Steemit Notifications! FINALLY! I developed a browser extension that shows your upvotes, replies, ... Looking for Beta Testers

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When was the last time you felt like Steemit is missing notifications about new replies or upvotes and downvotes on your posts. Well now you can have it. With Steemification (yea, creative with the name right?)!

So I spent the day to create a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that essentially gives you pings when someone is interacting with the posts you have created. The mechanics of it are quite simple: you just enter the username of your account or of an account that you want to watch and there will be a browser notification as soon as something new is happening.

There is an option to choose custom layout notifications or go with the default browser notification style. When clicking on the notification you get redirected to the post and can interact or reply instantly and thus improving the whole flow of how to use steemit a lot more.

I submitted the extension to the Chrome Webstore and it is currently pending review and I will submite it now to the Firefox extension store. Once the links are live I will post it here. I dont know how long the review process takes but for everyone who want's to have the extension I can also send files. I'am not sure if I can support Safari but I will look into it later today.

While developing it and having it run for two hours myself I saw the following options for improvement:

  • notifications about new posts from people who you follow
  • an optional alternative layout in the facebook notification style
  • options to select which kind of notifications you would want to show (upvotes, downvotes, replies,....)
  • a feature that you suggest?

I hope this extension can be useful to a lot of people here on #Steemit. Even if not it is very useful to myself as it is finally possible to keep up with everything happening on the platform easily. Essentially I hope that this extension can give a guideline to the admins how notifications on the page could look like and that they implement them into the project itself at some point.

hey everyone, thanks for the overwhelming support. i sent out the extension to a few people here and on telegram and the feedback so far is great. unfortunately the chrome webstore store rejected the first submission due to the image guidelines not fulfiled with the reason "other" - very helpful - but i resubmitted it already.. after talking to a few people on our steem telegram group i also decided to polish the sourcecode more and release it on github. the extension is not asking for any passwords or keys but still people should have the means to verify this themself. please stay tuned i will update this post as soon as the extension goes live. if there are further feature requests just drop me a comment here please! steem on!


This is the best thing I've seen all week!

thanks for the flowers - that is quite a compliment after all those posts from girls or photoshop pictures introducing themself!
man.. some of the gifs in the comment section on this site are just hilarious

This is exactly what I am looking for! beautiful work! @fleuri
@jesta someone beats you to it!

@fleuri okay let us see the best results from you, cheers

Ok black
I hope you remember me 🙊🙉🙈

Good job. I made a relative proposal yesterday, you may have seen it (?) or not:

Having said that, I'm somewhat ideologically opposed to extensions for use on a website that deals with money for obvious security concerns but I don't mind its use as a proof-of-concept inspiration to get to our target of native integration faster.

a cookie from putin? i feel honored :)

Hey man, I would like to test the extension. i would love to have this on my browser!

great! after being screenshot famous you kind of have to test it anyway! :)
what browser are you using? do you know how to install extensions manually? just give me a mail and i'll send it to you. would be nice to have some beta feedback so the initial reactions when its live on the extension stores won't be affected by any potential bugs whatsoever

Yeah sure, I'm using Firefox. Mail is [email protected]

sent. please get back to me if everything was working smoothly or if you saw anything off. i tested it only for 3 hours now but couldn't see anything that would need fixing.
also if you have any additional requests or suggestions please let me know

please can i test it also? [email protected]

[email protected]
Send me the crx/zip. Thanks

[email protected]

I'd like to try it too.

Hey! Great add-on! I'd like to try this as well if at all possible. I use ram hungry chrome :) [email protected]

i want to test it too. if it exist. [email protected]

haha thank you! i was missing this feature from day one and it is such an obvious thing to have natively in the website. i hope @ned and @dan can take my extension as an inspiration to implement notifications with one of the next website iterations

I really hope so! Make sure you open an issue on the git.

Not one Medal but 10!

Also do check out this Post regarding Rules of Steemit and It's proper Usage:

Nice add-on.

thank you

Nice ツ

Good, thank you !!!

Sounds cool, but based on the amount of SteemPower you own, my money is on this being a password exploit. Thats just me. I trust no one.

Good to know
But if you have the time, check you logged on, activities you can see from there.
If you upvote someone & they don't thank you and upvote you
I suggest don't follow them.
Is a waste of your votes
I have been following others
That is how they gaining their support
Anyway Good Job Poster

@fleuri Hey this is awesome! I would love to help you test. I use chrome and I know how to create and run custom extensions. I also know how to port between firefox and chome apis.

you deserve all my steem power lol. wish I could place a bet on an upvote and increase the stake

I hope a good app will follow ! My computer is still broke and it's a nightmare browsing in the phone . I cannot even find my recommendations and who I follow . Anyways nice job !!!

