Quick Update on Steemit.Chat, Change of Management And The Way Forward!

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A quick recap. From July 2016 until a few days ago @riverhead had been running the servers, managing the hosting and all expenditures related to running the main communications platform for Steemit. He was also the sys-admin for the platform and helped us scale from a hundred users on day 1 to over 53000.

Steemit.Chat if you didn’t know, has always been a privately owned, and managed service. Riverhead originally owned and handled everything server-side.

When we began @riverhead wanted me to assist with user onboarding and day-to-day user management of Steemit.Chat and I was happy to take over that role. He trusted my judgement when it came to tackling the day to day issues. It was a real hot seat but I enjoyed the process very much.

Infact, I invested all of my time in my early days on Steemit into community building and assisting users in using Steemit.com. There were many sleepless nights and lots of drama. But then that's how social media platforms are. All of these things led to great levels of engagement on the platform.

Over time we had @gandalf step-up to assist us server-side and @pfunk stepped up from being a moderator to admin position. Both of them assisted the platform with user-management. Gandalf did a great job managing the server from the time he became an admin.

Suffice to say we’ve had a great run. This was more or less the original active chat admin team. We’ve also had a few users assist us in moderation of some of the top channels on the platform. We have been motley crew of sorts and time just flew past us.

Riverhead is moving onto newer ventures and has decided to hand over the ownership of the platform to @followbtcnews. He will lead the new management as stated in his post.

It is my understanding now that he has the capability to scale up this platform which is something it really needs if we are to grow the community on Steemit. Congratulations to @followbtcnews on taking over the chat!

I think with a new team in place a lot of it's shortcomings can be improved and perhaps this is a good opportunity to attempt scaling up to meet the needs of hundreds and thousands of new users joining Steemit. I'm aware many of you have been facing several issues. Most of these will be sorted out in the days to come.

On a personal level I can say that I have enjoyed working with Riverhead a lot. He’s one of the nicest people that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing personally, and I think our association professionally lasted a lot longer than we initially thought it would. I’ve learnt a lot along the way from him and I’ll forever be grateful for all of his support.

Today, there are tons of discord instances and given this downtime for Steemit.Chat many users have also moved away to using discord. However, most users use both and Steemit.Chat has the advantage of numbers and in all likelihood it will continue to do the same. Most active users and top investors of our platform are there, making it very easy to network with Steemians from all over the world.

My weekly official Steemit.Chat contests will continue to run every week on Monday. I welcome new contest ideas in the contest channel as well as greater participation from everyone.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who used Steemit.Chat and continues to use and recommend it. I hope I was able to assist some of you in your journey on Steemit. Having said that, it's business as usual pretty much here on out. I'll be around assisting as usual and if any of you run into issues with the chat feel free to reach to any of the admins including myself.

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Hi, I really much appreciate the value you've added to the community with steemit.chat

But I think the main reason why discord seems like a better choice is because it has an app.

There's something about an app. It personalizes experience. I would rather tap on a whatsapp icon to open my chat world, than go to a browser and type in whatsapp.com

I always found it a bit too stressful to access steemit chat through a browser. If you may, I think you should try to get the new team to work on a mobile application for steemit.chat

It would bring a whole new dimension and interactivity to the idea. I mean, generally, a chat platform is better appreciated as a mobile application...take for instance, esteem app
I would pretty much be glad if such update comes along soon

Ofcourse, Discord works great and I use it myself. Infact most top users on Steemit.Chat are likely to use Discord as well. We should use whatever we feel works best for us. Steemit.Chat can be accessed on mobile via Rocket.Chat app. Any issues revolving this usage should get fixed in the days to come.

Okay rocket.chat app..didn't know about that...still I think it'll be great to have a "steemit.chat" app itself. In my early days on steemit, I heard so much about steemit.chat, went to playstore to search for it. Ended up downloading at least three unrelated apps before I realised it just wasn't there.

Actually Rocket.Chat is the software that powers Steemit.Chat.Steemit.Chat is an instance of Rocket.Chat which we have been running since 2016 as a service to the community.

Rocket.Chat app has been working well for me. Thanks for all of the ways you support the platform @firepower!

thanks for the update! That's cool, I didn't know you could access steemit.chat via an app also.


I didn't know you guys are the ones behind Steemit.Chat. It has transformed the platform hugely, making it user friendly for anyone that loves social networking.
Congragulations @followbtcnews, this is a new challenge for you, I already feel good and better thing are coming from the way your saying it.
@riverhead thanks for the time you have invested to make us enjoy the platform.
Thanks @firepower, @gandalf, @pfunk and @riverhead, many users are getting onto this platform because of your enormous contribution to the steemit community.

plece comment me

Thank you for all you have done with Steemit.chat. I felt lost when it went down. You were always so responsive and helpful! Thank you again!

Thanks for update!! Today is my daughter 2nd bday if you free https://steemit.com/father/@ryan313/my-youngest-turns-2-today


Congratulations are in order for @followbtcnews... I'm sure you will meet this challenge well. Although I know none of you, thanks to @riverhead and team for helping to make Steemit what it is today. Thanks also to @firepower, @gandalf, and @pfunk and anyone else who has contributed to the growth of this platform. As a old blogger, I only wish you'd had all come 'round sooner!

Idea is good and updates are also necessary time to time. I think I should have been incorporated in the main steemit portal. Though it not there, but the good thing is, it is back now.
Official steem chat is better than other alternatives. One thing I must also say that everyone must encourage and provide some attention to platforms like this,so that it will not suffer further.

