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Steemian community, we need you!!! Get your keyboard ready! It's going to get Steemy!!!

[Pour la version française, c’est par ici, chez mon amie @flamingirl] 😉

Dear Steemians,

It all started with a phone conversation with my steemian friend @flamingirl yesterday. As usual the ladies we are spend a lot of time on the phone together, and this occasion wasn’t gonna have us fail our reputation. She’s been doing great on the platform and has been promoting Steemit in Barcelona through regular meetings, and having a blast doing it.

Untitled design (2).jpg

So she dropped the fact that she was coming to Paris early spring, and that it was the perfect timing and opportunity to share some Steemian love with current and potential future steemians over here, and it would super duper cool if we could do it together.

“What??? Together??? You mean, super you and mini me?” That’s what I thought first thing, for real. And when she started giving her ideas, my brain started thinking like crazy, more than it usually does, which is a pretty damn good sign. So I said yes, obviously.

Stacy Wyss - Unsplash

So, here we go :
To all french speakers out on Steemit, we want to put you at the forefront and help us build what will be a cool Steemit event over here in Paris. Your contribution and ideas are most welcome to help us give back to the community even more. Comment with joy and good vibes.

Mission nº1: Bring Steemit to the Parisians!

We want to bring the Parisians to know about the incredible opportunity offered by Steemit today. For all the aspiring writers and bloggers, it’s a fabulous tool to share your work, you passion and your life. @flamingirl and I are currently brainstorming like mad as to how we can bring more people to Steemit to share all the awesomeness of it.

The cool thing about our collaboration is that we bring the possibility to bring in people speaking French but also Spanish and English. (not to say that my Spanish is quite ridiculous to say the least)🌍
@flamingirl will look after our Spanish speaking friends, while I take care of the English speakers. The both of us together, we are unstoppable! 🚀 🌕 💥

Mission nº2 - Share the Steemit Love

We want to bring together the Steemians of Paris . The idea would be to do a meeting right here with you guys, and potential newcomers, or people that would like to discover more about it.

So far, our ideas are :

Do some funky leafleting around Paris and its popular areas. There’s nothing like going to actually meet the people and explain, even showing how things work.
Bring those people along with actual Steemians to a meeting, with workshops and talks about Steemit
Give to the current Steemians the opportunity to learn from some successful Steemians by organising some talks.
If you do have more ideas (which can be done under 30 days), we do welcome them with open arms...

This meeting will not be happening without you and your contribution, whether it is an idea, or your presence to it. Let us know if you like the idea, have ideas, or even are considering participating to this super event, which would make us so freakin’ happy.

So if you know Steemians who can be interested, people that consider joining Steemit, or even a cool venue to bring us together in the City of Lights and of Love, get in touch !😉


📢 So people, what do you think? Are you liking the ideas?👍 Not liking them? 👎 Are you considering some other ideas ?

This crazy idea comes from two friends, who were friends before starting their Steemit journey. I cannot be thankful enough to know someone like @flamingirl, with whom we gonna rock a brilliant event for all of you, guys. I’m so super excited about it.

This idea of a meeting will not go far without you, so if you’re in, let us know, get in touch. What’s for sure is that your girls @flamingirl and @frenchlondoner are so pumped up by the idea that we are so doing all the work to make it happen.

If you want in, FOLLOW, UPVOTES and RESTEEM this article, or the one of @flamingirl so we grow the PST (PINK STEEMIT TEAM) even bigger !!!


Until next time…

The French Londoner


PS: And as a teaser, I let you see for yourself the pics of the events @flamingirl has been running in Barcelona so far.



Mon sensationnel 2ème MEETING STEEMIT à Barcelone! With THE BEST PINK FLAMINGOS TEAM EVER! [French version]

🤗🤗🤗My 1st STEEMIT MEETING in Barcelona!🤗🤗🤗

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You guys have quite the dynamic group of steemers there lol great pics too! :)


Thank you! As we like to say : « the more the steemier ! » ;)

we do all the work to make it happen.
all expect togetherness to achieve success.

great post dear friend


Thanks a lot. :)


your welcome dear

Very dynamic guys. I like you all. By the way beautiful pictures.

Nice to see all of you in steemit!!

Wow likes your post .. happy reading it .. really amazing ... thanks for sharing on a good day.
I like to read every post you .. I also learn a lot about steemit from every post you. Whether it's writing or photos. Thank you steemians ..
It's an honor for me if you visit my blog..

great post dear friend!

Its a great idea
Steemit will grow as many members can join it
You are doing a great thing @frenchlondoner


join us @manojm! 😊😊😊
As we like to say : « the more the steemier ! »


wow very excellent post.

Wow!. This is lovely.. Didn't know how far temit had really the world. But reading through some steemit promotion article really makes me understand. I liblve what you guys are doing. Keep up the good job.
I'm also a promoter of steemit here in Nigeria.

Building a community that wil bring people to steemit is what we do everyday!!!
A world where we share ideas and live digital life by supporting and upvoting those amazing content shared by the community and steemit members who review their contents and amazing artworks and informative write ups for us to be updated in the digital world we find our selves.
JG-COMM Represents Africa and international extension of people who wants to share their ideas and lifes style on steemit....
steem world 3.png

I generally support the idea you guys gat for the promotion of steemit in paris..
Over here we represent Africa and its extensions ...
Together we grow!!!
Keep steeming... Together we change the world ...

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