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My obsession with creating dapps began not so long ago after I dived deep into learning more about cryptocurrencies, how they work, what really makes them and how they get their value. Before, I recall I was completely comfortable and fine with just moving a few digital currencies around from one wallet to another without wanting to know or even understand how they actually work/whats really behind them. The only thing I cared about was that it is a form of currency that people say has value and saw nothing beyond it. Lol!!
I know I was just Ignorant and I am also pretty sure I'm not the only one who couldn't really see beyond cryptocurrencies.
For sure when I decided to open and expand my mind a little bit, I found myself totally blown away with the actual tech behind cryptocurrencies. We call it the Blockchain technology. One of the things that really interested me was the fact that Applications could be created on top of the blockchain.
I remember 4 years ago I really wanted to create my own application that would help all artists; musicians, painters, photographers, fashionistas, sports athlete, actors sell their talents. A platform to help people with these different forms of talent find clients,gigs, auditions and any relevant events to help them get some exposure. I was gonna call the platform Artalanta. 'Art' is English word to mean art of course and 'talanta' a Swahili word to mean talent. I wrote and scribbled down all my ideas and even put down/tried explaining how the platform was gonna work. I knew nothing about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, therefore, the platform payment system was going to use ordinary currency US, EURO, and my local currency may be. I didn't have any coding skills, knew nobody who had coding skills and so I had no idea how I was going to build this application/platform. Just knew that someday it was going to become a reality. I guess this was me being over-ambitious because after all, I didn't do much about it.
A few years later I learn about blockchain technology, dapps and great platforms such as Steemit, LBRY, Ujo, Opus, Choon and am like wow,wow,wow ''Freaking speechless"...
After all those years I still don't have the required coding skills but after drawing more inspiration from such platforms, I now wanted to build my App on the blockchain. I have been waiting for so long for someone somewhere to come up with this kind of project or some sort of tool to easily help anybody anywhere in the world to create and deploy decentralized apps on the blockchain. I believe this is it. is here to finally help me put the last nail on to the coffin (Hope you didn't take that statement literally)
Can't wait to finally make it happen with 0 coding skills or since I learned the Coding/Programming fundamentals let me say a quarter-baked coding skills. Artalanta will be live soon guys !! :D
Thank you @futureshock :) Love you guys. I definitely can't wait to use the platform.

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