Don't Panic! STEEMIT.CHAT is Up and Running: Here Are All the Official Details:

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You may have noticed that Steemit.Chat was down for a day or so — it seems like everyone on the platform is talking about it! But don't worry: Steemit.Chat is already back, and ready for action!

Running is a big deal. The chat is a integral part of the Steemit experience, and for a long time, @Riverhead did an incredible job taking care of everything required to make it available to everyone. Yesterday, the announcement was made that would be down until it was migrated to a new team. Since the time and expenses were getting a bit high, and @Riverhead is focusing on some new ventures, someone needed to step up. There was a bit of speculation as people only skimmed the message, or as they worried if we would actually be taking over.

It's true, we are: @followbtcnews is now hosting Steemit.Chat!

We worked tirelessly to get chat everything up and running and to minimize the downtime, and we're happy to say everything is already back up and ready to go! You can use chat exactly as before. Nothing has changed or been lost.

I need to take the time right now to acknowledge @Riverhead for all of his service to Steemit.Chat, Steemit, and the STEEM blockchain. Before any thing else existed, Steemit.Chat was there for Steemians of all walks of life to meet and share. He guided it through expansion, development, and took on the costs in both time and money to help it become the place it is today. We are thankful to him for his gracious help in allowing us to take the torch, for getting all the data ready, and being there for us during this really quick changeover period. Everyone should give him a round of applause for his service to our community, and follow his future ventures! 👏👏👏

You will start seeing some performance improvements right away as we have moved to our dedicated servers, and you will continue to see speed and reliability improvements over the next few days as we begin tweaking things to make Steemit.Chat even better.

Now I need to take a bit more time to thank @GTG. Without his help, we simply would not have been able to get Steemit.Chat ready to go this fast. He worked side by side with us to get the database installed, migrated, and set up. We'll be continuing to work with him over the course of this week to explore more performance improvements at a base level. He has been an integral part of saving Steemit.Chat, and also deserves a huge round of applause. 👏👏👏

Yay! Steemit.Chat is back! What's next?

Good question. Over the coming weeks, we'll be working on what I've already discussed above. Changing and further developing new features for Steemit.Chat is on the horizon, but not here yet. We want to get everything stabilised and optimised, and then we will continue working on a few of our big upcoming projects. In the interim, if you have suggestions for Steemit.Chat, here are two links you'll want to know:

You can also contact me, @followbtcnews, or witness partner @crimsonclad on Steemit.Chat or Discord. Both of us keep an eye on both places and are available to help or chat whenever you may need us.

Thanks for being patient with all the crazy stuff happening over the last few days. We're proud to be able to help keep this important component of our platform alive, as well as to be a part of the development of other important Steemian communities on Discord. The more places we have for witnesses, curators, creators, developers, and investors to work together for Steemit, the better.

Bringing together more Steemians to network, chat, make friends, and grow is one of our biggest goals. On behalf of Crimmi and myself, thanks for letting us be a part of your Steemit experience.

I'm Jeff, and I'm @followbtcnews.
I'm a top 30 witness, along with my project partner @crimsonclad. Feel free to reach out to us on Steemit Chat or Discord any time! If we haven't earned your vote yet, please take some time to look at our tools and our work. We hope you decide to place a vote for followbtcnews at


Thank you riverhead for all your work, perseverance and patience! You have done an amazing job with this crucial asset.

I am "newby" to SteemIt , this is just amazing to me. I am still trying to understand it, but to be rewarded for content in a tangible way is just priceless. Like at my office in ATL they reward mentorship and general going above and beyond with what we call Bravo cards. The idea is that you write the the value of how much another staff effort was important to meet an objective or just made life easier for me. A mazon or Target gift card is given but "words" and thoughts expressed is what make you go to work with smile the next days ...nuff respect ..i will continue to learn

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I used to have 99% of my investment in Bitcoin, times have changed, whatever it dose next, i'm OUT! Just SOLD almost everything and Bought myself a brand new ford Mustang 😍
I vlogged it here:


I hope it goes up again to 19k $, that was the best time ever for me.

Any coin suggestions?

What's about steemit quby? Is it better than bitcoin investing?

good luck always and definitely shat body and mind amain

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!!!

A few months ago a rep 69 (now 71) spammer, who is also an administrator of banned my account of, because I revealed the fact that he spammed Steem with a comment bot. I hope you are aware of this and don't let to be in the bad hand again.

For details, please read my posts:

The spammer and the adm of came to downvote me repeatedly, curse me, harass me, and threaten me publicly on the blockchain:

It was explained why you were banned and you continued to harass me and undermine the work being done. You've been butthurt over a comment instead of upvote on your post all along. Hence the decision stands, much to you dismay. Grow up!

I noticed you stopped spamming since I pointed it out. I am very proud of you!

