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Download the Steemit browser extension for Google Chrome in order to show notifications when people interact with your posts and comments!

So what happened in the past days? So few days ago I was making a post that I created a browser extension that is adding the missing notification feature to What followed was unexpected. Quite a lot of people were digging it and the feedback was overwhelming. I felt like I didn't do the people justice with my extension because it was hacked together in a short amount of time and I didnt spent much time testing it. Additionally it was built on the crossplatform browser extension framework from crossrider which turned out to not to be very trustworthy.

So I redid the whole thing and improved it on all ends. I rewrote the code completely and made a native extension for Google Chrome. Chrome was the first browser to begin with because no one of the testers requested the Firefox extension. The result can be seen in the picture above.

Tell me how to get started already!

  • install the extension from the link below (if you have firefox/safari keep reading)
  • once the notification icon pops up enter your username and set the timer how often the extension should update
  • never miss when @wang comments on one of your posts :)

Download link:

Is that it? Will there be further developments? Yes. While waiting for Chrome to list the extension I spent a lot of time improving it even more. In a few days the extension will come to Firefox browsers as well, I'am just waiting for Firefox 48 to be released due to it's notification api which will happen in the beginning of August. Safari will follow after the FF version is live. Please anyone in the comments confirm me that people are still using the Safari browser..

Until then I should also be done with the version I am currently working on, I thought it would be neat to have the notifications in a more facebook kind of style... which will be included in the next release.

This is the list view for when only a few new events happened.

Other current ideas to be added:

  • ship horn when one of the whales (top 250 from the richlist) is upvoting/commenting your article
  • notification when someone mentions your name like: @fleuri
  • your idea? -> just leave a suggestion!

Thanks to all the people who tested the extension or offered support! If anyone experiences any bugs or has feedback please leave it to me in this post. The sourcecode can be seen if you follow the link above. You can install it directly from the sourcecode or you go the way via the chrome webstore - both are identical. This extension will never ask for your password or private keys in any way - if you ever notice that or someone is creating a copy cat extension please report it immidiately!


Please add a feature to allow changing of the Steem API server as I can't guarantee that the [default API]( can survive all the load people are putting on it.

hey @xeroc , thanks for the feedback! i will add this right away.

thanks for information

Please explain why you are abusing the flagging system and also please remove your flag on my post and stop abusing the flagging system.

You may find larger account holders start flagging you back and ruin your Steemit reputation and remove funds from your post due to your abuse of the flagging system. Currently this is the only method we have to stop flagging abusers.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my post praising Dan that you've flagged. Thank you for your cooperation.

It's happened! thank for making this idea a live!

you are welcome..

Great idea dude! Props to you!

the idea isnt so good i think it really is an obviously missing feature to steemit

Ship horn would be funny :D

not funny, necessary!

or custom sound

very nice

thanks! if you have any requests or additions please let me know :)

Yes!!! notifications......

hmm turns out no one loves me =(

how come?

mainly because I post sarcastic comments online

Hi @fleuri,

This is super cool and useful! I use several browsers at once, chromes for work stuff, firefox for social media and safari for banking etc..

Do you have a roadmap for a firefox extension ?

Either way I just tested the extension I can happily say it works 100% !


yes, as written above it will go live as soon as firefox 48 is getting onto the release channel. that should be on the second of august from all what i know.. until then i hope to finish and test the new layout that i presented above in the post. i will send you another reply once the ff version is live as well. dont want to make a post for every new update

Good deal man ! Thanks and have a penny :)

this goes directly into the beer fund!

Then have another! LOL

Only one word for this.. magic stuff!!!

actually it is just a bit of javascript and html... :)

let me know if you run into any issues please

yeeeah )) this is a WONDERFULL!!!

Wow, I've been looking for this for about an hour. And now I am here. Thank you for app. I have been struggling about the updates on my comments and posts that why this app will be a great help. Keep on updating it and more power.

