Tutorial for other Shop Owners: How to accept Steem and Steem $ payments (Setup Time under 2 Minutes - Android !!)

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We posted our Hello World Post a couple of days ago. We had @capitalism pay at our EINSTEIN KAFFEE Bistro Potsdam with Steem $. 

If any other Owner is looking into accepting Steem, we highly recommend it (it's super easy!)

Credits for the Steem Accepted button @cass HERE

Step 1:

Open Chrome and go to your Steemit Page for us that would be https://steemit.com/@einsteinpotsdam

Step 2: 

Click Wallet

Step 3

If you are using Android now click the Browser Settings and chose Add to Home Screen


Step 4 

Choose name (We are using Steem)

Step 4

Go to Home Screen and click on the newly created Steem Button

So once a customer wants to pay, your staff has just to open the Steemit wallet website.

Customers have to send the payment to your Steemit Username and your staff can just refresh the Wallet website and they will see that a payment immediately (BTC takes so long for the verification.. Steem is instant)

If you are interested in buying your coffee with Steem $, visit us anytime 

Google Maps Link


Adress: Kurfürstenstraße 12 Potsdam 14467

Tel: 0331 23162801

Mon-Sun 9- 19pm

We LOVE and PREFER STEEM so we are converting our Euro prices 1:1 to Steem $ (until further notice). 

So you will have a nice discount on your coffee! (Bitcoin users won't get any discount) 

This is our first ever tutorial, so be gentle ;) Since our last post got a lot love from you, we appreciate your votes ;)


Thanks for the guide!

@venupcs | @scifiwriter | @the-how-to-guy - All me so please follow them all. Thanks!

hi venus!
will do!

Very very nice! Making great use of the Steem payment network :) The part about bitcoin user not getting a discount is funny :)

yeah, we love Steem ;)

This is so simple and well set out, very easy to understand.

Love that people are starting to incorporate buying with steem. That is in essence the final stage we need of steem.

Yes, Steem is better than Bitcoin

1.) Faster
2.) No Barcode needed

We prefer Steem $

Really easy!

Thank you! we like it better than BTC

Danke ! sieht sehr einfach aus! Super Job

Danke Danke! Wir haben es in Nutzung und es ist wirklich toll!

That is so nice that people are starting to use Steem as payment method, looking for others to join in soon. Great Post Though
I wish i would have get that coffee delivered to India here ;)
All the best.
Happy Steeming

Agree! Pls visit us soon !

Great! So cool we are part of History !

Will Dogecoin users get a discount? How about actual dogs?

;) Dogs get free water !

Awesome - thanks for the help. I think if start to set it up on our sites and businesses people will start to wonder what 'Steemit' is and we will continue to grow.

Yes, if every member got one shop, it would be great

I am interested in starting up a service to help brick and mortar businesses adopt steem as one of the ways they can pay. How can I do this ?

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