Check Out your Upvote Stats with "My Steemit Friends."

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Today I'd like to show you a useful Steemit tool to help you see your upvote stats. When you receive votes on your posts and comments, you see on Steemit who the first 20 voters are, but you can't see how much they have contributed to you. You also don't see on Steemit how much you have contributed to a particular user.

The tool is My Steemit Friends by @magicmonk and you can do several things with it, but in this post, I'm going to show you the upvote stats. You can access the tool here:

Check Out your Upvote Stats with "My Steemit Friends."

The first thing you have to do after going to is to enter your username, or someone else's that you want to check out, and then click "Upvote Stats."

The results will show below, so scroll down a bit to see them. You will see default results from a date range, but you can change this immediately.

In this example, I selected this month, only articles and number of votes.

You can also search for "Articles and Comments" together, total weight, SP x total weight. After you have made your choice, click "Updates results."

When you click on one of the numbers, like I did for @qurator, you will see the total of their contribution to you.

I see that they have contributed $62.99 in 40 articles. 

There is also the list of the posts they have contributed to and how much.

You can show the full ranking list as well using the button.

Now, we can see the vote weight of each user and the corresponding amount in US dollars.

If you click the "Reverse Lookup" link, you can see what you have contributed to them.

At last, when you click on a username, it will show 3 options.

You can see the user's Steemit profile, their My Steemit Friends profile, or the "Conversation Record" of the conversations you had with them.

There is a link to go to the comment on Steemit for each entry and this is very useful.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and that you will give My Steemit Friends a try. Let me know what you think of it in the comment area.

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Michel Gerard


It shows stats and history of account upvots.
I reaaly loved it, because I as using many sites to get info i need about my account, but "mysteemitfriends" tool is all in one tool.
I bookedmark it on my browser.

Thanks a lt for sharing it with us :D

wow thanks for this just saw it. I love it!

I am glad it is useful for you @purpledaisy57.

Hi @gmichelbkk nice post and interesting tool. I used it a little and I can see it may be very useful in the future to check various stats.

Thank you for your bid to @postpromoter and upvote for my "Healing My DNA and Soul Trauma -SWC" entry but I have a question and concern...

I see you sent a really good sized bid for my post via the @postpromoter wallet. I tried to contact him as well and understand but basically if the upvote was supposed to be worth 100% I should have recieved over $50 or at least that in an upvote ( I would assume)?

I am very grateful you sent the amount you did as that is very generous of you. My problem however is @postpromoter only sent me a vote worth $34 and some change as I had over $6 in votes before the @postpromoter vote. When I use it says the @postpromoter was only $34 not $50 as I was hoping for.

Anyway I am really sorry to bug you about this here I was just a bit disappointed though I am still grateful as it is my highest paying post, just wondering if that was supposed to happen? Thank you and I hope to hear from you again soon.

I replied on the post.

Thank you very much. Sorry for my confusion.

Wow this is very amazing @magicmonk really put in lots of brain work in this I would share it to a my friends.
Great post @gmichelbkk

Thank you for your kind comment.

You are always welcome looking forward to more post on your blog. Your a blessing to me.

You are so kind, thank you.

Its a really helpful tool and thank you @gmichelbkk for sharing it.
Is there any way to determine the total number of active users and total number of inactive users on steemit? And total number of actual accounts on steemit?
I wanna know how many people use steemit on daily basis. Is there any app to find this?

I am glad it's helpful @lovecreativity. There must be an app for what you say, but I don't know which one right now.

It was very useful ..
Nice Site..
Thanks @gmichelbkk for sharing

Thank you for commenting @syedihsanshah.

Helpful .... Thanks for sharing

Thank you for your comment @cometomyway.

it was really helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

I am glad you like it @shameem007,

Oke thank you many pack of information I check my steemit account 🙏

I'm glad it's useful for you.

it is great application to calculate all the values gear work sir salute to you!

I am glad it is useful for you @tanveerali.

I am a fan of gmichelbkk

Thank you very much @ajmal298.

Thanks, sir. a very important information for me as a beginner in steemit

I am glad it is useful.

Cool! I have never seen my witness voting rank before. Thanks for sharing this with us!

I am glad you like it @samuel-swinton.

A VERY helpful tool though. i would also like to mention that there is aa browser extension named steemit info which is also very helpful and pretty much tell you about things you need to know

Thank you @mariahbill for your comment and mentioning the extension.

Good site and helpful for checking upvotes.

I am glad that you like it @taslimabegum.

That's great. I'm glad steemit tools are being introduced. It's becoming more user friendly day by day.
Thanks for the post. We want to hear more from you.

Thank you very much @event-horizon for your comment.

Very nice tools, i already saved it. I will recommend to my team as well. thank you for sharing it.

I am glad this is useful for you @bobiecayao.

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