My Background and Vision for Steem

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Hello Steemians, I’m Steve and I’m a blockchain engineer at Steemit, Inc. In the following video I chat with @andrarchy (Head of Communications at Steemit) about how I came to Steemit, what I’ve been doing since I joined the team about a year ago, and where I see Steem going in the future. I also talk about the work I’ve been doing more recently on SMTs, and what work remains to be done.

To learn more about who else is on the Steemit Team and what they do, you can visit the “About” page on

My Backstory

I started getting into computers and programming at about the age of 12 and I was hooked, fascinated instantly. I started fooling around with Linux and bash scripting. It was a hobby of mine for a few years, but I didn’t yet consider it my profession. I went to college for business, general stuff, and I got a business-like job when I got out of college.

But I was never quite happy with my career. I really enjoyed creating things and the beauty of software is that with no materials, except for your brain, you can create beautiful things. That’s why I decided to turn my hobby into my profession and went back to college for computer science.

After working on Content Management Systems, followed by a giant program for commodity trading for 5 years, I wanted to move into something innovative. I started to get into cryptocurrencies and saw the opportunity to work in Steemit, and work on the Steem blockchain, so I jumped all over that opportunity. I studied hard for my interview, got the fundamentals down, and was eventually hired. Then I jumped in on the chain.

At Steemit

I started with little things like bugs, and some little tiny SMT features to get my feet wet. Then I worked on MIRA after what I call “The Reckoning.” Cost cutting measures needed to be taken, so we revamped the backend database with RocksDB, which was a big project. Now I’m back, laser-focused, trying to get SMTs out.

Completed Work on SMTs

When I first got hired I did work around “NAIs” which is Numeric Asset Identifiers. It’s a unique ID for an SMT. SMT names will not be on the chain, they will be identified by a number that represents the SMT. They come from a pool of available numbers so that you can’t claim vanity numbers like “0000000000” or “123456.” So I implemented that pool and I fixed some issues in the NAI code.

After that I moved to MIRA, which dramatically reduced the cost of running Steem nodes by moving the blockchain from RAM to commodity hardware. You know that trick where you pull the tablecloth and all the plates stay on the table? Implementing MIRA was like pulling the tablecloth off … and then putting it back on with everything staying the same.

Ongoing SMT Work

After finishing up the work on MIRA a month or two ago, I moved back to working on SMTs. My goal, at the time of filming this interview, was to finish work on the ICO process (launching an Initial Coin Offering) and I’m happy to announce that work is now complete. All the code needed to create an SMT, set up the parameters, launch the ICO, allow contributions, evaluate whether the ICO was a “success” (sufficient contributions were made in the specified window of time) or failure, and launch the token, is now complete!

I don’t foresee major hurdles to us shipping SMTs. The remaining work is now mostly around Proof-of-Brain, token emissions, and how RCs are handled within the SMT ecosystem. There may be some opportunities to simplify this code, but I don’t see any hurdles that will stop us from a release relatively soon. At that point focus will shift to coordinating a hardfork with the Witnesses and the rest of the community.


The main thing that has been standing in the way of releasing SMTs isn’t some impossible-to-solve technical problem. All we needed was a block of time where we could be focused on SMTs and not be pulled in a million directions. Many things happened in the past few months which required we divert our attention away from SMTs like HF20, MIRA, the EIP (Economic Improvement Proposal), the SPS/Steem.DAO (Steem Proposal System), and Testnet. The real problem is that is context-swapping is expensive. Moving from one project to another makes it difficult to stay on track.

Finishing SMTs

All we need to finish SMTs is the time to focus, and then it will get done. Aside from some minimal Testnet support, that’s largely where we are at right now. Thanks to the work being done on Tesnet, numerous bugs have been found and patched. That means that we can be reasonably certain that the roll out of HF21 will be very smooth, and after that, it’s going to be clear sailing for SMTs.

My Vision for Steem

I think there’s a lot of “alt” coins that provide little to no value, and some of them have market caps greater than Steem. I think that will change when there is a shake up and a lot of these alt coins die off. Steem is one of the few coins that actually provides a service, performs a function, and has real world possibilities right now. I think it’s not yet understood by the masses, but marketing and getting listed on Coinbase can help with that.

