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RE: Check Out your Upvote Stats with "My Steemit Friends."

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Hi @gmichelbkk nice post and interesting tool. I used it a little and I can see it may be very useful in the future to check various stats.

Thank you for your bid to @postpromoter and upvote for my "Healing My DNA and Soul Trauma -SWC" entry but I have a question and concern...

I see you sent a really good sized bid for my post via the @postpromoter wallet. I tried to contact him as well and understand but basically if the upvote was supposed to be worth 100% I should have recieved over $50 or at least that in an upvote ( I would assume)?

I am very grateful you sent the amount you did as that is very generous of you. My problem however is @postpromoter only sent me a vote worth $34 and some change as I had over $6 in votes before the @postpromoter vote. When I use it says the @postpromoter was only $34 not $50 as I was hoping for.

Anyway I am really sorry to bug you about this here I was just a bit disappointed though I am still grateful as it is my highest paying post, just wondering if that was supposed to happen? Thank you and I hope to hear from you again soon.


I replied on the post.

Thank you very much. Sorry for my confusion.