MIRA Public Release

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Hello Steemians, we are pleased to report that MIRA has been released to the public. Now any witness, developer, or other node operator can take advantage of the significant cost reductions that result from using MIRA. MIRA has been performing exceptionally well in production for over two weeks, so we would now like other node operators to begin running MIRA to test it even further before we make it the default option when running a node.

About MIRA

MIRA is a cutting-edge scaling solution that we developed for Steem and stands for Multi Index RocksDB Adapter. It leverages state-of-the-art database technology developed by Facebook to dramatically reduce the cost of running the Steem blockchain by allowing nodes to store almost all necessary data on low cost (commodity) hardware instead of in RAM without degrading performance.

RAM & nVME Reductions

Thanks to MIRA, we have been able to reduce the amount of RAM being used in our Steem node by 50% and nVME usage by 100%! Instead of using nVMEs, we have been able to migrate entirely to generic network backed SSDs. This has reduced the costs of running a node to a fraction of what it used to be, making the Steem blockchain more sustainable and scalable than ever. Not only that, but lower node operation costs should translate to increased decentralization as the barriers to entry for node operators has been reduced dramatically. Best of all, this dramatic improvement didn’t even require a hardfork.

To learn more about MIRA, check out this post from our Senior Blockchain Engineer, @vandeberg.

Visit the MIRA github repo

The Steemit Team


When are you going to put an effort into getting STEEM and SBD listed on exchanges?

This project is good so it will get picked up by exchanges sooner or later. Just HODL until then, it's simple.

Awesome stuff, if anyone wants a deeper on dive on the actual performance gains (or loss) of MIRA, I suggest this excellent writeup by @gtg : https://steemit.com/steem-pressure/@gtg/steem-pressure-6-mira-ymmv-rtfm-tldr-lgtm

Yes it was a great writeup!

Thank you for this useful and valuable update! Unlike most of other blockchain technologies, STEE is far far ahead from it's performance and scalability now! I think it's time to think about the price of STEEM as well! So I believe STEEM should be in TOP 10 Crypto Lists in price feed as well!


Who is earning by Google Adsense running in Steemit?

Why not you allow this to blogger who working hard to create content?


Fantastic work guys! This is great!

I really like it. This update saves resources and is the Way to Smt.

No Freaking Idea what all this means, but I'm excited to see everyone else excited by this news :D

In actual form;
Instead of the blockchain using RAM, the blockchain will use HardDisk with the development of MIRA.
👉 RAM is damn costly, 4GB ram could be $30+ the same price for 300GB+ Hard-Disk.
This reduces price drastically for those who run Steem node and when many users run Steem nodes = more decentralization

Thank you for explaining it in layman's terms :) Totally makes sense now xo

If I started up a steem node I wouldn't get any blocks not till I get at least one vote right ? So its not really that decentralized is it ?

You can vote for yourself

To me it's, getting a user voting for you is very easy, and even you can vote for yourself!

Thank you for this comment!

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It's a pleasure 🙏

@elsiekjay I was just thinking the same thing LOL!! 🤣❗️

Great minds😅😁

People seems to be not very enthusiastic about the v0.20.11 upgrade.

Currently only I have upgraded.

This is fantastic! Someday I shall run a node!

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awesome! excited to see ready to go build scripts for this, also have we thought about putting together guides for different hosts? i'd love to help write and go through those steps with some help.

Yeah without better host management steemit inc is more liek team Crumble

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EOS Saturday announcement, @brendenblumer EOS Block.one CEO at teh WHITEHOUSE today.... and they are announcing the framework for MEOS/ aka Steemit2 on EOS to make Steem and steemit obsolete ... in just a few days... June 1st Saturday.... scarey for @ned who hasnt even addressed @dan announcing that steem/steemit is being re imagined and is running out oif time ... when the INVENTOR of Steem/Steemit says that its running out of time after being forced off the platform by a @ned who flagged his post for aggrandizement revealing his true nature (no matter how much he tried to do to damage control damage was done he showed the leader he would be and how he would respond to QUALITY content by someone trying to create new platforms, to keep Steem/steemit in CHECK, and @ned couldn't handle a check on his power... ned should have competed with @dan instead he lashed out and Dan was in no position to waste time with ned and anyone who complains 1 word about dan being on a NEW project, remember that no one today complains about Leonardo DaVinci or Thomas Edison for having TOO MANY projects... If Steem/Steemit was good under Ned then it would have been fine without Dan... he was Trying to be like SATOSHi and not squat over his own creation, i think its great the creator not lord over it...

and sorry team humble im not directing this at you im just using this reply as a pedestal for some reason hahaha

I I honestly just wanted to vent about how much i wish Ned and steemit inc would get their shit together and put theri head in teh game and realize they are in a trillion dollar industry ....