I want to see a mobile presence for Steem. I’m a big fan of censorship-resistance so I want mobile clients that interact directly with the chain, that way nothing can be censored. That’s what I want to see … tomorrow. But things take time. We’ll get there Steemians. In the meantime...

Steem On!

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This was mentioned in the post:

getting listed on Coinbase can help with that

Is there a reason why we are not on coinbase yet?

I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

Not sure what you are asking here? You want to convert bitcoin to a different coin, like steem?

Great work! I am very excited that SMTs are basically ready to go.. I am sure it takes time to implement, but it is definitely worth the wait!!

I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

Awesome, thanks for this! Any chance we can get some support for lowering the number of witness votes per account from 30 to say 10, or even 5? The top 20 witnesses are all being selected basically by a few of the largest stake holders which is doing the opposite of decentralizing the chain.

I personally would be in favor of such a change. I think that starting a discussion about making a change like this would be a good next step.

At the same time, we need to stay focused on the release of SMTs and I would not want to see any other changes taking precedence over it at this time.

I agree. I think SMTs and Communities need to be the top priority, over anything and everything else.

By the way, what is the ETA on these things (SMTs)? A month or two? Longer? What is your best guess?

There is no official release date as of yet. We will likely be posting burn up charts that can give more insight into SMT development.

Unofficially, we are making a really strong push to have something to show for STEEMFEST.

Awesome, that is great news! I sincerely hope you have something to show by steemfest then! :D

Very interesting idea.

I think we need to make this change as soon as possible.

Stevie baby! Finally some (much deserved) face time! ;)

Interesting thoughts about the censorship resistance...

STEEM is already censorship resistant (for text at least), if you're a power-user. The difficulty is enabling it for casual users who rely on GUIs to fetch data and interact with the chain. Anyone hosting a website or listing his app in app stores is legally liable for whatever can be accessed through it. You can receive DMCA emails, get ISP-DNS blocked, or worse...

What we need to achieve true censorship resistance:

  • fully-static apps (i.e. no server at all - all data conversion work done in the UI) - already the case for DTube :)
  • no need to go through an authority to download/install - that means no apple store and no domain name. Rather the builds need to be shared via p2p like torrent or ipfs
  • no 3rd party integration (in the large sense). That means no domain names or ips anywhere in the code. The app should auto-discover peers and catch up with all the data on startup

The value of doing all that for blog posts or videos is kinda low tho, when you consider that you're gonna lose 90% of your users because of the added complexity.

But imagine doing it to build a decentralized marketplace (silk road) leveraging the escrow / savings / memo encryption / no-fees features of the steem chain?

getting listed on Coinbase can help with that

What is the main reason for not being listed?

I can't speak from experience, because I spend most of my time coding, but I would assume the competition to get Coinbase's attention is fierce.

I question some of the latest coins that were chosen to be listed on Coinbase. Unfortunately deep pocket money must be the basis for their latest picks.

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Same here. Some have/had lower market caps than steem when they were listed and also the issue of whether or not they are a security is more murky than that of steem. Not sure why we are not on there yet?!

I keep hoping Steem gets listed on Coinbase....
We are a working blockchain, s I’m not sure why we are not a priority??

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There are lots of working blockchains not listed on there. I would think given the other things steem has going for it, IE one of the most used by real people, didn't do an ICO, sets up perfectly for Coinbase Earn etc. would have it near the top of the list.

I agree, we should be at the top of the list, but my gut feeling tells me we are not.

Then with HF21 coming they probably don’t want to touch Steem.

Someone reminded me that after HF’s the exchange wallets need to be updated and are offline.

Last year Binance was offline for almost month, and that will just kill Steem’s price, and we don’t need that happening now!

With all this “talk” about on-boarding and light wallets yesterday, I wonder where we are going.

I made a comment on the on-boarding post yesterday, about my friend that is trying to get her account setup and she is so lost.
I am afraid she has lost her account.
I was trying to help her, texting information...... She hand wrote her master’s so easy to miss one letter 🙄

If we go to light wallets, will exchange’s lower our priority to list Steem?

