A great idea.

Terikasih very useful articles you greetings successful ja

same same, please visit my friend's blog

Thanks man, looks really intriguing. Think ill use this to help motivate me to post more content. Kind of a fun way to visualize progress for those visual learners put there.

Yes that will certainly motivate you as it did for me!

Will check out app. Need a minnow for noobs like me... lol

I'm glad you'll give it a try.

I didn't know about 'Receive Rewards for your Achievements on Steemit'.
Thanks to this post, I can follow my achievements. it's something that will motivate me. It's great to do something when you can follow and assess your efforts.

I agree. Thank you for your comment @musamalijames.

Thanks for sharing your experience

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