🤗🤗🤗My crazy first meeting steemit in Barcelona!🤗🤗🤗

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Hi steemians,

Today I will tell you about my first crazy meeting steemit!

@sammarkjames, @flamingirl, @estefantt, Jed and @lazyfrog08 at Alsur Café Barcelona.

I was very excited to prepare my meeting!!!

  • I went to customize my t-shirts

  • I bought personalized gifts for my guests

Flamingo pens to write better! ✍😆

  • I booked a table at Alsur Café ☕

The best place!

  • I put on my great Flamingirl t-shirt and ran to the café.

All participants were at the appointment!!!
There were my friends: @estefantt and Jed (a french photographer, future steemian ^^).
I met for the first time: @sammarkjames and @lazyfrog08. Who were very late (oops, you should not reveal it?).

But they came and we could start this crazy meeting!!!
It's really great to be able to talk to steemians in real life. Much better than virtual!
We presented and talked about your lives, our passions and our projects.

@sammarkjames told us about his humanitarian trip to Nepal! A really exciting story about meeting with people from a refugee camp. He has put together pictures and videos of cute kids who are discovering Snapchat or Instagram ^^
It motivated me even more to do a humanitarian mission to children in Brazil.

He has created an initiative that will be launched in the next two weeks. It will support humanitarian causes through funding but also teams of people. Let's stay connected!
In the meantime, here is its logo in preview...

Apparently, @estefantt has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency world for the last 4 years.
He has started by building a french website to explain the power and potential of the BitShares platform.(http://www.bitsharesfcx.com )

Then he moved onto the Bit20 project. Bit20 is index fund created the BitShares blockchain; it represents the growing value of the top 20 cryptocurrencies listed by market cap. (http://www.bittwenty.com/)

His last project is a website that brings a new light to crucial data regarding blockchains and cryptocurrencies. (http://www.blocktivity.info/)

One way to consider a blockchain project is through its market cap. Another way, closer to the real value, is observing the activity on the blockchain. Lots of FUD and HYPE are responsible for "misplaced" capital in the cryptocurrency space. Here, we are observing which project is actually being used by people, which is in our opinion, the best predictive indicator of value you can have.

I have learned lots of new and interesting information that can help me with my investments!
If you want to follow his adventure, you can find them on @estefantt and about his project development, on @blocktivity.

@lazyfrog08 told us about his travels, his projects and his interests. He is product manager for an IoT company. Thanks to him, I learned about India (his country of origin), San Francisco (where he lived) and the sensors ^^. We spoke in "spanglish", a mix between Spanish and English (which I do not master yet). I have a very funny anecdote about it to tell you. When I waited for the boys, I almost wrote this message: "I'm waiting for you gays, instead of guys ...", which is not quite the same ... 😅😅😅
If you want to read his post about the next summit in San Francisco: https://steemit.com/steemit/@lazyfrog08/token-summit-in-san-francisco-or-opportunity-to-meet-ned-scott-taylor-mohahan-and-other-influencers

My friend Jed, now know steemit and will be able to register soon. For my part, I am super happy with this first meeting and believe me my friends, it will not be the last!

Next week, I will eat with @sammarkjames and @lazyfrog08 in a cool vegan restaurant in Barcelona. If you want to join us, you're welcome ;). We are a little crazy but really nice people ^^

Thank you for reading my post. THANKS A LOT @estefantt, @sammarkjames, @lazyfrog08 and Jed, for coming to my meeting! Steemit is a big family and it's an amazing experience! I ♡ STEEMIT!


It has been a pleasure to meet you steemians! I hope FlaminGirl will set another "rendez-vous" in Barcelona.

I'm sure there is lots of steemians in Barcelona that didn't even know about this meeting. Let's find these lost souls FlaminGirl !!!



I will organize a second meeting in Barcelona very soon! Stay connected my friend;)
We have a new participant @redtravels. :)
I am very excited to see you all again!!!

See you soon!

Very well written! Thanks for inviting us and for our pens, sorry we were late and drunk :P

Nice to meet you too EstefanTT, super interesting guy, would like to catch up properly to hear more.

Let's hope Jed joins up too. And we'll see you next week @flamingirl

Ps. please do check out @steemaid

No worries my friend, it was a very funny meeting! I'm happy to meet you and talk about our experiences!
I suggest Wednesday or Thursday for the vegan restaurant. Let me know ;).

I am reading about @steemaid.

Have a good day!

Nice post... Best of luck

A most excellent article! Thank you so very much for sharing all this information, great news about the gathering and empowering us all on this road to financial autonomy and freedoms beyond our dreams! I loved seeing all these smiles, thanks for all this sharing. Upvoted, resteemed and shared!

Namaste :)

Thank you so much! I am happy because I spent a lot of time writing it today... (English is not my first language) ^^. It is not easy to transmit emotions in writing but pictures do it very well for me! :D

Namaste ;)

Good luck have fun! By the way we are planing to do meeting in Turkey too. Maybe you can share some Steemit talking stuff for us!

Awesome! good initiative! I would like to visit Turkey one day! Of course, I'm on steemit chat if you want to talk ;)

I do not use steemit chat but ı am in Discord. Are you using Discord?

Nop. What is this ?

Best of luck bro...✌✌

Thanks my friend! 😉✌

is there any bangali or indian???

Great !
If you have the time please check my account 🙌

Bahot achchi post likhi hai apne
Me abhi naya hu iss steemit pe

sorry, I don't understand your language ^^

Nice one! I'll join the next time you meet in Barcelona if it's ok :) I'll be here another 3 months...

Awesome @redtravels! If you are available this week (Wednesday or Thursday night) for a vegan restaurant, you can join us (@sammarkjames, @lazyfrog08 and me. Otherwise, I will organize another meeting next month! Let me know ;)

next month would be cool

Nice!!!! Do you have steemit chat ??????

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