Teelkee.com - Tokenize Your World - Pre-alpha Application

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(Introduction Trailer of Teelkee.com)

Hello Steemians!

We are proud to introduce and announce to you our second project based on the Steem Blockchain, as a FutureShock Incubator. We try to challenge ourselves to develop a brighter world and we hope that this new tool that we are creating will be of great use in achieving this goal. After the successful launch of our previous project, @Fundition, we have prepared for you and for blockchain world a new stepping stone to a great future for everyone. This is Teelkee!

In the video you may get some hints about the project, namely that Teelkee.com will let you Tokenize your world. Also that it is a next-generation, decentralized DAPP builder platform on the Steem blockchain. When working on one project, we always aim to be a solution for a existing problem, and in this case it is the ease of understanding the process of creating distributed Dapps and tokens.

Now you don’t need to be a programmer, you don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of how the blockchain functions.

Teelkee will connect you with the people who already have that knowledge and allow you to create your own tokens and DAPPs quickly and with no hassle. It will democratize the process, the same way that Wordpress and Wix has enabled millions to create their own websites without needing to understand web-programming.


Launching an application, decentralized or of any other kind, can be difficult. Various barriers to entry can prevent many great concepts and ideas to be realized also them coming to life. Teelkee exists to make it so that any business or user can create their own dApps based on the Steem blockchain.

Teelkee.com will enable anyone to distribute and monetize their decentralized applications on mobile and desktop. The participants will have no intermediaries — users, developers, and business are all one and the same. By providing the essential functionality needed to create and tokenize dApps and their plugins, themes... The Teelkee Market essentially removes all barriers to entry for anyone.

The purpose of Teelkee is to bring the Smart Media Tokens to the business users who do not necessarily have the technical know-how needed to create a DApp backed by a social blockchain and cryptocurrency.



The name Teelkee comes from the Turkish word for “Fox” and “Smart”, “Tilki”. But because that wasn’t enough, we’ve added “ee”, which when placed at the end of a word means “the person who receives from others” in Korean.


Teelkee is a SaaS platform for businesses and users to build real-time decentralized application over the powerful Steem Blockchain. It is our vision that anyone will be able to create a secure, flexible and legally binding DApp based on SMT and take benefit of the social mechanism of Steem by using Teelkee.

Teelkee is about to enable mainstream businesses, users to benefit from deploying their own branded DApp crypto-backed by token economies (SMT), without a need to support their own publicly-tradable ERC-20 token.


Teelkee aims to enable DApps plugins and distribution with premium features through its embed marketplace, while providing a well established mobile development and hosting platform for Steem developers. At the heart of it, the Steem blockchain will be used for every single moment. We are leveraging blockchain technology to build real world solutions that demands the use of a Smart Media Token.

Teelkee Token (SMT) is a utility token that fuels the Teelkee platform. This includes the dApp builder and a Marketplace of dApps, plugins and themes, built on top of the Teelkee platform and powered by the Steem blockchain. The marketplace will not only allow anyone to create and distribute their own Teelkee dApps but also give a way to developers and designer to sell their work.

How it works?

Teelkee platform is end-to-end, businesses/users can easily move into the blockchain world; project owners will be able to easily activate the tokenization of their Steem Dapp by just drag and dropping modules and selecting a few parameters in the UI interface. These decentralized applications will be able to launch branded tokens powered by their own communities and their own SMT.

With Teelkee it is easy to create and edit social DApps with no coding skills, similar to how Wordpress and Wix allow for the creation of websites easily.

Building dApps on Teelkee also enables businesses, users to benefit from network effects across the participating companies. Teelkee connects businesses with the blockchain technology even if it is not a trivial task to integrate applications and blockchain for businesses.

Apply now to be an early tester.

While our project is still under development, we are looking to get our first people to test the CMS, especially people which are involved in businesses, communities, developing and creators to apply to be our alpha testers. We will work with them to ensure their needs and bring to theirs users the DApp for what they are waiting.

Teelkee Pre-Alpha Tester Form


About our Successes

@hightouch is the Founder of Futureshock. Right after his early success on steem he came up with an idea to build the next generation peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform. Where together with the team working non-stop since the beginning of February, the idea was realized with the announcement of @fundition which got a great support and changed many life and exists to build a better world all together. Helping projects to fundraise via crowdfunding.

This is not the first project of Futureshock not even the last projects, because we as an Incubator with Hightouch in our head, are unstoppable. And after delivering its heart with Fundition, here is its brain, which follow our vision of developing a brighter world.
Read more about our first project as Futureshock here

Other members behind Futureshock and our success stories

@free999enigma @unacomn @enisshkurti @addicttolife @cnylmz @burakakdogan @goyard @scottcbusiness @pennsif @planetenamek @drkent @theshinstory @fredo77200 @ekitcho

What is SMT?
A Smart Media Token (SMT) is a native digital asset on the Steem blockchain that can be quickly launched by anyone to help monetize online content and create incentives to encourage desired user behavior.
They're like Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens, but with certain built-in ‘Proof-of-Brain’ properties and a token distribution reward system designed specifically for digital content businesses.