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Not sure, but I do know a bunch of hardforks won't help our cause because they will always have to keep updating/upgrading their wallets. Which after enough times they may say it's not wort it if not enough trading volume even takes place with that particular coin. Regarding the price of steem tanking if wallets are off line... ehh... remember if the exchange wallets are offline, it might mean people won't be able to sell... though more than likely it will just mean they won't be able to transfer in or out.

I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

I’m not sure how your wallet works, but I’m sure there is a withdrawal button.


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What is the main reason for not being listed?

On many exchanges it comes down to greasing palms. Not sure if coinbase has a base listing fee or not.

If Profit >> Price of the grease


P.S. This is why crypto must be centralized (*oh, nooooooo)
with a single strong figure, with elan, with magic, with vision
and with a lot of coins

Thanks for working on Steem and doing this interview :D Steemit Inc starts to come a live this way ;-) Cheers!

thanks @jackmiller for sharing this post, on #pypt @pypt

Always good to see who works on Steemit and what they are up to!
Also, thanks for joining us at The Witness Chat recently on The Ramble.

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Thanks for all this info. This is great.

@Gerbino could you please answer to me the following questions? I will really appreciate it.

Right now I am planning to lunch a token over Steem-Engine. After reading all your points I can see SMT's have potential so basically in your opinion and based on your knowledge: would you recommend to wait until SMT's are lunched or should I start the token using SE and them move to SMT's?

Also, what are the estimations in costs for an ICO performed under SMT's system? So far in Steem-Engine, making a token which can actually get a real use it is around $600 minimum. So it would be nice also to now if all the ICO's in steemit will have a cost in STEEM? Another thing that comes into my mind is to know if the SMT's tokens will be capable of act as an autonomous blockchain. That last question and pardon my ignorance in those matters, is because if the SMT's tokens will be capable of being listed in exchanges as well? Maybe all this development will make STEEM Blockchain as Ethereum where right now we have trading pairs as ETH/USD, ETH/many tokens created under Ethereum. So I imagine something like trading pairs as STEEM/USD(in which case they are being traded as we all know) and also STEEM/any SMT token.

Thanks in advance for your hard work and for your time.

I think that depends on what your intention is. I would wait/use SMTs if I wanted to list my tokens on popular exchanges directly; especially if the exchanges I'm considering already lists STEEM. The reason is that if an exchange lists STEEM already, then all the infrastructure is in place to support an SMT. I don't deal with exchanges directly, but I imagine that one of the major hurdles an exchange must do is setup the infrastructure to support a new blockchain. If your token has volume, and the exchange already has infrastructure setup to support STEEM, it's a no brainer to add an SMT pairing.

ICOs are currently $1 to create but are not finalized and are subject to change.

It is very possible to see STEEM act as a pairing between SMTs, there are talks about a decentralized exchange directly on the chain. But first things first, right?

Really great info here. Thanks for all your work.

Has burning a certain amount of Steem been considered as part of the ICO cost. If not, please suggest it. I personally would like to see more Steem uses/sinks.

There is already a mobile app on Steem blockchain called Partiko, you should check it out :)

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I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

What did you see in steemit that made you get into it?

  1. Peoples time and ideas are worth money. Traditional social media sites take your work and profit off it, sharing nothing back to the creator. Steemit shares value back to the users who make it a reality. This is a game changing paradigm shift in my opinion.

  2. Traditional social media has centralized control over censorship. The STEEM chain itself has the ability to mitigate this issue and I think this feature has great potential and should be exercised.

  3. STEEM is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency/blockchain revolution, STEEM is also open source. Both of these things are incredibly attractive to me as someone who loves technology.

Thank you for this response.

Steem and Steemit are the best..... I made $40,000 in 6 months here simply sharing my artwork and photography.

I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

Already no censorship.

Image (or post) not shown due to low ratings

I can view anything here simply click reveal comment etc.

That's not censorship. Censorship isn't readily accessible information curated as hidden by default on certain front end services. Censorship is when you cannot access the information, no matter how much you try, when the information was changed / edited without any kind of reference that it was edited, that's censorship. Let me ask you this regarding information curated as hidden by default, do you think that it should be removed, the option for things that have been downvoted to be hidden? If so, do you think that such warning/caution should not be attached to questionable content? What if someone posts some incredibly harmful things, like fatality pics/videos, and they make it seem like it's a video of kittens when it's actually something very disturbing and clearly harmful, not just deceiving, should they be able to do so pretty much with impunity?

who guards the guardians?

