Steemit.Chat Contest #12 + Contest #11 Winners Announcement!

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The 11th contest was about creating a sentence with either of these two words, ‘Whippersnapper and Gibberish.’ There were some good entries and it was quite fun to read through them and select 6 winners.

I had to close the contest 11 early as it was started a bit late owing to my travels. But we’re back with a new contest this week but let me first announce the winners.

Congrats to these Steemians who won Contest #11:

  1. @vcelier - All over town, people were finding windshield wipers broken on their cars. Only one wiper had been snaped and usually under the other one there was a paper with some message such as "Catch me if you can" or "The Empire strikes back". People started to complain, ohe police increased the number of patrol. The unknown person who was doing this damage had been nicknamed "The Whippersnapper" by the press. Finally, after a month, he was caught red-handed by a police patrol. When he was apprehended, he said: "Que me voulez-vous, j'ai rien fait!". To which the cop replied: "What is this gibberish? It's all Greek to me." And the Whippersnapper replied: "C'est pas du grec, monsieur l'agent, c'est du français!".
  2. @camillius - Most people in Nigeria are outrageously ambitious, hence they tend to handle life like you would a bull by its horns. A press conference was once held to help the masses know more about a particular Nigerian political office aspirant and it was found out by the end that this person was merely a young whippersnapper who tried to make up for his ill-mannered nature through his 'flowery' use of words which he presumably thought made him sound eloquent, but instead ended up making him sound gibberish.
  3. @impacter - In the midst of increase in the price of Steem and SBD, Steemians work hard to ensure that they get more payout from each post they make; begging and paying for upvotes. Some always participate in contest by @firepower just to win some SBDs and Steem. It is surprising why there seems to be little or no improvement in the situation of some minnows. Blogging is about experience, but these days, some Whippersnappers just show up on DTube and YouTube trying to make recommendations for minnows on how to increase their earnings by proclaiming gibberish speeches which a lot of untalented minnows are following to their ruin. Indeed, experience can not be bought.
  4. @marvel1206 - The young whippersnapper majestically walked up to the podium, with his shoulders almost above his heads as he stood still, prepared to give the speech. "Ahem! " He coughed into the microphone in front of him and sent a wave of silence all through the enthusiastic crowd that had gathered to hear him speak. I was particularly unmoved and unshaken by this pompous act. We never envisaged our win at the just concluded "Blaze Talent Hunt" and our team leader was asked to give a speech on behalf of our team. Poor Mike's gut pushed him to convince the organizers to allow him give a speech on our behalf instead. Right there! I knew things would eventually go south but I had no option other than to give my consent due to the influx of gazes our team's success attracted. He finally opened his wide mouth as if to cough up something sensible but only froze for a few seconds. In a split second, he was covered in sweats and his discomfort was palpable, he snapped his fingers as if to remember whatever he was going to say. At last, he heaved a sigh if relief and regained his composure. " I would like to thank you all for the opportunity you gave to showcase my talent, I would also like to thank my dad, my mum, my parents and my siblings. Thank you". Heck! Did he forget he was speaking for the team? "Gibberish!" I lamented.
  5. @thinkagain - "Honey, some Whippersnapper makes me speak Gibberish in order to win the contest."
    "Great news! Finally, someone is looking to hire a man with your skills."
    " 😞 "
  6. @mininthecity - When I was a wee whippersnapper, my friend and I invented a language. To everyone else, it was gibberish. To us, it was the language of queens. As we plotted our domination of the world, we realized living in the woods would be better than ruling over millions of inferior beings. Today you might find us in a treehouse, if you know where to look. Off the grid, speaking gibberish, reminiscing about the days when we were whippersnappers.

Winners will receive the SBDs when the Contest 11 post pays out. Thanks for being patient.

Contest #12

Let's get on with the 12th contest and it’s quite simple. I'm sure many of you will participate in this. We’ll run this in the official contest channel on Steemit.Chat

Tell Us About Yourself!

  1. 1 Entry per person.
  2. Answer this Question: What is your passion in life, how long have you pursued it, how do you sustain yourself to enable this and stay committed to it over the years?
  3. Maximum word count cap of 150 words.
  4. Post a single comment in steemitchat-contest channel with your entry.
  5. You have until the next Monday till this post pays out or my announcement in the channel closing the contest (whichever is earlier).
  6. There will be 6 winners. I will choose 6 best responses. Winners will get an equal split of the SBDs from this post.
  7. Multiple entries will lead to disqualification so kindly post a single comment in the chatroom!
  8. Contest will take place in steemitchat-contest channel on Steemit.Chat.

You are also welcome to drop more Steemit.Chat contest ideas in this post or in the contest channel and you may get some SBDs if your idea gets selected for a future contest.

Let contest #12 begin!

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i m giving away 2 free upvote.

great post regarding steem chat

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (08.01-14.01): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @firepower for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.


I am assuming that minnows are the steemians that are new and don't have much content or contribution logged? If so this confirms that I am indeed a minnow.


Yes, minnows are the new users with low Steem Power (influence).


" That young whippersnapper thinks he's so damn smart in making money, just wait till he gets a whiff of Steemit " :)

Congratulations to the winners. Dear, @firepower, you made a nice selection.
Thanks for the contest.

@firepower thanks allot for the contest. I am looking forward to win this time.

I will also win some day
Congrats to all winners

What??? Am I the only whippersnapper that still uses gibberish in sentences?

I missed the last contest. I will take a pass on this one, but will watch for the next. Man...I wanted to do #11. Vacation messed me up.

Wonderful finally got something to participate in being a non-literati he he, ;) ... Just posted my entry for Contest #12, thanks for organizing it.

Congratulations to all the winners from the last contest.

Thanks so much @firepower for the chance

I am sure to win this one

Congrats to all the winners for their performance and great thanks for @firepower for organising such a beautiful contest. Good job .

I am so into this. Thank you for this contest @firepower

Wow! I appreciate the opportunity and am grateful to be a winner. I'll continue to resteem, upvote, and participate in contests. Thank you @firepower for managing the competitions and encouraging creativity!

Wow. I would definitely participate in your next contest @firepower.

Congratulations guys and thank you for this nice contest :)

Congratulations to all the winners.

It is really nice contest

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉

congrates to all the winners!

Congratulations to all winners and this is nice question for this week contest will submit soon.

haist I missed that contest # 11..

Always fun to read the winning entries.. congratulations and all the best for the next context...

My passion is to "Roll" - :P

Thanks a lot for listing me among the winners. Am really excited

I'm confused the top of this post says the contest is "about creating a sentence with either of these two words," but the entries are like a huge paragraph long so did you mean to say create a story or a paragraph because none of the winners wrote just a sentence? @firepower I do see this new one has a maximum word count of 150 and assume the last one did as well but in that case it wouldn't be correct to say sentence but paragraph or maybe short story.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thanks for making this fun contest @firepower and making this a fun and better place.

As one of the winners, I have to thank @firepower for given opportunity.

I made my entry as well on the contest channel:) Can't wait to see results yet! Good luck to everyone! Steem on!

thanks @firepower. I have seen the transfer of SBD into my account. More power to your elbow and more SBD to your wallet

Thank you for continuing with these great contests.

Congrats to @vcelier and the other winners!