See the latest news about the release date of the SMTs here

Follow us on Steem


Contact us

[email protected]

To be continued...


My obsession with creating dapps began not so long ago after I dived deep into learning more about cryptocurrencies, how they work, what really makes them and how they get their value. Before, I recall I was completely comfortable and fine with just moving a few digital currencies around from one wallet to another without wanting to know or even understand how they actually work/whats really behind them. The only thing I cared about was that it is a form of currency that people say has value and saw nothing beyond it. Lol!!
I know I was just Ignorant and I am also pretty sure I'm not the only one who couldn't really see beyond cryptocurrencies.
For sure when I decided to open and expand my mind a little bit, I found myself totally blown away with the actual tech behind cryptocurrencies. We call it the Blockchain technology. One of the things that really interested me was the fact that Applications could be created on top of the blockchain.
I remember 4 years ago I really wanted to create my own application that would help all artists; musicians, painters, photographers, fashionistas, sports athlete, actors sell their talents. A platform to help people with these different forms of talent find clients,gigs, auditions and any relevant events to help them get some exposure. I was gonna call the platform Artalanta. 'Art' is English word to mean art of course and 'talanta' a Swahili word to mean talent. I wrote and scribbled down all my ideas and even put down/tried explaining how the platform was gonna work. I knew nothing about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, therefore, the platform payment system was going to use ordinary currency US, EURO, and my local currency may be. I didn't have any coding skills, knew nobody who had coding skills and so I had no idea how I was going to build this application/platform. Just knew that someday it was going to become a reality. I guess this was me being over-ambitious because after all, I didn't do much about it.
A few years later I learn about blockchain technology, dapps and great platforms such as Steemit, LBRY, Ujo, Opus, Choon and am like wow,wow,wow ''Freaking speechless"...
After all those years I still don't have the required coding skills but after drawing more inspiration from such platforms, I now wanted to build my App on the blockchain. I have been waiting for so long for someone somewhere to come up with this kind of project or some sort of tool to easily help anybody anywhere in the world to create and deploy decentralized apps on the blockchain. I believe this is it. Teelkee.com is here to finally help me put the last nail on to the coffin (Hope you didn't take that statement literally)
Can't wait to finally make it happen with 0 coding skills or since I learned the Coding/Programming fundamentals let me say a quarter-baked coding skills. Artalanta will be live soon guys !! :D
Thank you @futureshock :) Love you guys. I definitely can't wait to use the platform.

Is there a fee using your service? How do your company make a profit on this?

Unfortunately building a CMS like this have a big cost. So there will be some fees (with the possibility to remove it by buying a premiumship) depending on what you want to do and which modules you use.

Can't get what business problem do you solve

Decentralization is one of those things that's so popular nowadays everybody wants to see how it could fit into our digital lives.

Another SMT project well done!


Sounds interesting. Since it seems the main purpose revolves around SMTs, I’m curious what (if anything) will be supported prior to the SMT launch.

This is so great. SaaS enables users to make their own app from anywhere with an internet connection. I always have a few ideas going on in my mind and just because I cannot get them developed, I tend to leave them as it is. I still cannot imagine how @teelkee works and how easy it would be create high end dapps with it but I am excited to try it as early as possible. Great job Team @futureshock. Will constantly follow the development of this project. Cheers!

Brilliant - this group of developers are totally on it. Fundition is great and I look forward to learning much more about Teelkee, seems like it is 6 months ahead of the game!


@futureshock, can we create our own tokens based on STEEM similar to how we can do on Ethereum? I read about SMT and the ability to create custom tokens was to happen in future. Has this already released?

Yeah, I think so. Ethereum and Steem, both. Not sure if Bitcoin is doing anything like this, but at least these two are.

I checked the SMT page and it says custom tokens would probably be available early 2019. I wanted to check if this is already some early version available for same.

You have your answer, we are waiting the launch of SMTs to integrate them in our CMS.

Ah! okay, thanks

That is good.


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This is a game changer!
Congrats team for that work, always bringing new and fresh ideas for the Blockchain.
I must say I'm excited to start giving shape to some ideas I have in mind and @teelkee just fits at 100%


Thank you for your great support!
We are also excited to start to work deeper with entrepreneurs and communities!

Wow I am getting goosebumps already. I always want to do something with blockchain and now I think this tool will help me a lot.

Teelkee has been the first cms built over blockchain using dApps application .it is easy fast and more reliable customization .No Coding required.

it is the most dedicated marketplace for users as well as developers working on dapps platform.
Anyone Can start building Dapp on social blockchain network,its has most advanced modular and creative design solutions for everybody.

The main aim of teelkee is to bring the smart media tokens into real world.

Teelkee has been useful majorly for bloggers,businesses,developers,designers ,writers and several communities.

Teelkee has to tokenize the social world in the form of smart tokens in Dapp blockchain

Using teelkee we build dapp application very easy and fast in a a blockchain network to boost social economy

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Good information, Thanks a lot. I must study hard again about blockchain and all about digital money.