Here you are, shameless as ever agreeing to what exactly? If the agreement was thoughtful, if it was sensible or at the very least if it was true and right, my question would be cherished as a jump point to explain yourself and clarify for all what it is you seemingly consider agreeable, something that any critical thinker wouldn't squander by slinking away from in silence, but I bet my bottom buck that you won't come back with a straightforward and cogent explanation which leaves nothing to uncertainty or vagueness alike as to what "who guards the guardians" is in reference to and how that has any validity as a contention to what I said


That's exactly the point of this whole place, there are no guardian roles at all. Anyone who wants can copy this entire place with almost no technical knowledge, they can figure out how to distribute the initial stake and start their own version, and tweak it how they want, and if they want, they can only clone the condenser (the front end) as that too is open source and requires close to no tech knowhow, and they can change whatever they want, if they want to remove the option to make content that's rated below a certain threshold initially substituted by a button that once clicked reveals the original content, then they can, and people have done that already. They have cloned the chain and removed the option from the base layer (chain) to downvote, like, then there are other places that, like busy and partiko, have a completely different front end that doesn't hide things that have negative payouts, and they did it the "hard" way, by making an entirely new frontend, it would be almost trivial to do it the easy way and clone the open source condenser.

I asked you those questions to discuss the merits behind serving certain content to the audience with a warning/caution that it may not be "good", because I think that such a feature is essential to the well being of the platform, it provides a very simple to use mechanism to caution the audience, and even if it is abused, it absolutely does not make it censorship, ever, since no information is unavailable or edited in any way. The whole "who guards the guardians" seemingly tries to avoid that conversation on the false pretext that there are such roles or such roles for the roles (guarding the guardians). Think about it, does the "rated/marked as hidden" feature not offer an overall benefit to the community, and do the downvotes as well not work to offer a check for unabridged abuse, not necessarily things like spam or bad/disturbing /deceitful / harmful content, but behaviors like exclusive self voting which would threaten the health of the overall community and would begin by as a prisoners dilemma, whereby more and more people race to vote only for themselves as there is reprocrisuon for doing so and anyone who is acting otherwise would mean not maximizing/capitulating on a guaranteed steem of profits.. I'm sure these aren't the first time you've stumbled over, these things are explained on a weekly basis it seems, just moments before writing this I ridiculed a retarded individual for trying to make a case that rated as hidden is censorship. People take censorship to mean anything and everything that isn't received positively it seems, they probably have never been actually censored or have witnessed actual censorship, it appears that people will whine, exactly like you have, asserting nil explanation or substance, nonsense like censorship, on a censorship proof platform for eternity. Even if things aren't rated as hidden, will certainly try to say it's demonization and therefore censorship, as if people are entitled to positive votes but not negative ones and rewards are guaranteed as if this isn't a game, but a crowdsourcing milking scheme.

Look away everyone, nothing to see here. This is not censorship. ;)

You're reduced to mindless ridicule and spamming, while like a good hypocrite you engage in censorship even though you yourself claim to be a free speech absolutist, and it's a logically sound conclusion as by using your own interpretation of censorship ( certainly, not mine, which posits that rating things as such, is simply rating things as such, especially considering that you cannot suppress my freedom of expression on this media by doing so) this is jetbejet (through - and-through) censorship. The beauty of all this, you expose that despite the numerous remarks and snide comments regarding being for logic you care for no such things, to you ridicule nil thought is fair, as was previously numerous attempts at tone policing amomg other such fallacious avenues to attempt at convincing people that "censorship is rating things as not worthy of rewards", and here you are trying to give credence to the inane nonsense non sequitur that there are guardians that need guardianship when the whole discussion was about the necessity of the "rated as hidden" feature, a discussion I didn't abide from for even the briefest of moments.

