Community Builders on Steemit—What Do You Think of The Trending Page?

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The front page of the world's only working concept for a cryptocurrency and blockchain powered social media platform is absolutely shit on most days of the week! I mean it's such a pain these days to open the site to a new user you are trying to onboard and find it full of crap!


How do you think this can be improved and what do you say to new users you are on-boarding when they ask you about all the drama that makes it the front trending page upvoted by bid bots and what not while all the remaining goodness gets trampled underneath.

Content discovery needs a lot of work according to most of the users I've spoken to on and off the meetups I've been doing and I'm flying out day after for another meetup I'm hosting.

I'm kind of out of ideas and reasons to explain all the crap on the front page to new users I've been talking to including some keen on buying into Steem.

I'm kinda sick of this crap I see every day on trending... Not that this post is going to make any difference.. But let's just talk. I would love to hear some ideas from you!

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Absolutely abysumal dear

all need a process, live sincerely and patiently one day you will get what you expect.

Whales should create a team which will curate for them. In that way no new users of quality content goes unnoticed. If that happens then most of the users buying paid votes or bid based votes will be reduced. Networking on a platform which is growing exponentially gets difficult. Few good ones get the attention and rest just fill the space and nothing else.

Totally agree with what you've said. Always different kind of things on trending while there are users which gets a few cents maybe 1-2$ per post where is a lot of good content but no one sees it.. it's kinda sad

Not more to say ...steemit team needs to work on the landing. Few month back i read somwhere that steemdev are planning to remove the trending page as it is not worthfull.
It is hard to make new comer understand the difference between "Hot" & " Trending". Alothough the looking at the warfare and high yeilding post they get confused as well get excite more for money. Not able to make them understand is not about money but about ...people interaction.