Awesome! That's what we have been waiting for, thanks so much man!

you are going to get big quick!
Nice thinking!!!
is there any way we can get you to post this to ? or to dropbox and share a link here?

It's these types of contributions that will help Steemit mature to its true potential.

hey! i was just trying it out actually. you did a great job there, i just upvoted your post :) i am a very early adopter of telegram and it is great to see that so many people are using it also on the steemit platform. we also have a steemit group for those who don't know:
i seriously don't know why people are still using whatsapp for example... :')

I'd be interested in testing this too. I was noticing that I don't currently get notifications for activity on my content. I don't want to post my email address here, but feel free to PM me (though I haven't yet figured out how that works), or you can find me on BitcoinTalk (I'm wiser there as well).

That's quite nifty and would save a lot of time. I wouldn't mind testing the extension out. :)

oh good finally

What a great idea! what else do you have down the pipe?

You got my vote x10 !

Cheers mate!

Awesome job, this is definitely useful and needed. Check my ideas for improving the main page user interface.

Thankyou steemit.

I would really love to see the source and build instructions.

thaks for the great insight

ต( ິᵒ̴̶̷̤ ﻌ ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )ິ ♬ YES ต( ິᵒ̴̶̷̤ ﻌ ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )ິ ♬

awesome \o/ i can't wait to install it, notifications are exactly what steemit is lacking! you are going to be rich soon :D

oh hell no,lol how did i miss this was sneaky and slipped through my fish net,lol....Hey this is hellish, i use slack with some steemwatchy pingys , but sometimes it takes a little to much of my attention away , so something a little less time consuming would be awesome...great addition to the steem weaponry for sure...I beta test alot for different programs/apps so if you need another at the helm, count me in for a battle run!! is the main but i use all browsers .:)

This sounds very useful, upvoted, thank you.

I'm not able to test myself, but am looking forward to further updates.

what system are you using? i was thinking that the next thing could be a proper mobile app that allows posting and interacting with the platform properly. and notifications could come in as push notifications. what do you think?

I would install in a heartbeat.

Hell yea I need this for sure! Thanks, @christoph3 @surfinmurphman @christoryan

Good, thank you

First of all, thank you for this great extension. Just what I've been looking for! Hopefully it works smoothly as I'm having some troubles with steemstats for example. If you would be to implement notifications about new posts AND new votes from people who you follow, I'd probably have no need for Steemstats anymore! Keep up the good work.

finally!! i appreciate all the other developments here but nothing hurts more than not having proper notifications

Please allow me to test the extension please, anything goes for me, firefox, chrome tampermonkey,greasemonkey! :P
email: [email protected]

If it is still possible,i would also like to get this extension,
im ready to test it.

looks great :)

i have chrome . how i can install the extension ?

Thanks @fleuri, this is very useful because I am following few people but don't any idea on how to monitor them. This is very useful.

Very interesting

You're a genius!

Good .Steem ahead !

Great Idea! Looking forward to trying it out :)

hi there !! i,d be very interested to try this ext. out as its true im finding it very difficult to track the responses i get from my multiple news posts !! a real steem station of pipes i,ll tell you !! thanks for the development time and effort !! im sure we all need this !! ; - ) [email protected]

I wanna give the beta a try!

[email protected]
Send me the crx/zip please.
Thanks for your job ;)

Commenting to check back later. Thanks!

That's no small accomplishment. I hope making the extension live goes smoothly. Nice work! * Sean Connery voice *

if you need help with the notification design let me know, iam a designer and did a few things here on steemit and would love to help

thank you for the offer. i will get back to you about it once there is feedback in regards of the current design and maybe additional feature requests. but polishing it a bit definitely can't hurt!

Not a bad post per se. But the blog reward for it is simply outrageous! And no, not because of envy... read my reasoning here:
Steemit Is Not A Casino

I haven't seen the extension yet, but in the list you posted here of the features it doesn't say (and I think it would be both cool and useful to add) "people you're following".

Can you get notifications from more than 1 user with the extension?

Thanks for investing time in trying to improve steemit. I'm looking forward for the extenstion.


Amazing would make life so much easier

Just brilliant! keep Steeming Steemers #steemit

I would definitely give it a shot. I always felt the notification as to when there was replies, or someone you follow blogs, was lacking. This is great!!
And I appreciate that you took the time you make this. Would love to be a beta tester. :)

Thanks for creating this. Quick question, have you made the code available for users to review? This would help from a security point of view, i definitely wouldn't install this blindly.

how i can try ?

Mentions would be great :)

any chance for a firefox one?

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