Just screwing with you @baah, no true hard feelings intended. :)

This is coming from someone who rationalized that downvoting is censorship because it attempts to change behavior based on socioengeneering, that basically anything that impedes the free spontaneous expression is censorship, so that when someone boos at a speaker, they are engaged in censorship, and so that if they say they don't like something and voice that opinion, be it through voting, thumbs down, etc, that's attempting to suppress and inhibit the other person, and that is censorship because they are engaging in and I quote

"Censorship is not necessarily deleting but also inhibiting, prohibiting, putting down and restraining an expression. Flagging is restraining a message by making it less visible with the intent of it being seen by fewer people due to being more difficult to take note of.

Is flagging intentionally inhibiting content?

Definition of Inhibiting: "to discourage from free or spontaneous activity especially through the operation of inner psychological or external social constraints"


So, is flagging censorship? Anyone saying it is not is not disagreeing with me, they are disagreeing with the English language according to academically backed dictionaries.

You literally "reasoned" that because censorship is suppressing and because suppression is inhibiting that any inhibiting is censorship, and when rebuked and pointed out that some "X" are "Y" and some "Y" are "Z" but that doesn't mean all "Z" are "X" you literally said:

This is a ridiculous argument. I mean to be polite, but its so blatantly wrong. The point to this paragraph is nothing more than trying to reduce facts and truth with bewilderment. Its a trick, make the matter sound more complicated than it actually is and the opposing argument appears questionable. This is manipulative debating, like a politician would do.

Let's keep things simple, shall we? If it walks like censorship, and quacks like censorship, its censorship.

Which needs no rebuke as assertion nil explanation is dismissed by an assertion to the contrary, but let me be courteous and extend you another chance:

So anything that is inhibiting free expression is censorship, especially things like disagreement, dislike, negative opinions, as they all are confirmed by your litmus test:

"to discourage from free or spontaneous activity especially through the operation of inner psychological or external social constraints".

So here you are, a hypocrite in flesh and bones, trying your darnest through mockery, ridicule, sleazy slimy snide remarks" no true hard feelings" to operate to discourage me by the operation of inner psychological AND external social constraints, correct?

this post was hidden due to low ratings

I asked you very pointed questions that you avoided, I consider this as nonsense then, good luck trying to be heard or taken seriously by anyone other than complete idiots and retards, and even though there's plenty of those imbecilic nonthoughts by their nature there are very very few with the knowhow, the connections, and least the reasoning ability to effectuate any meaningful change regarding making this place a toxic hell hole where users can post fatality videos under the deceptive title and thumbnail of "the cutest kittens ever" and do so without recourse other than maybe some idiots who stick around and try to warn people through the comment section, and without flagging, the fatality spamming trolls can earn tokens while doing it, perfect environment to promote crap, but at the very least, you can have your "no censorship please".

this post was hidden due to low ratings (not by me)
which further proves my point that Steemit is NOT resistent to censorship.
In fact I'd suggest that the existence of the Flagging mechanism is evidence that Steemit has built in censorship.

It doesn't, hiding something and offering a clear option to reveal it which acts as a caution/warning and completely removing something are two entirely different things. Also, Steem is not Steemit, no one has been censored on steem and for that to happen, for someone to have their content removed requires that 17 out of the top 20 witnesses do so.

The irony is that 'this content' which you claim is censored, is presented unchanged in it's original form and you are responding to it, in essence how can something be censored and you can see it in its entirety, unedited and completely original, and respond to it?

Clearly your interpretation of censoring is rating things as hidden, which anyone who understands what freedom of expression is, recognizes that rating things is a form of expression itself while whatever was rated as hidden, since it is still available in the exact same place where it was first published and is otherwise completely intact, only predicated with a caution that it's rated as negative, it does not infringe on that author's freedom of expression.

Look away everyone, nothing to see here. This is not censorship. ;)

Exactly what isn't censorship? I'd like to see if you can explain your response with clear and sound rational logic or if you'd rather be left to snicker in the corner while seemingly attempting to find some support from someone who responded with a non sequitur, as you've done thus far.

I'm sure that if you keep this up you'll have no problem convincing people that steem is inherently allowing anyone with a little bit of stake to censor, something that it (steem white paper) states in no uncertain terms that it is against on a most basic level, and wouldn't be a stretch to call it the ethos of this place, and after all, if you aren't actively exposing that disparaging and blatantly deceptive fact, you're silently condoning the deception. Check mate.

