Hello Steemit, this is EINSTEIN KAFFEE Bistro Potsdam! We are officially on Steemit.com

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Hello Steemians! Hello World !

We are happy to announce that 2 days after our announcement of accepting Steem and Steem $, today our first customer paid his Coffee with Steem $. 

The best thing we learned today: Steem Payments are much easier than Bitcoin payments (which we accept too)

Here you can see the first ever Steem $ Merchant Transaction in the world involving a Coffee !!!

So please visit us soon! Our whole team is waiting for you guys! 

Google Maps Link


Adress: Kurfürstenstraße 12 Potsdam 14467

Tel: 0331 23162801

Mon-Sun 9- 19pm


Please check out CAPITALISMs POST with Pictures visiting us, we hope he enjoyed his coffee !!!


This is incredible, really exciting. Let this be the first of many!!!!

Hello Mesterboom, thank you very much for your comment!. We are processing around 1 payment with BTC per day . we hope that Steemit will be much more successful.

You are very welcome. I hope that others follow your lead and follow it quickly!!

Yes, we believe in Steem and Steemit! So its amazing to see that we already earned something ing ;)

It's a historic day!
This is Gentlemen!

Hello Deepdarkweb! Thank you, we are very happy to be the first merchant ever to do a Steem $ Transaction!

Really nice, I will probably need to visit Potsdam at some time. :)

We are waiting for you with a cup of coffee ;)

Seems, that you are now getting world famous. Thanks for the great service and your open mind for crypto currencies. And for the delicious carrot cake!

Hello, we are very happy that you liked our carrot cake. It prepared everyday !

This is great news! How much steem is a cup of coffee? :)

We used Steem $ today, as its much easier to calculate for our staff. A coffee cost 3-5 Steem $ depending to the exchange rate.

This is awesome! So awesome! That's how it begins! Steem revolution! :)

Indeed, i think we made history today with the first ever POS Steem payment!

hahah amazing ;)) great job!

Hello allasyummyfood, your cakes look very nice. If you ever come to visit us, we would be honored if you prepared something with us together !

yeah that would be awesome :)

;) Let us know when you are in Berlin ;)

Exciting stuff! I'll be sure to visit you next time I'm in that part of the world :)

Hello Wadepaterson, you will be very welcome! Everybody who pays with Steem will get something for free (like a cookie)
We totally love it !

if steemit makes me rich.... i will certainly visit your cafe to have a drink... as of now I am in Kathmandu, Nepal... far far away from your cafe...

Hello ashwim, we will take very good care of you! Please come to visit us soon!

That's great. The Steem economy begins.

Indeed, it is amazing that we already earned some money on Steemit. thank you @knozaki2015 for helping us setting it up.

Paying coffee with STEEM DOLLARS in Berlin, really nice. I think it's the most liberal and foregoing city in Germany and I'm already looking forward visiting Berlin again. Best wishes! @einsteinpotsdam

hello Simon! yes please come visit us soon!

This is fantastic! I dont know how it works in Germany, but do you give receipt for BTC or STM payments?

It says Others (for the payment method) we would like to change it to BTC / STEEM etc. but our system is not so smart...

This is really incredible! Keep steeming guys!! All the best! :)

Hello, thank you so much! we will start posting on Steemit tomorrow.

Upvote und einen schönen Gruß an meinen ehemaligen Wohnort!

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