I wish steemit in and their apologists would stop making excuses about how "hard" they are working whenever someone brings up a point about all the things they arent doing which other companies much smaller than them do.... like simple marketing

I am 100% convinced ned thinks steem densest need marketing because REDDIt didnt need marketing nd only spent $500 on stickers

Was @ned convinced he was a Time Traveler by his CIA banker father? Jk but honestly i bet Illuminati kids are told they are time travelers from teh future to instill an innate sense of superiority in them.... ned might think hes getting some secret CIA facebook investment money for project libra.... aka projedct Xanadu that @adept discovered on @ned s old "a vision within a dream" xanadu kublakahn poem quote description of ned's old steem profile... we all thought Zuckerberg was the robot whenit was @ned all along....

Could you reply with the link to the announcement details once it's out? I'd like to hear more about Meos


and watch youtube channel EverythingEOS for their live stream of the event pre and after party i believe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJGfaRx0EzL0u_Wj_nz_CiQ

and here is their telegram https://t.me/Everything_EOS

WHere I got these images of the DC meetup before the event with Brock Pierce, Brenden Blumer, Zack and Rob from Cypherglass/everythingEOS

I would like to see and read this comment in English.

Hahaha :)

Lol, was really reading this conspiracy.

Good news for everyone in steem. Good vibes.

Buenas noticias para todos en Steem. Buena vibra.

This is terrific news.

Question: Is this only applicable to the master nodes or will it go for witness also?

I heard that the replay time makes it not ideal for the Witness nodes.

Good question!

Nah replay uses ram, it will be about the same speed. Unless you downgrade server specs and it will take longer depending how much ram you have. I suspect it wouldn't be a wise choice to downgrade your witnesses specs for the time being until we get some real stats on this.

Here is a rundown: https://github.com/steemit/steem/blob/master/doc/mira.md

Glad to officially see MIRA released!

WOW, that is fantastic work you guys have accomplished!
Any chance in the future to run a node on a raspberry-pi with an SSD attached to it? Just asking . . . probably a very silly question from someone who is not able to write one line of code! :-)

Oh, thanks a lot! I have an expert in these things around the corner. He certainly is able to grasp this holy text. :-)

Congratulations on this one! It's a big deal. Also, thanks

great news, now steem is moon :))

“We have been able to reduce the amount of RAM [...] and nVME usage by 100%” So you mean any 1GB of RAM machine will do it as long as it uses nVME, or I understood it wrong?....


This fits us nicely as we're preparing to set up a node of our own 🤩

Good work guys!

Awesome update guys. In related news... steemitblog needs a profile photo

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Woot! I'm happy to see this live. Keep up the good work 📈📈

Great news to hear keep up the good work thanks

Ok explain your 2 reputation....

One of the incredible side benefits of blogging on steem is getting to learn more about computer science. Thanks Team for your continual work on our blockchain. It is very much appreciated:)

Hello world and welcome :D

Thanks @steemit team . Thanks for this this release . Really excellent preview . Hope we do better on steemit..

I would like to see more promotion to the public, such as TV/radio interviews, magazine articles, etc. In particular Steemit needs to promote itself as a more secure alternative to other social media platforms.

Steem blockchain more sustainable and scalable than ever

lower node operation costs will increase decentralization

barriers to entry for node operators has been reduced dramatically

Thats a goodnews right there. Now, I think were ready for t he SMTs to be launched by now since Mira is already launched.

The update on release of MIRA is a great news for all steem users.

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I will run my node on Digital Ocean...

Thank you Steemit Inc. for this great improvement.

Congratulations to all of us!

This sounds good..So what is the min spec now to run a witness server? could you get away with 16GB RAM? and a decent SSD?

Nice to see things turn around for Steem.

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Is there an update to the SMT roadmap?

Great work, thanks a lot.

wow this is big news

When might we see a reduction in the amount of steem power one must hold to start a node?

Great update👍👍

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Best mind blowing

very good!!!

It sounds like some good progress. The easier things are to work with, the better.

Alright! Finally some good news.

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This is really great!! Nice work guys

Awesome! Does this complete your cost cutting efforts for the time being? In one interview a few weeks back, Eli said MIRA should cut the cost from ~200K per month to ~30K per month but that she hoped to trim another 10K or so. Are you still working on that 10K or is that finished as well.

Great work everyone.

Wrong thread ooooops

Now that Social Media is being destroyed by rampant censorship by U.S. Corporations in a country that use to have freedom of speech, and a free press, how hard would it be to grow your audience. Stop focusing on the crypto side of Steemit, add a feed that people can drop simple status updates and share links and start stealing millions of people away from the Crony Social Networking sights, I think you are all making this more complicated than what it really is

Congratulation on MIRA, so what is happening with SMTs?


Tbh it's already false, SPS will come first in hf21. But I think he ment that in a "what we'll be working on" more than a "what will be released next"

Sps is basically done, it's just being edited a little bit. It's EIP people are wondering if it will be worked on before smt's

I must have been away. What's SPS?

It's a new proposal system to allow with chain related projects to get their hands on funding. This would allow us to fund chain development.

yes maybe. but i wouldn't be surprised by more stincing lies.