I'm relatively new on the platform, but this makes it clear to me several aspects of which I had some doubts.

There are a lot of people who are committed to the project and no one can think that this is done to make it worse. On the contrary, all this work is for us to take that leap in quality that we all need.
On the other hand the invasion of new currencies in the market through steem engine what they do is promote disunion. At this time more than ever we must remain calm and make steem the blockchain that we all want.
NO to censorship.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Let me know how many posts can be posted weekly or daily, about the post on the Steemit.
Well i find the answer to every question from youtube but i got no answer from youtube then i would be very grateful if you help me.
I like your account to answer my question.
Because you've been working on it for quite some time.

Good information, build confidence in STEEM.
I think it is the first label that should be used.
I will begin to cure everything that is labeled with steem.
Thank you.

Great reply my good friend here on steemit

Nice work. Keep it up. 👏👏👏

Nice to meet you here on steemit community am new a member from Uganda africa i need your help and advices about this platform

Thank you for this response.

Ayúdame con un me gusta o un mensajito para poder comenzar a ganar algo de dinero por favor.

Thks for the work you are doing @gerbino for the Steem community. You nail it and I agree 100% that Steem is the only token out there providing a service that people really want. Many altcoin with die. Price and Value are not the same. Steem On!

Post is very lovely and encouraging.
Hope all is well at the end. Waiting for steem SMT. Will see you soon .....

Thank you this great Reply
God bless you

Thank you for the update, and for all your hard work on the blockchain! 🙌 I am very glad that @jackmiller shared this link during the PYPT curation show in TheRamble discord server! 😃

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Thank you for all the work your are doing for STEEM. I see that their are a number of folks working furiously (I get e-mails from GitHub showing the work going on). Appreciate your devotion to this blockchain revolution of ours.

#PYPT Podcast !

Have a great week. This post was shared on #PYPT by @jackmiller [witness] for the STEEM Blockchain.

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Great to know about the person behind those commits ... All the very best

Very nice, thanks for the peak into your accomplishments and perspective.

Thank you Steve!

Thanks for the great post! Steem is not on coinbase, but could i send steem dollar to the wallet? Sorry, im new on steem :-)

thanks Gerbino.

1,2,3, gute Laune

@gerbino best of luck with hf21 testnet stuff and then moving onto SMTs. Wonder how they will differ from Steem Engine tokens. Heard this on #pypt

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These interviews are helping community to start having confidence in steem team. But do do get external resources into the cycle for much more effective and efficient development.

I want to become problem solver like you, and am working toward that vigorously

amazing vision of steemit the future is there :)

rise me up looks like a good service. do you think it's convenient to make to every post?

Thank you so much !

I enjoyed reading this, tho I didn't watch the video but it was nice read. Thanks and best of best in your codings!

Great post and thanks for laying all this information out so clearly. Coinbase...that would be a step forward, for sure! Really looking forward to SMT's

Thanks for your service man 🙌

Hi, how can I help?

Great Job!

This is a bit over my head, but I can appreciate your tenacity and applaud you for finding your vision and working in something you are passionate about! I agree with you that the Steem coin will do well as our community provides value. Hoping I can contribute as you have!

always fascinating, when children with 13 years already start a big deal

I couldn't agree with you more, Steem, for me is the only one that is working right now, has a large user base, has a large amount of dApps available (some of which are tremendous) and shows real potential, Steem is miles ahead in terms of blockchain evolution, not only for devs and entrepreneurs but socially too, most of the other ones are on a promise, so yes Steem on indeed!!!

Hola Comencé a seguirte amigo muy buenas tus publicaciones

Thats great

awesome way to make videos keep it up

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Hola gerbino buen post... Te felicito. Espero a tu próxima publicación por acá.

I am really glad to meet you on SteemIt and applaud the work you are doing. I too am a believer in Steem and hope that things will keep moving up from here. Thanks! Let’s Steem on!

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It would be really great to be listed on Coinbase now.... but I just send my Steem to Binance .... convert to Litecoin and send to Coinbase. It’s supper easy ... fast and cheap.

I am new but more power to steem !

Thank you for developing this fantastic platform bro!

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