I agree. Hopefully there will be integrations with Steemit.com atleast in terms of login in the future.

Thanks for the reply, hope you may visit my account too some day.

Nice work. But hope it will be user friendly for mobile view now?

Wow, steemit without steemit chat will be like a world without love.
Thank God everything is back and i really appreciate you @firepower for all your good works

I'm a steem chat user and I must say you and your team have really done a good work on sternly chat.
Wishing @riverhead the best in his new venture.

Pretty informative. It's interesting that we are all used to just endless contribution but steemit incentivizes less content that is more impactful.

Spamming degrades your value, but not posting enough does so as well. Where the happy medium is, is hard to find. And it can kind of suck when you feel you have to balance interaction with your account value/ability but I guess the end-goal may be worth it (curated, paid-out content)

I learned this new. I will need. Thank you for sharing. upvote!

Crazy. I didn't even know such a thing existed besides the Discord thinger.. will have to check it out since I plan to be here for the long haul.

Steemit with his wide ecosystem make it possible for individuals that don't know what blog is have there own blogs manage it and earn this also an incentive I congratulate all steemian for this development and I hope other countries can emulate this,we still need more professional to join this team thank you so much for this beautiful update @firepower

Good to know, I use steemitchat to message other steemians as it is hard to socialize otherwise.


So glad to hear that it seems like a resolution has been found; Steemit.chat is such an integral part of the community-- even if it is "privately run"-- it would have been a great shame to lose it.

Thanks for all you have done to help!

Thank you :)

Thank you ! I am waiting for this. Now we can communicate

thank you for these information

this is indeed a wonderful idea and i believe its gonna work

Good post, request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
Thank you

This is great post...resteemit

Steemit chat has always been an essential part of steemit for me and thus it was quite a shock for me, when it was down. Up to that point I was unaware, that it was "privately owned" and I raise my hat to all of those who devoted all their time and resources to create and run it!

I value an appreciate it even more now, that I learned what and who is behind it!

I was really pained to see him leave. I heard about it and when i planned on joining, that was when he stepped down and they had issues. I really hope the new owners would improve on the amazing jobs you guys have done. Well done for your tireless services. Hoping to run into you on it soon. I will register soon.

I really admire your efforts behind the scene. You are the real MVP. Thank you your tireless efforts. I hope it would be as enjoyable now as i have heard it to be. Thank you for your efforts.

Well, I am newbie to Steemit. I have no idea what discord is. but I tried to access Steemit chat once. And it wanted me to put in my password. I think the password alone is stressful. lol.
I'm sorry to hear @riverhead is departing. I'm happy for him if it is on to better things.. Good luck to him!

Let's roll!

It has been the best platform for community development. Thanks for superbly managing everything👍

I really like the idea

Thank you so much @firepower ... for your assistance on the platform both over here and steemit.chat ...however not everyone likes discord , I for one think discord is not user friendly it's a little bit hard to understand so I prefer steemit.chat .... thanks for restoring

Finally resolved, There are lots of my outsiders friends were touch via steemit chat only. Thanks

the most important info is read more about steemit

@firepower well I was thinking to post something on steemit chat but then I was not getting any such post of steemit chat.
Steemit has added a very good option of communication to the community but then I and few of my frnds were fail to take this opportunity we thought maybe we were logged in frm a browser so that maybe be the reason and it shows incorrect username or pass so sir please see / look on this matter as y we can't message through steem chat otherwise steemit is very addictive

Thanks for everything. You really help get new people like me acclimated and engaged.

Thank you for the information, may your day be happy @firepower

This is very nice story.You have share a enjoyment event.I liked this story.Carry on your activity.Thank you

I like Steemit.Chat , it's really easy to use and very comfortable to communicate with different people. I'm always using it from my phone, sometimes it freezes but it works pretty good. I was very upset when i saw recently that Steemit.Chat is not available for some time. Welcome back:)))

Appreciate @riverhead for stating & managing Steemit.chat all these days and also respect his decision to move on. Thanks to @followbtcnews for taking over and steering it ahead.

Steemit.chat was really helpful in many instances for me. There are many amazing channels like #help, #dev, #steemitabuse, #curie etc where we can interact with admins/users and find solution for the problems.

thanks for the update @firepower and a shout out for all you do :)

really nice post

Thanks for sharing
Information is always better way
Greetings from Berlin

Hi @firepower

How would I go about getting a channel set up for #informationwar?


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Thanks for sharing this update @firepower and thank you to everyone involved in keeping steemit.chat working well. You are all appreciated! This is a great reminder to participate in the contest channel as well :)

Hi, @firepower. I wanted to write a post on Steemit Meet-up in Delhi. I needed the photo with you. Could you send it to me. I was trying to DM you or @wandereronwheels on steemit.chat . But the it is not opening. And I also need the rose pic with @shenoy :) . @varunpinto . Sorry for bothering you guys so much !
It was great meeting all of you. Success to all of you ! :)

Namaste @firepower!

I can not wait for your next contest on Steemit chat ;)

I did not know until now the team that helped the good functioning of the chat, thanks for their work, for the contribution they bring to this amazing community.

Have a great week!

Thank you for all you have done with Steemit.chat. I felt lost when it went down. You were always so responsive and helpful! Thank you again!

Thanks for all you do and glad you have enjoyed the process.

I feel that the steemit-chat is more faster from browsre and tablet. Dont know if its just a feeling.

I have used steemit.chat before I did not visit it yet...But I will go there after this

Amigo interesante sus publicaciones... Saludos.

You always have great content @firepower.
Resteemed 😉