I can't speak from experience, because I spend most of my time coding, but I would assume the competition to get Coinbase's attention is fierce.

I question some of the latest coins that were chosen to be listed on Coinbase. Unfortunately deep pocket money must be the basis for their latest picks.

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Same here. Some have/had lower market caps than steem when they were listed and also the issue of whether or not they are a security is more murky than that of steem. Not sure why we are not on there yet?!

I keep hoping Steem gets listed on Coinbase....
We are a working blockchain, s I’m not sure why we are not a priority??

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There are lots of working blockchains not listed on there. I would think given the other things steem has going for it, IE one of the most used by real people, didn't do an ICO, sets up perfectly for Coinbase Earn etc. would have it near the top of the list.

I agree, we should be at the top of the list, but my gut feeling tells me we are not.

Then with HF21 coming they probably don’t want to touch Steem.

Someone reminded me that after HF’s the exchange wallets need to be updated and are offline.

Last year Binance was offline for almost month, and that will just kill Steem’s price, and we don’t need that happening now!

With all this “talk” about on-boarding and light wallets yesterday, I wonder where we are going.

I made a comment on the on-boarding post yesterday, about my friend that is trying to get her account setup and she is so lost.
I am afraid she has lost her account.
I was trying to help her, texting information...... She hand wrote her master’s so easy to miss one letter 🙄

If we go to light wallets, will exchange’s lower our priority to list Steem?

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Not sure, but I do know a bunch of hardforks won't help our cause because they will always have to keep updating/upgrading their wallets. Which after enough times they may say it's not wort it if not enough trading volume even takes place with that particular coin. Regarding the price of steem tanking if wallets are off line... ehh... remember if the exchange wallets are offline, it might mean people won't be able to sell... though more than likely it will just mean they won't be able to transfer in or out.

I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

I had Bit coin connect wallet last do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

I’m not sure how your wallet works, but I’m sure there is a withdrawal button.


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What is the main reason for not being listed?

On many exchanges it comes down to greasing palms. Not sure if coinbase has a base listing fee or not.

If Profit >> Price of the grease


P.S. This is why crypto must be centralized (*oh, nooooooo)
with a single strong figure, with elan, with magic, with vision
and with a lot of coins