Nice project , I support dapp app development in a blockchain .the most awaited teelkee ,no coding at all, really amazing

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I am very happy new project. Wishing the project to develop successfully


Very interesting project, thanks for sharing. I will keep an eye out for more news about Teelkee.

đây là một dự án tuyệt vời cho những ai không biết về các hàm blookchain hi vọng nó có một tiềm năng lớn...

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Great app, more power for Steem 🎉

Hello @futureshock
Find new to read thanks alot.
Surely this idea will be game changer.
Keep supporting

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Lots of information about Steen black chain. Thanks

Hi @futureshock, already filed the Pre-Alpha tester form. I am sure will enjoy being an early bird on it.

Thanks sir..

It's a great news u know... How can I tokenize my world


Haha it worked. LOL

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this is fascinating bro, i like it !!

such a interesting project that i have ever seen

Very nice post

Wowwwwww. Good Job. Congratulations to your team. This really a great job.

sounds good

You are very nice post.

Thanks for this project, it is a great one me and my fellow friends really love it thanks once again

I want to use your system to create my own website. Hope it's useful

wow...so good.so proud of you.

great project!

Creating a DApp without any pre-knowledge of App development from the comfort of your home is the coolest thing I've heard all day. Indeed the future is here to stay. Nice post.

Nice article

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Steemit family

According to the trailer video, Teelkee appears to be a Dapp builder, as in similar to web builders, but for decentralized apps, and I hope the best for this and for things like this. I've used Wordpress for building websites and it was good to an extent. Love the competition in all of this and may the better ones win.

Good Job, useful

Does it mean that once this project is live then anyone can create new coins on steem platform even if he is not tech savvy.

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You won't need teelkee to create your own SMT. These features are totaly independent.

Teelkee token comes something for mobile and desktop , anything that is fine for mobile and desktop will be successful and I am sure this should be successful , I work from home and I am
Looking for projects to work from home kindly let me know if something’s comes up

sir plz join me. your group.

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Ça semble intéressant. Comme il semble que le but principal tourne autour des SMT, je suis curieux de savoir ce qui sera éventuellement supporté avant le lancement

Congratulations to the futureshock team for always keeping us ahead of the curve.I visualize Teelkee to be a great success and of great utility to all the online entrepreneurs helping to monetize their maiden ventures.
Thanks once again for this beautiful gift by team Futureshock.

Je t ai déjà dit que j étais fier de te connaître ?

Tu vas me faire rougir :)

Merci copain, il en est de même pour moi!

This is a brilliant app to bring to the community, but does it have a level of functionality to allow people that are blind to use it?

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How is this going to work given it was just announced that SMT's will not be launching until early to mid-2019, which is quite a while away. And given we've experienced delays before this, there is no guarantee they'll even launch when STINC says they will.

So, is Teelkee going to have its launch hampered by relying on SMT's and what will you do if STINC comes out and says, "Sorry, but SMT's are being delayed to 2020, or late 2019"? It seems that you're basing a huge proportion of your offering on SMT's and to my knowledge, there exists no public means of being an early adopter of SMT's.

Have you considered being a one-stop shop like Heroku? As in users using a CLI tool can deploy their applications and you'll take care of the hosting and scaling? Because not everything can be put onto the Steem blockchain. will you be using SteemConnect for authentication or something proprietry? How will you handle registration fees and the like for Steem accounts as well as SteemConnect, etc?

Thank you for your interest, yes we use SteemConnect for the authentification.
And for the rest...

hightouch (62) · 15 hours ago I can only say that Teelkee is already working on Steem ;) The SMTs are like the cherry on the cake!

This is avery good project. all blockchain are in progressing condition . if we able to develop abetter blockckain ,then it will b a very good platform for us.

The name actually is futuristic I guess.
Love it!
Another GREAT job!

Nice post great work

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Maravilloso adelanto para steemit

Please help me to grow my steemit account

Excellent initiative It is a complex subject despite not requiring a high level of knowledge, but it is very well explained. Thanks.

I had a lot of ideas of projects on the steem blockchain, but I couldn’t even started because I am not a developer.
This might help a lot of people like me.
HOORAY!!! :)

Start following you now :)

Very useful information

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Honestly you made a great work and eliminate this types of problems.. Thank you so much....

grat work sir
Congrats team for that work, always bringing new and fresh ideas for the Blockchain.
I must say I'm excited to start giving shape to some ideas I have in mind

Great initiative. Just applied for to be a pre-alpha tester. Planning to launch our own SMT @tamilcharitycoin. Have a nice day.

Great Steam Blockchain is a great platform. While working on this project, we always aim to resolve an existing problem,
This gives us a lot of learning
I love steam blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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this article so cool

Excellent as always, @hightouch. You're the best, @fundition team.

Thanks :)

And yeah I totaly agree, they are the best !

great ! aye sir!

I like it video.

yaa.Good Job


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I like this article

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I am interested in @teelkee. I resteemed this article for #japanese community.

How are you @futureshock? I'm a new comer here. Still trying to find my way around. Hope you can help. Thank you.

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I think my last post will also be interesting for you:
Please, upvote it! I’ve upvoted your in advance.

It seems to be interesting great work keep it up

Hi @futureshock
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