Now you need to stop lying.

Dont worry hes not the only cunt on this platform most of them are. And the whole platform is about self promotion and garbage real writers and creatives have no place here, thats self defeating since, most of posts on this platform have no true value in real life other than promoting delusion that this platform has a future. But hell what do we know right ? Only good thing here is that there are some smart people but smarties tend to go away when 2 much idiots get involved so that speaks for itself.

You don't know how smart this guy is. A few months ago I noticed he followed 80k+ steemians. If you use a bot to follow 1 account in 1 second, you need 22+ hours to follow 80k users. At that time, steem only had 300k accounts.

Many users followed him back. Then, he unfollowed all the users.

Thats not smart thats what is killing this platform. Dont concern yourself with those kinds of followers that just follow you back because you follow them lots of accounts here are fake, forgotten, useless etc. This platform has no decent policing of content and users or clear and decent guidelines for community. You cant form good interest groups here or quality content they just promote crap out of interest follow and vote as well.
Although this platform attracts lots of smart normal and decent folks, lots of users here are psychopaths and idiots with bad intentions. People really dont seem to care for the bigger picture. Anyway you cant have decent argument with people online since they just ban, mute, downvote etc as soon as you talk against something. Yes the sad truth is that we really need a new platform other than reddit and other garbage websites on the web that used to be good but turned out into some nazi fantasies or whatever you would call it. Steemit just isnt it. I bet that guy is some reject or something close to that i dont really care but facts remain and truth is eternal.

lol to my point i just saw i had few bots following me yesterday now i have none (someone got butt hurt, hope their head didnt explode ) as i was saying they only enable things that directly profit them. I never even looked at this platform as a means to earn money and also i am not into all that following crap i have like 20-25 friends on facebook and those are genuine friends. Even on reddit where i spend alot of time i dont have alot of karma because i speak my mind i helped alot of people with programming and electronics i never got paid nor did i expect to be. But when you add money to the equation it really changes everything. I wish them the best but there alredy are lots of platforms that work, and they didnt take time to learn from that. Just add we are changing the world with crypto and people get suckered into it. So far they didnt change anything nor did they make a single thing better. I currently follow only 1 person here because i want to see hes content when i find more posts i like i will follow those people aswell. But to follow people cuz of some incentive that i potentially might profit from it thats just stupid. Sorry i dont like to write much but this kind of crap breaks my heart. in this modern age when people can have everything they kinda have less than ever.

Great news!

sería fabuloso para el desarrollo de esta plataforma el cual agilizaría el proceso de aprendizaje y adaptación para los nuevos usuarios e incluso para aquellos que siguen escépticos

Lets all be matured about this and keep beef off the blockchain please... And thank you @firepower @followbtcnews @riverhead, @nationalpark and everyone who did good...for everyone we still have a long way to go on steemit lets not ruin all with misunderstanding...thankyou.

Are are sure

I have to say that @firepower more than helped me get my steem account back once it was hacked but he went out of his way to help me with tips and tricks to avoid more chaos! So I do not agree with these allegations and you have to remember something.. These admins work day in a day out to help modify, moderate, and market steemit the only way they know how.. People have bad days and you never know what somebody is going through, especially when you haven't viewed all agles because only God can do that. So I am going to upload the screen shots so maybe we can compromise a solution and help others. #namaste @nationalpark

And yes I will share the story soon~ namaste

Yes he did! Account proof @christoryan @nationalpark @lovecoins

**For personal information purposes I could not disclose the entire convo but he definatly helped me when I needed it so thanks @firepower **

Just keep steemin and everything will be alright~ :D


thanks for trusting us with it all. You've built an amazing thing worth growing.

Super strong team!

I am going to have to give this go and see how it all works.. thanks for sharing

You should! It's a nice place to chat.

joined few days ago and was scared when i heard the chat wasn't up. Great job you have done. Keep it up

same here @dhamtex, but this has given me the strength to give it all it takes by dropping first-class value on this platform

Yeah. Great job it is.

yes well said, really rock star job

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Slow in my opinion..

Steem chat good thing its back on track

sir may not I mintak steem same father.

sir may not I ask steem same father.

Keep up Good work!!! @riverhead

good luck always and definitely shat body and mind amain

I celebrate you

I really appreciate your effort its's worth it

I used to have 99% of my investment in Bitcoin, times have changed, whatever it dose next, i'm OUT! Just SOLD almost everything and Bought myself a brand new ford Mustang 😍
I vlogged it here:


I hope it goes up again to 19k $, that was the best time ever for me.

hello all friends i"m nasir malik

It's good to know that the chat is up.Great job. You can also check out the amazing benefits of ginger here

I have heard a lot of stories today that I see the reality
steemit ,It's good on social networks
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Gracias, Por tu excelente dedicación y paciencia de verdad que el trabajo que has realizado es realmente increible

wow very nice

Hello there .great post.I have followed and upvoted you.lets help each other grow together.cheers

nice steemit witeness post my steemit friend wish you good luk thank you

good luck always and definitely shat body and mind amain

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Great to see it up and running gain. Life is not the same without Steemit chat!