Will it be safer now? You said you were hacked so are you making sure it doesnt happen again? Thanks!

yea it is completely unrelated to the code. tbh i'am not sure what happened maybe my password eventually hasn't been stronge nough. i recovered it via facebook and set a very secure one. but again the extension isn't related to problems with my personal account. so yes it is safe to use, i'am just asking a couple of old steem users to verify that by the source code.

You're AWESOME fleuri, Thank you!!!

@allyourbase , dont make me blush please :*

Nice compilation of info, Thank you !

my friend, are you a bot?

No I'm a man and even established Browser Extension Steemit.

This is really helpful. I will give the plugin a try and will give you my feedback in the comments.

thank you. eventually there wasn't much feedback so far... would be nice to hear what people are thinking and improve the extension more...

I'm looking for something to get notifications, when Steemers that I like have written a new blog post. Is this possible with your plugin? - There is already the possibility in steemit to follow accounts, but you can only choose them, but not see a list of the new content of them.

exactly what i was thinking too!

Great stuff dude , waiting for Firefox extension.

hey, sorry that it isn't out there yet. personally I'am also all in for firefox. the extension was ready but it wasn't good and didn't do justice to what people were expecting. so i thought better to postpone it. as soon as Firefox version 48 is live the extension for Firefox will be on the store. i can send you a reply here once its live!

woohoo cool app thank you....wish I was as talented to be able to make my own apps

it's never to late to start. you can easily start to learn building applications these days... there are a lot of resources online to get started... if you have an android phone for example... why not start working on a small app that could solve some problem for you? :)

in the last days i was working to something similar :( you did a great job.

you may still release it or make a pull request on my code. the more people contribute the better it can get i guess...

This is the community in action! Great tool Thanks!

you are welcome...! if you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know!

Did your notifications browser extension notifited this comment?

haha! of course it did :)
the question is... did this reply notify you about my comment?

Perfect! Was waiting for it to hit out of Beta. That was surprisingly quick! Any plans for a Firefox extension though? I stopped using Chrome because of the RAM and battery life bloat.

yes, please read the above post. firefox version 48 will hit the users on august 2cnd and with this version i will also release the extension for FF because one of the API's i'am using will natively supported by FF with this version

this is a nice idea

Thx 4 ur work! great addon!

My idea: use some sort of websocket to make it real-time, waiting 10 sec in 2016 kinda sux :)

But great work so far, i love all community contributions!

This is a good effort! I hope sooner or later this becomes part of the site. Keep it up! :)

Cool. Will try this out.

My icon dropdown looks like this and not like the photos you have in the post above. Am I missing something?

I have been using Steemification for some time now and I am thoroughly pleased with this extension. It gives me up-to-the-second alerts on my posts and allows me to provide real-time responses to my people.

Follow me for cool takes on Steemit.

this is awesome!!

well... let's see what you think about the next update :)

Steemit desktop client ^:

Hey @fleuri. This is just great idea but it does not work. I could install it, add my account name and that is all. No notification. The icon is just tehre always empty. I do not have any idea what I did wrong. Thanks in advance for your advice

Thanks for the information, very useful

Installed on Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) (Win 7 Pro) - it does not work. All options are checked, Steem user name is correct, but no notifications whatsoever are received. Any thoughts as to why?

Thank you so much. I am trying it right now. I was so blind without it.


Hello people. Advise, how can I make an interesting blog?

hey @fleuri

does your browser addon still work?
I have latest chrome browser but it never showed me notifications though :(

lack of notifications really bother me very much, thanks for fixing this problem, downloaded and testing it out.

Thank you carefully learned about safety.

Will there by any for Firefox?

Great report, regards @fleuri

So there will be a safari version also?

yes I didnt look into it much yet but it will be the next thing right after the FF version including the above mentioned new features are live. shouldn't take more than a week until the Safari extension could be tested..

Is there a Safari extension yet?

Brillant, installed. thanks

How this doesn't have more up votes i don't know, i know a lot of the Steemit community is probably "anti-Chrome" but this is still a pretty awesome tool for notifications

Does your Plugin still work? I installed it a month ago but I never recieved any notifications.

Thx :)
Love this addon!

This is awesome thank you!

Awesome. Big thanks for you :)

you are most welcome :)

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