Announcement: Steemit Meetup in Tezpur, Assam - 11th March, 2018

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I've been around the country a fair bit in my life but the North Eastern states have eluded me for a long time. Finally thanks to Steemit and the meetups I'm hosting I get to visit a part of the country I've been wanting to travel to for the past decade.

Jamugurihat is a small town in the Indian state of Assam and has quite a few active users on Steemit. It is so far out from the rest of the country. The nearest major airport is at Guwahati located a distance of 220 kms. Tezpur is the nearest big city and I felt it would be good to host it there.

After a few rounds of discussion with @rahul.stan and @maya7 from Jamugurihat, it was decided that Tezpur is our best bet for hosting a meetup. In fact for a while now @varunpinto and I were debating visiting the North East so this turned out to be the perfect opportunity to do some travelling and also get some work done.

I'm curious to see how people from these far flung areas have taken on to Steemit. Considering the fact that not many people from India are very knowledgable about cryptos in general, Jamugurihat seems to have the most active community from the North-Eastern part of India on Steemit. This fact actually makes me very happy!

From a recent meetup in Delhi

The location for the event is Aditya's Hotel Centre Point situated in Tezpur. It is easy to reach by local transportation. Most users are expected to get there from Jamugurihat and I'll be traveling there by road with my team. There will be a small presentation on bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general followed by our meet-n-greet session at a nearby cafe.

India Steem Meetup #5 in Tezpur, Assam

Location: Aditya's Hotel Centre Point, 11th March (Sunday)
Address: Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Mahabhairab, Tezpur, Assam 784001
Time: 12PM - 5PM

The video from the Mangalore meetup is already live here. I'll be doing more meetups later in this year but will be taking a short break after this one as I have some hospital visits and a surgery lined up and I will need some time off for that.

Meanwhile I hope to have a successful meetup and meet as many Steemians as possible across my country throughout this year.

My post and pictures from the meetup in Malaysia will be up soon so stay tuned for that.

You can also vote for my witness here: if you feel my work is helping the community. Thanks all.

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O wow man, I can see Indian Steemit community is quite active and more willing to come to the meetups.I am happy to see that and Since begining I have been in the favor of meetups.

You are going great guys. thums up


I'll be doing more meetups later in this year but will be taking a short break after this one as I have some hospital visits and a surgery lined up and I will need some time off for that.

Omg @firepower, hope it's not that bad. Surgery? Wow I do wish you a successful surgery bro. Please we need you back in one piece.

I anticipate seeing the pictures and probably a video from your meet up at keep us updated.

Expendable people like @firepower give us a lot of motivation to keep doing what we do- to promote steemit at our respective areas. We are doing same in the Ghanaian community
I know definitely someday #steemit will bring the world together.

You guys are going to rock Aditya's Hotel Centre Point, am glad there is no challenge in getting to Tezpur in time.. Am watching the space to follow the events that will go on there. I know a lot of people are going to be learning about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and steemit.
Am glad the number of active users in Jamugurihat is high.. This challenges other states to up their game. Steemit is growing and having more states active on steemit is good for the network.

looks really amazing hope if i'm near to you so thank i can attent the meet up cause i already knew how helpful to attend meetings like this, with gorgeous steemians lie you guys wish you all the best.

Have a great and successful meet up @firepower.
The increasing number of meet ups being organised are in themselves telling a story.
The story of our collective greatness.
Wish you a successful meet up @firepower once again. Stay great.

Steemit is got people meet with people they have never see before creating relations amagest people. For this I keep promoting steemit.

Cant wait till the day.
Will be great meeting u.


yeah i am so excited for the day.

You have done a good work both in Malaysia and india, hope all goes well with the coming events. Here in uganda we also promoting steemit in our baby steps and and the examples and enthusiasm you set really inspires us alot as new promoters. Keep up brother.

I have some hospital visits and a surgery lined up and I will need some time off for that.

Sorry about that, hope all goes well and we get to see such more promo events unfold over alot of people in india as well.

Hey bro, how about setting up a Meetup in Kashmir. There are a few people on steemit here also and it will go a long way to promote steemit and crypto here

great meet up

What a great steemit family.
Thank you @firepower for spreading and teaching steemit all over the world.
You are doing an amazing job.

It would be an honor to have you here!

I am from Tezpur itself,but due to some reasons couldn't come to the meet up.. I know it will be a regretfull decision of my life.. But saw ur pictures with my friends,and was delighted.. I need ur help sir,bcoz I am writing but not getting anything,whereas there are some of my friend who even writes a line and earns a lot... I need you to help me in pointing out where I lack... Thank you.. If possible do visit my blog and give some suggestions.

very nice friend ,, hopefully your steemit community progresses and closely

Bhai Jammu main kab a rahe ho? I am waiting for you. I can't afford to visit in your location but if can organize steemit meetup in Jammu then this is very good for new steemians.

because of you steemit is going to get fame in India and also number of users increases we need person like you in Pakistan too @firepower

Ah, my home state and I am not there :(


Wait, you're from Assam? Never knew that!


Yes, I am. North Lakhimpur. But I presently stay in Bangalore.

wish u in kolkata soon

I am so excited to meet you @firepower
Rahul told me about it and I am ready for the meet up..
Thank you sir..

Wow nice photo, wish am part of this. More grace to your elbow.

Pune! Pune! Pune!
or even
Mumbai! Mumbai! Mumbai!

Excited to have you in Tezpur..

That is a good advocacy. Keep up spreading the gospel of steemit. That is fantastic

Can’t wait for the meetup.
It's going to be awesome✌

if i was in guwahati i would definitely make it.

Awesome. Waiting for visit in Maharashtra. Hopefully by last quarter of 2018.

Great. Keep us posted will surely check skipping office over the weekend.

Also all the best for the surgery. Hope you recover and a full stop to hospital visits.

cohesiveness is a path to success and cohesiveness can establish good silaturrahmi, compass greetings from me @chaidirchai

I'm from Jamugurihat too😊

Wow,finally the star of the world will be here in our state Assam Tezpur ,i am so excited.It will be our great honour to have you as a guest,but as soon as the time proceeds,tensions and excitement begine to overpower me.what will be happend,at the moments when we can meet the star promoter of the world!But at the same time fill very proud and honour myself that your auspicious presence will make us energetic and bring us inspirations to work hard in this beautiful world steemit community.I will be expecting the the great visit of my friend @getharou the proud mother of our honourable guest @firepower.Finally I welcome you all of our honourable guest @firepower,@varunpinto,@senoy and the cute baby dall.Thanks friends.

How I wish there was someone to do this where I stay. To enlighten on more on this steemit.

Hey Firepower, at first I thought is was an EOS Meetup ;-) was saying you can share with our group as well. We have people in our Whaleshares community sharing Steemit meetups and community activities.

Eagerly waiting for the day sir to see you in our state.
i am liitle bit nervous too to meet you.
soon see you sir.
have a great day sir.

i am so exicted sir.
that my steemit crush and steemit hero will be in our state assam,hope you will enjoy and bliss the day with us.
have a great day sir.
see you in our place tezpur.

I'd love to attend one of your meetups someday! Wishing you a successful surgery and a smooth and easy recovery :)

Nice @firepower. Keep going. Awaiting an interesting post from you with all your experiences from there. Hope there will also be videos from @shenoy.

Any meet up in New Delhi or place near to it ? we are some guys trying to grow in steem and need some directions from experienced folks

Brother I'll surely be there welcoming you guys with my buddies @mnishh , @princepr and @hrisheekrayb and I am super excited for the meet up.