Your ddoing gods work

good luck always and definitely shat body and mind amain

Yes, I missed you. Glad to have you back!

Thank GOD it is back.
Thank you for taking it up and hope we will have a great time.

what is this about?. sorry im newbie in this platform.

wellcome. find a comunity. and make your introduceyourself. we will be happy to meet you.

Oh great!!! We are back on track. Steem getting stronger everyday : )

Thanks for your update!

Thanks! As a newbie I so need to pay attention to your site and work.

How does the economics work for the chat? The whole Steem platform is still a mystery for me and I am trying to wrap my head around where the money is coming from to fund the platform and to pay everyone. Thanks for the answers.

wow! didn't know this existed in the first place, awesome!

Steemit chat being down just made everybody panic, exactly like in the crypto markets!!
Paciency is the key for everything!! Thanks for keeping up the chat, it is a good effort and the community appreciate very much.

Thank you for doing such a job yes i did notice it was down since yesterday i guess so again thank u guys👍🏼

Yaay!.. Welcome back!! Steem will creep into all forms of social media this year!!

Groovy we're back on. Thank you @crimsonclad and @followbtcnews

Very nice platform and very nice community. Keep it up.

Big relief, haha

I'm gonna check it out soon! Thanks for the hard work!

Very good news!!

Thanks for the information

Nice work guys. I'm stoked to see you doing this. I would vote for you again as a witness if I could!

I made sure to vote for you. But i fear much of steemit left steemitchat and is now on discord. Is there any way you can make it easier by logging in to steemconnect that way making it more connected to steemit. Food for thought.

awesome just gave my witness vote!

Thanks for trusting us. Let Jeff or myself know if you have questions or if we can help.

Hey, that's great news! I just voted for you as a witness. Thanks for getting up and running again, and I have to thank @Riverhead for doing his part to make the handover work.

Really appreciated! If you have questions or want to chat feel free to contact Jeff or myself~

Good post @followbtcnews

I also like steemit chat

You have done an amazing job with this crucial asset.

This is some good news.

do have a bot in system?

Thanks guys, you are doing an awesome job. And thanks so much for caring and letting us know it's back up.

how I feel about my steem!.png

It's really cool to see the platform develop in all these different aspects. Since I have been here I have seen alot of side projects integrating with the steemit platform. The development goes really fast its amazing to see at what speed it grows.

I am truly curious about what steemit will look like in the near future! Sometimes I just wanted to text someone about a certain matter but wasn't able to do so. But with all the great updates things are running alot smoother now.

I wonder how other social media platforms will respond if Steemit truly becomes a big player, we are still a small fish in a big world!

Have a great day to you all!

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imagesteady times your postings, I like degan to your ability.
i'm new in steemit please teach me.

Hey is there a way to get notifications from steemit on our phones? That would be cool

I started to like the posts you share ..
I want you to be my teacher.


imagestout times already bg eum.bagiin little lh.
i'm new kid ni in steemit ..

very good detailed post thanks

Thank GOD it is back
take it up and hope we will have a great time.

Thank you. I noticed it coming back using since 2 days.
I some how totally depended on Steem-chat for many of my activities. one day it was like a blank to me. i planed to get lots of things to convey, and get clarifications. I was worried how to do all those things now?
now i am happy and you did this...

That's a welcome development I hope to fully indulge in it when it's finalized

What is this about?. sorry I'm also newbie in this kind of platform... Is this a beneficial to SBD?

This is good news. Thanks for taking it on!

Excelent Post!! Congratulations =D

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from you how to write interesting ,, please help.

Everything should be relax,not hurry for do something and think Twice in one decided or choose

Thanks for the update @followbtcnews. Congrats on your new roll in the Steemit community. Best wishes!

Great @followbtcnews. less than 24 hours you can get a high record.

sound good ,
very good for steemians
you always posting articals and news for us full of information
thanks @followbtcnews

Great, the input is very useful, thank you very much.....

AWESOME article
hope u all help me grow!! please follow me!! and upvote

it seems very good to have a chat in steemit to be able to connect more and be closer and keep growing


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Thanks for sharing such a valuable it is back on track good

How can we contribute

i ve tried to use steemit chat but system was askin for password but when i try to use my steemit password its not accepted...
do i need to create a new steemit chat account?

Muy buena informacion Gracias De verdad

galak metamah dollar hahaha

@followbtcnews well done. great work for timely recovery of chat function...

I like your post my brother

Thats a great news it cannot be possible without a singel one person